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So, you were born under the Zodiac sign of Aries. Or, maybe you have met someone who is an Aries and want to know more about them. Here is some basic and helpful information. Aries means being born between March 21 and April 20. It is the sign of the Ram. Aries traces back to mythology and is thought to be associated with the golden, flying Ram. This magnificent creature was sacrificed to Zeus after the Ram performed a daring rescue. So valued was the Ram’s golden fleece that is was hung on a sacred oak and guarded by a dragon. Zeus had been so impressed with Aries that he set the Ram into the heavens as the constellation Aries.

The ruling planet for Aries is Mars, the god of war. And the element for Aries is fire. Naturally then an Aries can often have a fiery attitude. This fiery energy is usually directed towards creative pursuits, work and those an Aries loves. However, if an Aries personality is attacked or provoked, look out! That fire can easily become blindly aggressive. An Aries often have a desire for adventure which can rub off on those around them. What you (and all Aries) have to watch out for is when that desire for adventure turns into daredevil or even reckless behavior. What makes an Aries such a fun personality can also become difficult to tame.

Aries are just not generally patient. That impulsive nature is usually present in many choices and Aries character makes. And, once an Aries man or woman makes a choice and begins to act on that choice, you will find it very difficult to get them to reverse course.

All this adds up to Arieses being dynamic individuals. They just dive into the unknown, or, when faced with danger, immediately take action without any thought for themselves. A good motto for Aries is ‘nothing is impossible’. It can take a life time of hard knocks to convince an Aries that some things are more difficult than first appear. For an Aries, there is always a way to succeed. Usually quick witted and confident only begins to describe an Aries attitude.

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The typical Aries can appear to be able to reverse direction emotionally. At first they can seem caring and then in the next instant become selfish and ill tempered (and vice versa). Aries do not deal well confrontation or confusion. If you are considering a long term relationship with an Aries man or woman you may find these quick mood shifts difficult. However, the rewards for bonding with an Aries character, especially if you are a compatible zodiac sign, often out weights the trouble. The trick is to let Aries men and women be who they want to be … avoid direct confrontation … and gently lead them in the direction you want them to go (and let them think it was their idea to go that way).

Aries have the best astrological chemistry with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Even with a love compatible sign, if you intend to attract, seduce or work with an Aries, is best to GO SLOW. Remember, Aries is full of fire, passionate, impulsive and likely to take you on a wild adventure before a good foundation for a relationship can be laid. That Aries energy may just wear you out too quickly which an Aries may interpret as a poor choice for a partner. You set the pace and establish the rules … just make sure you leave enough room and time for your Aries partner to discharge that excess energy.

Aries can get hooked on ‘a cause’. If that happens, tread carefully. The Aries personality can become too passionate about their issue and can overboard with their devotion. Given the impatience nature of Aries, you can sometimes tone down their passion about some issue but directing them towards the mundane details or disciplines that being ‘devoted’ often require. Those Aries folks can often drive away people who belong to strongly incompatible Zodiac signs, especially those people who easy going. However, if you become good friends with an Aries you often uncover a sensitive, loving person that few ever see. You just have to over look that occasion moodiness … and a good trick for changing his/her mood is to propose some sort of vacation, outing, adventure or fun project.

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There you have it. What you need to know about Aries.

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