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Angel Art Learn more about the traditional aspect of angels, and the writings and classification of angels done since biblical times. Explore how angels are represented in other religions. Explore the idea of one's "guardian angel" and the spiritual possibilities of angel's in this world ... and the next.

These fun and interesting courses, classes and books about angels help one connect modern thinking with ancient reports about angels. And, is that an angel on your shoulder I see ... ?

Angel Course Connect With Your Angels!

This book is a nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts and religions; the ways that angels help us & how to call upon them; information on guardian angels, archangels, and departed loved ones; and frequently asked questions.

Author Doreen Virtue is known world wide for her connection with the realm of the angels. She has devoted herself to teaching everyone how to clearly hear the messages from our angels. Discover how to tune inward and open yourself up to your angels. Learn how and why angels are always trying to communicate with you. Understand and appreciate who your own guardian angels are.

About This Book

Angel Education Praying With Angels

Communicating With Angles Discover how to develop a rewarding, lifelong relationship with these divine creatures. From prayer to dreamwork, you will explore a myriad of simple ways to communicate with angels. There are practical exercises and meditations to aid in developing angel awareness-an important first step towards angelic communication.

This book also provides a fascinating tour of the angelic kingdom, revealing the role and strengths of guardian angels, angels of the zodiac, elemental angels, and others.

About Praying With Angels

Angel Reader Live Angel Readings By Barbara

Call Me For Angel Messages And Help Want to know more about your guardian angel? Maybe you want to know more about the angels who help us all through our daily lives? Give Barbara a call for a live, angel reading. Through the years with study, practice, and listening acutely to her own intuition has made Barbara is an excellent spiritual advisor. A gifted clairvoyant, she can help you connect with your personal "angel guidance".

You can reach Barbara at:

Barbara's Personal Ext. 7866
Learn More About Barbara

Angel Readings Live Angel Reading By Kali

Call Me For A Live Angel Reading Want to know more about your guardian angel? Maybe you want to know more about the angels who help us all through our daily lives? Want angel messages? Kali is an angel intuitive and psychic medium. She is also a talented angel card and tarot reader. Whatever your questions, Kali is ready to help.

You can reach Kali at:
Kali's Personal Ext. 7635
Learn More About Kali

Angel Magick

In Angelspeake you will learn how rewarding and helpful it is to know, and connect, with angels. The authors provide you clear step-by-step instructions on how to bring angelic teachings into your life using the Four Fundamentals for initiating spiritual assistance: Ask for angels to be with you; Believe angels will be there; Let It Happen; And always say Thank You. Book contains inspirational, true stories.
About This Book

archangels course
The Archangels:
Raise Your Vibration Course

Kyle Gray, author and Scotish born psychic medium, has put together a two hour interactive course to help connect you with the Angelic realm. It is a guide to assist you in clearing your energy and raising your spiritual vibration. Kyle leads you to the Archangels where you can connect with their presence and protection. Learn to connect with Archangels dor their presence and protection. Learn about the 4 Major Archangels of power which can help you create a life of joy and abundance.
Get the Archangel Course!

Angel Dictionary
Dictionary of Angels

The author, Gustav Davidson, having spent 16 years doing researching the Talmudic, gnostic, cabalistic, apocalyptic, patristic, and legendary texts regarding angels, provides a highly detailed, historical reference book on angels. Dictionary of Angels has been in continuous print since 1994 (and been updated and revised). It is a classic work in the field of angels and a must for those interested in the history of angels. You'll also find it beautifully illustrated. One of the best referrence books on angels you can own.
About This Book

Angel Tarot
Tarot Talismans: Invoke Tarot Angels

This is a completely different look at angels, something more along the lines magick. Both Chic and Tabatha are Chief Adepts of the Golden Dawn, one of the most well known occult organizations in modern times.
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Arms Of Angels
In The Arms of Angels: True Stories of Heavenly Guardians

Extraordinary stories of angelic appearances in the lives of ordinary people abound. Author Joan Wester Anderson brings together some of the most compelling true stories from the past five years. This book proved so popular that Anderson wrote several more just like it - all true stories.
About This Book

Guardian Angels
Contacting Your Spirit Guide

This book is in two parts. First, Sylvia Browne helps you find your spirit guides - the entities who are designated by you and God to assist you with life and give you guidance. Second, Sylvia gets personal and relays what a 'day' is like for her spirit guides. Comes with free mediation CD!
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