Zodiac Signs: Is Compatibility Fact or Fiction?

Zodiac sign compatibility may seem ludicrous to many people. For others, understanding Zodiac love compatibility is an excellent way of determining if two people have the psychological and social values which will match or clash. The argument about whether Zodiac compatibility is true or false is an argument that could go on forever … and in some ways has been going on for thousands of years. On the one hand, little scientific exploration of Zodiac compatibility is available. On the other hand, Astrology is about 4,500 years older than science … science is barely a child compared to Astrology. Many find it difficult to dismiss such an ancient art.

Naturally, Zodiac sign compatibility is taken seriously by astrologers. It can be shocking how often astrological compatibility predictions can proven true, and the reasons why certain romances will not last. What often confuses people about Zodiac compatibility is that love can occur between any of the Zodiac signs at any given time. Zodiac compatibility is not about whether people can fall in love, but rather if that love can go long term. Can romantically incompatibility Zodiac signs find lasting love? Of course, but it may prove a great deal more work than love between romantically compatibility Zodiac signs.

Let’s take a look at the romantic compatibility of the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Aquarius. At first glance, these are considered incompatible signs. However, these signs are so wildly different that there could either be instant attraction (as in opposites do attract) or there the two could experience instant disgust and explode apart (as in what can happen when nitro and glycerin are combined). It could be a wild night of passion followed by real regret the next day. Astrologers would generally predict that these two Zodiac Signs, a Cancer and Aquarius, will have real difficulty time remaining in a stable love relationship long term.
Zodiac Compatibility
Now, let’s take a look at reasons astrologers might give this prediction. The water sign Aquarius is tends to be extremely aloof and has a powerful sense of independence. Aquarians are often very creative and seek intellectual superiority. Cancer, on the other hand, tend to be down to earth, often humble and very much enjoys close relationships. The Cancer tenancy to love being a homebody and sentimental (often preferring to enshrine and past and be traditional) can just smother the Aquarius spirit of creativity … not to mention Aquarius has no need for sentimentality and barely understands it.

An Aquarius personality might enjoy exploring Cancer’s world of devotional love of home and hearth, even indulging in sweet romantic rituals … but there is a danger that for an Aquarian, this is an intellectual exercise, a means to look into various emotions and lifestyles. When a Cancer puts their love in faith in someone it is likely a total commitment. To discover that their partner only thinks of the relationship as a means to an end, or an ‘intellectual exercise’ will often cause the Cancer personality to become very angry. For Cancer, there is no gray area in a love relationship. You are in love or you are not. And you never take advantage of another’s feelings. It is unthinkable.

Can a Cancer/Aquarius romance exist? Sure. Can it go long term. Maybe. But only if both people are willing to put in the work. It is just that, in astrological terms, it is ‘not in the stars’ for the two to remain together. It is here that astrology can actually HELP star-crossed lovers survive. Continuing with our example of a Cancer/Aquarius match (or mis-match): If the Aquarius understands the Cancer tenancies, like never toying with their feeling and accepting that, at times, romantic rituals and sentimentality must be observed, then hope begins. Especially if Aquarius deeply wants to settle down and feels a need for Cancer’s stabilizing influence.

Cancer, on the other hand, has to be more open minded and even embrace the creative needs of Aquarius. Tough as it is, Cancer needs to let Aquarius explore and even at times be irreverent. This takes a very confidence Cancer, but it is possible. Should these two ‘incompatible’ signs decide to make a go of it, they would do well to deeply understand their differences, create agreements and be tolerant. What is important is to never underestimate the power of love.

Every love relationship is different. If astrology can be used to make finding the perfect partner easier, or help a loving relationship survive and thrive, then what can it hurt to be open minded about it? After all, thousands of years of study and refinement in predicting romantic compatibility (and predicting where loving opportunities and hazards are likely to occur) should not be wasted.

From my personal perspective, love is going to do what love is going to do. I have found, for myself, it is best to have all the tools, tips and secrets available to make the most out of what love provides. It so happens that astrology has proven to be a valuable tool. Is Zodiac compatibility real or false? Who cares. We never get a definitive answer. The final answer seems to lie in what you choose to think.

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