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Hello And Welcome!   Meet Metaphysical Psychic Rhiannon Paille

"Psychic Rhiannon Paille Is A Professional Psychic, Author And Metaphysical Teacher. Need Help With Love, Career Or Life Answers? Chat With Rhi ... "

Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to Psychic Source psychic Rhiannon Paille, a talented clairvoyant, author and Metaphysical Therapist.

Metaphysical Psychic Rhiannon IS Ready To Help You With Her Metaphysical Therapy Readings Growing up, psychic Rhiannon had no idea what the word clairvoyance meant, let alone that there were any such thing as psychics. Rhiannon's parents were the conservative sort and just felt Rhiannon was a unique and creative child. However, Rhiannon knew something about her was different. Besides knowing what other's thought and felt, she would also have precognitive dreams.

At 13, Rhiannon met a boy while on vacation. Later, she had a dream the boy was dying of leukemia. She dismissed the incident as a bad dream. Several years later, Rhiannon found she could not let go of the disturbing dream about the boy. Through a friend, Rhiannon was able to obtain the boy's contact information. The boy's sister answered the phone and sadly advised Rhiannon that the boy had passed on from leukemia a few years ago. This event convinced Rhiannon she needed to take her clairvoyant gifts seriously, and, began seeking metaphysical answers for the mystical and paranormal.

In the years since, psychic Rhiannon has obtained a PhD in Metaphysical Science, PhD in Parapsychology, become a Reiki Grand Master and Lightarian Reiki Master and ordained member of the International Metaphysical Ministry. Rhiannon also earned membership to the World Metaphysical Association and founded the Canadian Metaphysical Foundation.

Psychic Rhiannon likes to think of craft as being a "Metaphysical Therapist". She specializes in love relationships (both romantic and family relationships), career readings and helping people with difficult life issues. Rhiannon brings all her skill to the table from channelling to telepathy to past life readings. Clients often comment on her compassion and ability to quickly "tune-in" to the emotions and needs of her clients.

Whatever questions you have or answers you need, you are unlikely to find a psychic as dedicated to helping her clients as Rhiannon (or "Rhi" as her friends call her). Go Chat with Rhiannon, now. You will be glad you did.

Psychic Rhiannon Paille provides reading via chat through Psychic Source. Chat is free to join and you are welcome to chat, free, up to 5 minutes to get to know Rhiannon (or any other specialist). There is a fee for personal readings and professional consultations.

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