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Rune Stone Readings By Professional Psychic Betty

"A Runestone Reading Can Reveal The Truth About Love And Relationships ... Predict Future Possibilities ... Provide Guidance ... Reveal Insights And Secrets About Lovers, Family, Career, Life Choices ... Call Rune Stone Specialist Psychic Betty For A Runes Reading, Today! ... "

Betty's Personal Ext: 7514
(Toll Free For The USA and Canada)

The Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to Psychic Source professional runestone reader and psychic Betty ... a rune stone specialist and very talented psychic medium. With Betty, whatever is concealed will be revealed with a casting of the runestones and the help of her spirit guides.

The "reading of the Runes" is an ancient divination art ... possibly older than even reading Tarot cards, depending on whom you talk too. The word Rune is actually old English for secret and the practice of runestone divination seems to trace back over 2,000 years, perhaps in further.

The Norse told a story about the source of the runes. According to myth, the mystical Knowledge of the runes was forbidden even to the gods. The god Odin could only acquired the knowledge of the runes by using his own spear and impaling himself on Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for 9 days. Maybe the underlying message here is mystical understanding, and the power of divination, does not come without sacrifice ... and the deepest mystical understanding comes through nature. Some records of the earliest reading of the runes state that tree limbs were cut an marked with the runic symbols for the divination process. The runic symbol later started appearing in stone carving at graves, marking sacred areas and so forth.

Runestones used for rune stone readings are the ancient Nordic alphabet written on individual stones. Each letter has an identity, a special mystical sound, and a spiritual designation. In runestone readings, there are 25 marked stones with 1 blank stone.

Each mystically marked runestone has power. In ancient Europe, ancient warriors wore rune stones as magical amulets in battle and women carried runestones for personal protection and often had runes in the home to protect the family.

Psychic Betty specializes in the art of interpreting Rune Stones and providing professional runestone readings with the assistance of her spirit guides. Her clients appreciate her ability to provide a higher perspective as to why life is the way it is ... give insights into love and lovers, career and relationships. Betty is direct, telling clients and callers exactly what she reads in the runestones and "hears" from her guiding spirits. Betty is also adept at tarot, and will also use it as an additional divination tool should the situation call for it. Each reading with Betty is unique and unfolds as she and caller begin to explore the question at hand and the issues involved.

For example, Betty recalls a reading where, as she began casting the first runestone, a number of angels appeared. This client had been seeking divine assistance, and the angels wanted her to know her requests had been heard and would be answered. Psychic Betty continued with the runes reading and the angels remained the entire reading.

If you are ready for a truly profession runestone reading, give psychic Betty a call. A noted medium and runestone specialist, Betty would be very happy to help you get the guidance and answers you want and need. If Betty is busy, live support is always available to help.

There is NO CHARGE to call and get questions answered about services, appointments, privacy and other related issues ... it will always be up to you when, where and if there will be a cost involved for a personal reading. When you are ready, give yourself a surprising gift ... Call Betty for a psychic runes reading.

Betty's Personal Ext: 7514
(Toll Free For Callers In The USA and Canada)

Special Offer For New Callers:
A 10 Minute, Personal Rune Stone Reading For ONLY 10 Dollars!

Reading comes with a satisfaction guarantee!
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