7 Different Types of Psychic Dreams You Did Not Know

Psychic Dreams

Did you know your mind is more active while you are dreaming than when you’re awake? Your mind is reeling when you are asleep: learning, making sense of emotions, solving problems, and you can have psychic dreams.

Have you wondered how your psychic dreams come true in real life? Are having trouble understanding your dreams and the meaning behind them? There are psychics on call to help you!

Keep reading so we can guide you through the seven types of psychic dreams.

The Dreamer vs. Dream Psychic

Some people believe that dreams are the random thoughts we have that come to life during sleep. This is a way of our mind’s processing our day-to-day actions, thoughts, and emotions.

However, we recognize patterns that we can categorize as different from our nightly mind-processing dreams. These other types of dreams include recurring visions, nightmares, lucid dreams, death, and more.

It is a rare occasion where you can tell the difference between these types of dreams. We are here to walk through the different types of psychic dreams, which, aside from precognitive, are easier to define.

7 Types of Psychic Dreams

Do you wake up wondering what your dream was trying to tell you? As a psychic dreamer, it is key first to know what kind of dream you are having. Here are seven of the most common.

1. Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are when you dream of something that happens in real life while it is happening.

For example, if you were asleep and dreamed about a hurricane and the next day you read in the news that there was a hurricane while you were dreaming.

These psychic dreams come true and allow you to perceive an actual event without the cognitive awareness of it.

2. Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are when you have a dream of something that may happen in the future. The dream can foreshadow an upcoming event, whether it’s positive or negative.

3. Clairaudient Dreams

Clairaudient dreams are when a voice or sound that comes out of nowhere and is very clear, distinct, and unique conveys a message to you.

You are able to hear the voice, and it may not sound normal, but it is coming from a higher power or spirit. They may be trying to warn you or help you; trust your intuition when you hear the message.

4. Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams are when two people who are most likely very close communicate in some way, whether it’s a message or feelings through a dream.

When they share their dreams, they both realize that they were communicating telepathically.

5. Mutual Dreams

This is when two people have the same dream on the same night. Normally, they are very close, such as two friends or family members.

6. Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are when you are conscious and know what’s happening while you’re dreaming.

With a lot of focus, you can train your brain to have lucid dreams.

7. Warning Dreams

These occur when you dream about something terrible that is going to happen in the future. There is no way of knowing it’s a warning dream until after the event happens.

After you have any of these types of dreams, you may want to talk them through with someone, as it can be hard to determine which type of dream you have yourself, or you may just want a sounding board with more insight into the psychic meaning of dreams.

Psychic Dreamer Journal

Remembering your dreams after you wake up can be nearly impossible at times, as much as 95% of all dreams are forgotten after you wake up.

If you keep a dream journal next to you when you sleep, you can immediately take notes when you wake up, whether it’s in the middle of the night or the morning you will keep better track of what’s happening in your dreams.

Writing down your dreams can help train your mind into better remembering them moving forward. It also gives you a written account of your dreams and helps you better communicate with a dream psychic or someone that can help better explain them.

You may even be able to get to the point of manipulating your dreams, which is what we previously discussed as lucid dreaming or when you are aware while you are dreaming.

The key is consistency and making sure to record your dreams every night. Otherwise, it will be harder to recognize patterns and determine the types of psychic dreams and visions you’re experiencing while you sleep.

Other Tips and Tricks

There are different ways besides keeping a dream journal that can help you remember your dreams. Here are a few tips to help clear your mind and dive into your psyche.

Bedtime Snacks

Be careful about what you eat before you go to sleep. Some food can affect if you remember your dreams or not.

Dairy can cause strange dreams or nightmares. Also, avoid drinking a lot of alcohol, taking sedatives or intense sleep aids, or eating more substantial meals right before you go to sleep.

Sleep Schedule

If you are continuously changing up what time you go to bed, it can be hard to remember your dreams because you aren’t keeping a set pattern.

Try going to bed around or at the same time as many nights as you can each week.


Meditating before bed can also help you establish a routine. It’s most effective if you do it every night before you go to bed. The meditation can also help you have vivid dreams, which makes it easier to wake up and record the details.

Tidy Room

Clutter can cause you not to remember your dreams. Create a clean and comfortable space for you to sleep.

Speak Your Mind

Not only should you write down that you want to remember your dreams in your dream journal, but saying it out loud before your go to bed is essential.

You can explain what you are trying to figure out with your dreams.

Sweet Dreams

After deep-diving into the seven types of psychic dreams, you’re ready to put into practice a regular sleep pattern that promotes clarity and will help you remember your dreams.

When you start to record and remember your dreams, you will be able to interpret them or can reach out to someone who can help you make connections that you may not see.

You will come to find some psychic dreams come true, and there is always someone that helps you piece these dreams together.

Get started on your psychic dream journal or contact one of our psychics today!

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