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"Did you know palm reading is an ancient mystical art began by the Greeks?
Are you curious if a palm reading can help you prepare for your future? Want to learn more about how to read palms from a professional? ... Then, chat with these experts."

The Psychics Directory in association with Psychic Source welcomes you to our Ask About Palm Reading page. Palm reading, also known as chiromancy, chirognomy and palmistry, is thought to have begun with the ancient Greeks ... the same folks who brought us democracy and philosophy.

In ancient Greece, palm readers became as popular and well thought of as physicians. A palmist "reads" the lines on the palm of your dominate hand to foretell your future ... a full palm reading can cover your life from your health, to your love life and financial status.

The divination of palm reading can be similar to Tarot. Were the tarot cards can tap into a reader's psychic insights, similarly, the lines of a persons palm can provide a focal point for deeper insights.

It is said a good palm reader does not just read the signs, but applies psychic depth to what the signs indicate. This makes palmistry more art than science. Could the future be in the palm of your hand? Would you like a peek at your own future? Chat live with psychic palmists.

Simply click on a palmist photo below to learn more about them and set up an online chat about palm reading.

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