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"The occult is about exploring the mystical concealed within the ordinary.
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The word "occult" come from the Latin "occultus" meaning concealed or covered over. It is about exploring what is hidden within nature and society ... it is what "they" are not telling you.

The negative connotation given to the word "occult" (that somehow anything occult is evil or dangerous) comes from the medieval Christian church and was applied to any religion or mystical practice that was "not Christian".

Hollywood movies often portray "occultist" as dark, dangerous people, and the "occult" as something inherently bad (which only increases misconceptions about the " occult").

Things labeled occult have been all earth based religions such as paganism:
Astrology ... Numerology ... Tarot ... Rune stones ... Vedics ... Witchcraft ... Wicca ... Yoga ... and even Buddhism have been called "occult". Does this label apply? Maybe, since all these mystical arts, practices or religions explore the powers and mysteries concealed within nature and the universe.

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