A Womans Zodiac Guide To Valentine’s Day Romance

Ah, Valentine’s Day, when the cupids and the chocolates are unleashed on a love starved public. Ladies, my plan here is to give you an advantage this Valentine’s Day with a women’s Zodiac guide to Valentine’s Day romance. Some say that Valentine’s Day is largely more appreciated by women. I would disagree. Men, at heart, are real romantics. It is not their fault if no one taught them HOW to be romantic. So as not to leave men feeling rejected, as they so easily are, a male counterpart of mine has written A Man’s Zodiac Guide To Valentine’s Day Success. No doubt you have noticed the subtle difference in the titles. Well, we should just get down to business here.

There is no reason these days for a woman to wait on the man to invite her on a date. Why not get ahead of whatever man you are interested in (you already know you are ahead of him most of the time anyway) and plan a Valentine’s Day that will be a memorable occasion for you and him. We all know that men think romance is … ah, hum … largely physical, shall we say.

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This is a good chance to control the situation and show him romance and bonding can be something more. With the astrological tips below you can plan a Valentine’s Day that will surely impress him (and hungry to spend more time with you). Those astrological traits that establish the unique characteristics of your lover can provide some powerful hints for creating a Valentine’s Day he will remember.

Aries Men:
Oh, girl, Aries men are full of passion and challenge. An Aries man can be impulsive and he appreciates a woman who can be the same, so Valentine’s Day think ‘adventure’. Take him to the zoo. Hit the local street fair and turn him loose. If this is a man you have known for a time, then just kiss him when you feel like it. If this is a first date don’t be afraid to be affectionate. Is there some special ‘getaway’ place you can go where there is plenty to do. Just ask him to go. Likely, he’ll jump in with both feet. In conversation Aries men like it light, fun and friendly. They don’t mind a serious conversation but likely he feels no need to make it a lengthy one. Those energetic Aries men like to be doing things. This is a guy you can be daring with and get away with it. Is there a sports team he likes? Get tickets for the game an make that a Valentine’s Day treat. He is likely to turn that energy towards you by evening’s end. Are you ready for it? Really?

Taurus Men:
Taurus men can be so much fun. If you put on something that sparkles or shiny he will just about follow you anywhere. Put silk sheets on the bed in the morning and he’ll be salivating all day to try them out with you. On Valentine’s Day, with a Taurus man, it is all about showing how down-to-earth and practical you are. If you have been with a Taurus man for some time, giving him a touching, maybe a bit expensive, gift will make a solid impression. Just brush off the cost by saying you saved for it over time or made some extra cash and could easily afford it. Getting a Taurus guy outside doing something he enjoys is a sure winner. A picnic, barbecuing outdoors or drinks somewhere you can sit outside with please him. This guy loves and appreciates the good things in life. It is all so simple for him. Just enjoy the good things you have. If you are his choice you will find a Taurus man generous to a fault. In conversation be fun, interesting but teasing him or trying to explain how wrong he is about something is a sure path to disaster. These guys also, as a rule, love flirting, so have some fun with that. A long night of comforting, prolonged attention awaits the woman who takes a Taurus man home to keep.

Gemini Men:
What do you give the Gemini man for Valentine’s Day when he probably doesn’t know what he wants himself? Oh, you know he wants you. You just have to give him a road map. And, then you’ll probably still have to take him by the hand and guide him there. It is just that easy. Sorta’. Gemini guys can be doing something serious one moment and the next thing you know he is off chasing a butterfly. It is best to plan 2 Valentine’s Day dates for this guy. Music in the park in the afternoon, maybe going to an art show. Then, in the evening, a simple dinner with conversation, or not. You may find he suddenly wants to cook you dinner and show you his latest, greatest new thing. Whatever it is, go with it. You will be delighted if you just enjoy the ride. The best way to get a Gemini man to go where you want him to go is to gently guide him. Just be sure to let him enjoy himself as he goes with you. That may involve being sidetracked every now and then, but that is why you are there: To bring him back home. No kidding. Plan two parts to your Valentine’s Day, each different, and he’ll really want to go with you. The best part: If you keep him for the night it’s like getting two men for the price of one. Can’t beat that.

Cancer Men:
Those Cancer guys normally seem too cautious to do anything outrageous, or extravagant. You may think a Cancer man never ‘goes outside the box’. Well, take it from me. They are thinking about it. Sometimes a lot. It is just not in a Cancer man’s nature to live the life spontaneity. So, if you want to impress a Cancer man on Valentine’s day, then keep it looking like it is traditional (dinner, maybe a movie, or a walk in the park), then throw him a curve. Catch this Cancer gentleman off guard and add something special. If it is dinner at home then get out the candles, break open the ‘good stuff’ to drink. Dress a bit more sexy and scent the bedroom with a little jasmine oil. If you take him to dinner, don’t tell him where. Choose a restaurant that you KNOW he likes that style of food (don’t get too novel, Cancer guys like what they know and know what they like). It is not necessary to go to great expense, but you must challenge your mind on this. Think. If this is a first time date or new relationship then go with what you know he likes, then change things up later with a twist. What is wonderful about Cancer men is that once you know what they like, and what they love, they love you for understanding them. If you add a little twist here and there, not all the time, just now and then, well, you can own them body and soul.

Leo Men:
Honey, get out the leather, the whip and a chair. You can meet a Leo man and think he is just the strong, silent type. There may seem something untamable about him, and yet, he appears to enjoy the simple things and not too interested in the complexities of life. Let’s make it clear, now. There is a wonderful beast in a Leo man, and a smart one at that. For Valentine’s Day he would love some excitement. He may even shock you with how much he enjoys it. Leo men have no problem letting you lead. But, when they are ready to do their thing, oh baby, they intent to do it. Take him to a ball game with drinks at your place later. Keep it simple so you can let the day flow. He enjoys a challenge so take him roller skating, ice skating or sailing. A Leo guy likely would love a trip to the zoo or theme park with adventure rides. Cook dinner in front of the fireplace or a night time picnic dinner. Leo men are proud and enjoy talking about themselves (of course what men don’t enjoy talking about themselves), but often they can listen as intently if you give them a chance. With Leo men you want to avoid making them wrong or teasing them too much. Leo men tend to just want to have a fun conversation and very much enjoy getting to know people. A virtue of Leo men is that they tend to be non-judgmental and like to observe and learn about people and new things. And, underneath it all is a passionate beast. If the day, and evening, go well, he will let you know he wants more … lot’s more. If he doesn’t, then be bold and show him what you want. Leo men appreciate boldness. If that Leo man wants you, and that is what you want, then you are a lucky girl indeed.

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Virgo Men:
If you let a Virgo man plan Valentine’s Day he will so over analysis it that he’ll like start the planning the year before. He will get it right. He just has to explore every option, then get a focus group to confirm the final presentation. Virgo men make great friends and lovers because they are generally even tempered and look at things from every angle, then give you options you never considered. On Valentine’s Day give this guy’s brain a vacation. Take him on a bus tour of the city or someplace where there is music, art and poetry. Cool and controlled on the outside, sensitive on the inside, Virgo men tend to really enjoy the company of women, especially women who can draw out their emotions. In conversation, Virgo men generally excel. They can take small talk and take it to another level, or take deep conversations and reach conclusions few ever see. A Virgo man tend to hold himself to a higher standard, and want others to know that being ‘right’ is important to him, so flattery tends to work better than flirtation for attracting him. An evening planned around conversation isn’t a bad plan for a Valentine’s Day with a Virgo guy. If you want to heat up the night with a Virgo man you usually need to move slow. Work him up slow and careful and guide the way. You need to convince him that it is his divine duty and right to have a night of passion with you.

Libra Men:
The great thing about Libra men is that you usually know where you stand with them. Libra guys tend to be emotional. And, you generally know that a Libra man wants things to be fair. When it comes to a Valentine’s date the key is showing a Libra man how you feel about him. So, if your interest is romantic, then make it a romantic day and night. If you just want him for a day (or night) then make that clear. If the interest is strictly Platonic then make it a day about friendship. He will be fine just so long as he knows the intentions and the boundaries. Libra men can have a wide variety of interests so a bit of research is in order. But the important aspect of the Valentine’s Day date should be something somewhat social: A party, a gathering of sorts, a lively restaurant. If romance is the interest, then include some quiet time with wine and conversation. Librans tend to enjoy discussing other people, emotional issues and the state of the world. If you have been a Libra man for some time, it is likely important to tell him how significant he is to you. Better yet, show him physically and emotionally. These guys tend to need reassurance now and then. So, on Valentine’s Day if you do some of his favorite activities with him, he will responded. Libra men can be so gentle but are perfectly capable of surprising you with fireworks. Just lead him to the proper mood.

Scorpio Men:
Scorpio men seem to naturally understand women. They also can have quite a stinger … and I mean that in every sense. These are not men who do not like to be toyed with. They are loyal, passionate and be very magnetic. A Scorpio guy has no trouble running into a burning building to save someone. So a Valentine’s Day with this character is about giving him a day off (as much as that is possible). These guys like to go all out in very thing they do. If your Scorpio guy has been pended up for awhile and active Valentine’s Day morning will work; a jog or walk in the park or a bike ride. It almost does not matter what the activity, a Scorpio tends to embrace what is happening and drive it forward. In conversation Scorpio can be intense. They do not mean anything by it, it is just the way they are. What activity you chose what a Scorpio likes to be in charge so be willing to set the agenda then back off slightly and watch him go. He loves it. Scorpio men are very passionate and more passion after that. If you are going to flirt do so when you are ready for that passion to come your way. It won’t take much. If you have been with a Scorpio guy awhile you know the value of a new piece of lingerie or whispering in his ear something you would like to try.

Sagittarius Men:
If you want to put Cupid’s arrow in a Sagittarius man’s heart you have to blend being naughty with being proper. A Valentine’s Day with a Sagittarius man is all about having fun. Think going on a roller coaster ride, horse back riding or anything fun. This guy is great at keeping things on an even keel, enjoying good food and conversation and enjoys social setting as well an one-on-one, but ONLY if the atmosphere is upbeat and engaging. It can be very difficult to read a Sagittarius guy since he keeps his emotional self in control. He likes to compete so games can be a direction to go on Valentine’s Day. In conversation keep it upbeat and do not pry. Sagittarius men are suspicious of those who want to know too much about them. Play a little hard-to-get as these guys like a bit of a chase. If you can get them to chase you into the bedroom then lucky you. Sagittarius men like to explore and experiment and enjoy. Just don’t expect any emotional gushiness … but sometimes, that’s a wonderful thing.

Capricorn Men:
Capricorn men can be complicated, but you can depend on them like few others … at least in the work place and on a team. In personal relationships this guy is cautious. If a Capricorn man loves you, he loves totally. Even if he finds it very difficult to express that sense of commitment. So, your job, should you choose to accept it, is to give room to both feel loved and express those affections (if he feels like it). These guys tend to like women who can present themselves as modest with a hint of sexual tease. A Valentine’s Day date should reflect this: Take him for a picnic in the woods, or dinner where you can eat outside, something tasteful but not extravagant. These guys are concerned about how to make a relationship work. You may need to gentle explain to them what that means to you, logically. Tough as that may be. Do you love puppies? Well, Capricorn men on the inside, once they let you past their guarded nature, are adorable puppies. They can be easily hurt yet can bounce back if you show them honest affection. Get your Capricorn love interest into a comfortable place and let him chat about whatever. These guys work too hard and see that nothing is life is free. So giving a Valentine’s day where he can just relax and appreciate life will make him appreciate you.

Aquarius Men:
The Aquarius man is simply too logical to appreciate the common gifts and activities associated with Valentine’s Day. His high intellect demands some originality if you want this day to become truly unique. Take him to a museum then to a dinner where the food is tasty and interesting, maybe Indian food or Thai or a barbecue with a special sauce. Just keep in mind engaged. These Aquarius guys may seem aloof but inside they got some kind of special passions that you will appreciate. In conversation, start with small talk for, like, 10 seconds then head for deeper waters. These guys like exploring ideas. They don’t mean to act smarter than everyone else, it just comes off that way. Let him talk. Keep your hands near him, or preferably on him, but go slow. Dinner and munchies at your house with a special wine could seal the deal. Let an Aquarius man be the thinker that he is, you be smarter by letting him think he is.

Pisces Men:
Pisces men can be fascinating. They generally know what you are up to before you do. So, being sincere and direct is the best approach. Taking a Pisces guy to the beach or boating or anywhere near water seems to spark their spirits. On Valentine’s Day take him on a somewhere near water or snow, someplace in nature, and then plan the evening around romance. Pisces men can be suckers for traditional romantic settings. They appreciate romance. And, boy, do they respond. In conversation be prepared to go deep. Pisces guys are like ice burgs: You only see the top 10%, the rest of them goes deep and hidden. It is important to be ready to engage in honest talk, but if he hedges on a topic, back off and go around.

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Pisces men like to think things through before they answer. Pisces can have an excellent sense of humor. If things get too serious, gentle humor is your best maneuver. Should you catch a Pisces man’s interest do not be surprised if he wants to know all about you. A passionate night with a Pisces man will reveal how he puts that knowledge to good use. Fooling around outdoors or in a natural setting could bring bonus points.

O.K., girl, now it is all up to you. Ladies, start your engines. This is the best astrological, Zodiac based guide to Valentine’s Day I can create and if you take the tips and insights I have given you have the stars on your side. You just need to follow through. What man you are trying to impress and draw into romance, I wish you the well. If you are trying to rekindle a marriage or long term relationship, may love be with you. I wish you the best Valentine’s Day, ever.

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