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Ready to start developing your psychic abilities instead of wondering about them? Then, visit our 'Develop Your Psychic Powers' page where you'll find specific courses, classes and books for understanding and using psychic talents. Get started today!

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Courses And Classes In The New Age, Religion And
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Courses And Classes In Personal Growth,
Self-Improvement, Spirituality And More

The Psychics Directory, in association with Hay House, is please to bring you home study and online courses in Personal Improvement, Abundance And Spirituality. Enjoy!

Learn More About Meeting And Hearing Your Guardian Angels Angel Dreams Interpretation Course

Four-lesson online course with Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue. Includes Angel Dreams Oracle Cards and the book Angel Dreams. Includes learning how to unlock the messages of your dreams; connecting with the angels of dreamtime; techniques for dream recall; how to use the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards.

Spirituality Course On Discovering Higher Self The Proof Online Course

James F. Twyman has tailored this course into 40 short sessions so you can spend a few minutes each day learning how to discover, strengthen, and enhance your bond with all living beings of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Spiritual Abundance 21 Days to Abundance -

Get this course only if you're ready to allow more abundance into your life Denise Linn is an internationally renowned teacher and author in the field of self-development. Having known what it means to suffer poverty, Linn created this course to help others lift themselves into abundance.

New Age Self Improvement The Shift

Wayne Dyer explores the process of moving away from an aimless life to one filled with meaning and purpose. The Shift became a key metaphysical concept in the teachings of Dyer, and has been expanded into a book, CDs, downloads and courses.

Every aspect of crystal healing and crystals is covered: Choosing and caring for your crystals; understanding and reading auras; how to take a chakra reading; how to balance the body's energy system; practical healing exercises and treatments.
Crystal Healing Crystal Healing

Also: Self-Healing Course

Discover the secret some of the most successful people in finance and the arts in the last century knew ... and you could find yourself among those who KNOW how to create a better life. It is not positive thinking, hypnosis or a bunch of self-improvement tips labeled as a "secret". Go learn more.
Better Life Absolute Secret

Energize yourself into a live wire. Learn to supercharge your energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites. Get in touch with your subconscious mind so you can remove limiting thoughts. Learn: The Seven Psychic Vortexes - The energy foods eaten by Tibetan monks - and more. Excellent.
Tibetan Exercise 5 Tibetan Rites

Whether you want to go beyond meditation and explore ultimate reality ... or you are looking for an easy way to experience meditation ... or you want to try, free, a more formal method of guided meditation ... you'll find it at one of the above links.

Most cultures believe there is life after death. Reincarnation is taken as truth by over a billion people today. Want to explore your past lives? Rather than going to a past life regression therapist (and paying hundreds of dollars for such a regression), you can now download Past Life Regression and discover your past life memories in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Discover Your Past Lives - Reincarnation Past Live Regression - Reincarnation Revealed

This is a wonderful Reiki "course" (as you will receive an ebook, a journal you will use for exercises and an mp3 meditation download) is an excellent way to explore personal and universal energy as a tool for a better life. Excellent for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Reiki Simple Reiki For Health

Also visit: Chakras  Chakra Balancing & Health

Learn to read Tarot cards, easy with step-by-step instructions. Great little course for beginners with some advanced info on spreads and layouts. Special sections on giving Tarot readings to others.

Tarot For Beginners Beginners Tarot

More books on Tarot

Buy Tarot Cards

Discover the power of visualization, affirmation and the universal laws of attraction. Books, CDs and courses on how to begin living the life of worth you deserve.

Visualization Visualization Power

Spirituality Course
Let Hay House connect you with special collections of Sylvia's writings and recorded works.
The Sylvia Browne Collection

Fascinating and easy to learn astrological techniques, especially for beginners, giving you the opportunity to apply the power of Zodiac signs to money, health, romance and relationships.

Zodiac Power Zodiac Power

More books on Astrology

Get over 100+ magick spells and instructions on how to use these magic spells safely ... Discover how and why they work ... only available online.

Magick Spells Magick Spells

Also, Live Magic Chat

Learn to tap the power of your mind, learn how to use hypnosis and hypnotic techniques to loose weight, make more money, improve your self-esteem, control anxiety and more. Developed by professional hypnotherapists and doctors.

Learn Self-Hypnosis Empower Yourself

Also, check out:

Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis For Lovers

Passion Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Degree

Learn Hypnosis

Hypnotize Your Lover

Human Potential

Mind Power

Find Inner Genius

Hypnosis Help

Dream Control Dream Control
Learn to control and better utilize your dreams!

Free ESP Test Free ESP Test
Think you have ESP and psychic abilities? Go find out!

Affirmation Power The Power of Affirmation
Powerful software program for personal growth and achieving your dreams ... tap the power of your mind. Use it ONLY 10 minutes a day ...

Also, check out Mind Zoom

Discover Your Higher Self 7 Secrets To Higher Self
Learn the 7 secrets to discovering your higher self and gain complete abundance and empowerment. Tap into the Divine Spirit, today.

More Courses More Personal Growth Courses

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