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Interested in knowing a bit more about numerology? Well, here is some history on numerology. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras (569 BC - 475 BC), considered one of the greatest mathematicians, is also considered the father of Numerology. He stated that "The world is built upon the power of numbers."

Pythagoras reasoned that given entire universe is expressed numerically there must be a spiritual reason for the numbering. Pythagoras worked to create a mystical method to understand the deeper meaning of things; explain the past and forecast the future; and identify situations that are beneficial or negative.

The insight that numbers express universal vibrations and hold "values" was expended upon by Greek numerologists. All things, including names, words, birth dates and birthplaces, can be reduced to numbers in order to understand personalities, fate, and the possible fortunes of people. Numerological practices and beliefs have continued to the present day.

As with Astrology, there are those who swear by the power of numerology and use it to forecast love, money and life issues. Numerology is a fascinating discipline with many aspects. As some say, "the numbers don't lie"

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