A Man’s Zodiac Guide To Valentine’s Day Success

So, you want to plan a Valentine’s Day to either impress a woman you are dating (or would like to date) or you want to impress a woman who has put up with you for years and deserves to be recognized for that heroic feat. Let’s be honest, guys, we put on a good front that we consider ourselves perfect, but over time, we learn that we can be as cantankerous and difficult to live with as a cactus with hormones and feet. Though most men will never admit it, men are largely romantics at heart. Showing that romantic side, or even understanding what romance means to a women, is where we men often come up blank.

Just For Fun Personals - Find Someone Special This Valentine's Day Sir, right now you are way ahead of the game by being here. Statistics show a large majority of women have an interest in or have spent time looking into astrology. Far more women read their horoscopes than men do. Women are far more likely to know their own sign and what the attributes of the various astrology signs are in general. So, just by using an astrological approach to Valentine’s Day is giving you an edge. Using the Zodiac as a guide to preparing for a Valentine’s date makes can make you a genius (maybe even a strong, handsome, sensitive genius) in the eyes of many women. It does matter if you believe in astrology or not. What matters is that you cared enough about her to take a unique (and you will likely discover a very successful) approach to pleasing her. In so doing, you may just be rewarded with a night of passion that you won’t forget. One can hope.

Women also deserve their own guide to Valentine’s Day and the Zodiac tips regarding men. So, my astrologically gifted female friend wrote A Woman’s Zodiac Guide To Valentine’s Day Romance.

You will want to find out the horoscope sign of whatever lucky woman you are planning this special Valentine’s Day for. This is easy. Just ask her if she read her daily horoscope? If she asks why, just say you are curious. Or say that you heard Bob commenting that he read his horoscope and it told him he suppose to ask for a raise today. Then, ask her to read hers to you … out of curiosity. You will figure it out. Once you have her sign, here is what you need to know:

Aquarius Women:
The cool, intellectual Aquarius women may tell you they have no serious interest in Valentine’s Day, and that the common gift of flowers is very reasonable. But do not be fooled. This woman loves the unique and challenging. She is smart enough to know if you are just ‘going through the motions’ and hoping to get lucky. You need a Valentine’s Day plan that is originality if you want to make an impression on an Aquarius woman. That does not mean expensive. What it means is you want a date where you can chat privately, uninterrupted, and you want that conversation to be interesting. If you are married (to her, dude) then skip any typical, boring talk you can have any day. Think through the things you would like to know about her. DO NOT talk about you (unless she asks specific questions). Do not gossip. There are a world of interesting topics out there and many mysteries to explore in conversation. Maybe spend the afternoon at a museum and the evening in front of a fireplace. Aquarians have a curiosity about the spiritual and mysterious as well as an appreciation for the arts. A trip to see a historical church or a crafts fare could prove very successful. By keeping this woman engaged intellectually and showing you respect her intelligence will have her looking at you in a more passionate light.

Aries Women:
Aries women can be very spontaneous and looking for way to be high energy. This is a woman who would love to something like swinging from a zipline from tree to tree. Or suiting up to go snorkeling in a coral reef. You may need to investigate what kind of adventure the Aries woman you are interested in would like. If she is into sports, well then, get tickets to a game. If she likes horses, find somewhere to go horseback riding. The possibilities are endless. You just need to figure out what kind of adventure will work best. If you have been married or dating awhile, then it is time to be surprising and daring. Your adventure does not have to be expensive nor flashy, it just has to have some high energy and excitement to it. Then, plan a bit of quiet, intimate time. Just do not make a quiet, intimate evening your WHOLE Valentine’s Day plan. No, take her on a bit of an adventure, then someplace quiet and intimate and just see if she suddenly wants to be spontaneous with you.

Cancer Women:
A Cancer woman is a loving, caring character and, as a trait, she loves being appreciated. This is a woman you can impress on Valentine’s Day by giving her some pampering. Think day spa with a massage, maybe a hot tube, with dinner afterwards. Typically, Cancer women excel at nurturing and caring about others, so a chance to be cared for by another makes a loving impression … and isn’t that what you are trying to accomplish on Valentine’s Day? And, if you have been married or dating for some time, it is not a bad idea to add a bit of a surprise … such as going to a Mexican restaurant and having a mariachi band stop by the table to play her a romantic song. In conversation, allow her to vent off all the worries she has about others and DO NOT allow that inner kindness she gives away to make you babble on about things that are bothering you. If she asks, be brief, then get back to making the day about her. Later, you may find cuddling a perfect way to end the night … into the next morning.

Capricorn Women:
Capricorn women are outgoing and yet seem reserved. Often they are very focused on what they want to accomplish. Beneath that is a trait that wants to party, party, party! This is not a woman you want to roundup and try and tie down (unless you want to face rebellion). So a Valentine’s Day with this woman is about going out and being social. Go dancing, hit a concert, visit a comedy club. Be lightly affectionate but don’t try and smother this girl. Want to make a serious impression? Create a treasure hunt for Valentine’s Day. You can do a simple treasure hunt in the house, making her go from clue to clue until she finds the prize at the end. Or, go as big as you are able. A Capricorn woman may give the light brush off regarding Valentine’s Day (especially if she is just getting to know you). Capricorn women are sensitive to traps and misdirections, so don’t be surprised if she views a Valentine’s Day date with suspicion. Just tell her it will be fun, fun, fun and you just want the pleasure of her company. Towards the end of the evening don’t push for more and you will likely get a lot extra.

Gemini Women:
You might consider two parts to your Valentine’s Day date with a Gemini woman. Since she is unlikely to give you clear signs about what she would like to do (or even if she wants to go out Valentine’s Day), rest assured, she wants some quality attention and there are things she would love to do. Maybe plan to take in a street fair in the afternoon then a quiet dinner. Or reverse the options and meet for coffee and a quiet chat then jump go dancing and dinner. How about a bike ride followed by a hot tube and a movie/dinner at home. The point is, to really impress a Gemini woman on Valentine’s Day you want to have a couple of different act ivies planned. If she doesn’t love one, she will love the other. And if she loves both you will find the third activity very enjoyable for both of you. Gemini women are not impressed with what is expensive, but with what is well thought out. Take charge, be confident, but be subtle and gentle. A bit of planned surprise like a simple gift or reading a poem or taking her somewhere she’s never been can also be very impressive.
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Leo Women:
A Leo woman can be a handful. A happy handful, but a handful. By that I mean that Leo women do not like to be contained, ordered around or treated like a pet. If a Leo woman tolerates such treatment you can bet she is planning how to get free and put you on your knees. This is a woman who tends to want to go bungee jumping from a bridge. And, even if she is afraid of heights, she would like to go see it happening. Going to an amusement park, playing bumper cars, even something as simple as miniature (or real) golf can be a winner on Valentine’s Day. The way go get a Leo women interested in you is to give her a date that is active. If your Leo woman likes pro sports, get game tickets. Or, take her to a sport’s bar to watch a game (just make sure it is a sport and/or team she is really interested in). If you have been married or dating awhile, plan a Valentine’s Day out of character for YOU … something exciting, daring even, that you might not generally do. This shows her you are confident and unpredictable. You might find by the day’s end she is purring for you. Do be prepared to be spontaneous and adjust plans as the day unfolds.

Libra Women:
The term ‘social butterfly’ comes to mind with Libra women. A Libra woman tends to want things to be fair and seeks balance in things. She also tends to want to make relationships work and seeks out workable relationships … generally for her benefit. It is difficult to define what a Libra woman wants to do, because it is not about the doing, it is about the social activity surrounding the activity. So, you might find a Libra woman being a librarian or a fighter pilot. For a Valentine’s Day date, you need to find out what interests her and build around that. If you are unsure then ANY social activity will be a hit. Go to the opening of a gallery where people meet and chat. An afternoon stage play (must be live, no movies) where you can ‘people watch’ afterwards will work. If you do dinner out, make it friendly but peaceful restaurant. In conversation, be flattering and reassuring towards her. If you have a hangout suitable for a lady (and I do mean lady) then stop by there to introduce her to a few of your friends and/or relatives. This will score big points (provided your friends are reasonably good people). A Libra woman tends not to be impressed extravagance. So go simple. If she is drawn to you by your balanced, sensible approach to life (and you have sincerely communicated how attractive you find her) then you may find her glued to you in a passionate way by evenings end.

Pisces Women:
With a Pisces woman you are not going to get away with be frivolous on insincere. This woman will tolerate superficiality in the name of good manners, but you better bring your A-game in honesty and intellect. A good sense of humor tends to really impress a Pisces girl, however, this humor cannot be at another’s expense nor can it be vulgar. An opening gift to a Pisces woman on Valentine’s Day is a good move. Especially if the gift is simple yet meaningful. If you give flowers, learn where the flowers come from and any mythology behind them. Do not go overboard with a gift, again, simple but meaningful. Then, move on quickly to the Valentine’s Day dating fun. A boat ride hold real promise (just make sure she doesn’t get sea sick easily); maybe lessons in water skiing or if snow is available go slide down a few hills in a rubber tire; a picnic at the beach will likely be a huge hit; maybe take her fishing if that holds an interest for her. Or, go to a large, public aquarium for an afternoon. Don’t be surprised if a street fair gets her excited with psychics, tarot readers, street performers all competing for attention. In conversation keep it interesting and be straight about what you think and feel. If you make the day all about her then you will likely find she wants to be all about you, later.

Sagittarius Men:
Oh, my, do not be surprised if a Sagittarius woman wants to take you mud wrestling. Or, a Sagittarius girl may want to see if you have the ‘right stuff’ to take a hot air balloon ride. Sagittarius women tend to be outgoing and sophisticated. Your goal on Valentine’s Day is to put cupids arrow into this woman’s heart, and to do that, you have to be ready to keep up with her. Generally, this is a woman who is receptive to a secret getaway where there will be some fun activities. It would not be surprising if a Sagittarius women has a secret love of horror films or wants to see the latest action film. This woman likely has lots of secret activities she enjoys so you might want to keep you Valentine’s evening open ended. You may start with going out to dinner only to find yourselves dancing somewhere. Or, going for a walk in the park only to find yourselves playing horseshoes or Frisbee golf some place. Be bold and flirtatious. Wear purple. Do not make any claims you cannot back up because if a Sagittarius woman decides she wants you, she is going to want you in a dozen different ways … all of them action packed and exciting.

Scorpio Women:
Scorpio women hide a huge reservoir of passion been a reserved exterior. Secretly, a Scorpio likes to compete only she can have a bit of trouble when it comes to losing. Scorpio women tend to need to learn good sportsmanship and the importance of being gracious when losing. So, don’t play games with this girl unless you are prepared to deal with her passionate ‘play for keeps’ attitude. Taking a Scorpio woman to a desert sunset followed by some pampered fine dining should be a winner. rather than engage in competition with this woman, consider doing a puzzle together or an activity where you work as a team. A Scorpio woman tends to love to do what she loves to do. The familiarity and control are calming to her. So find out what your Scorpio girls loves to do and join in. This may take a little research, but the rewards will be worth it. If she loves Mexican food or Sushi, then take her to her favorite place to eat. If she loves movies, then take her to one. It is not easy to win a Scorpio woman’s heart, but if you do, watch out. The passion this woman can express is impressive. And, she is fiercely loyal to those whom she cares about. What more could you want?

Taurus Women:
Taurus women can tend to love being at home. They enjoy being comfortable and appreciate the simplicity of happiness. If you can afford it, a splashy dinner, getting dressed up and putting on the bling-bling will make an impression. For a Taurus woman you want to dress nice. However, a Taurus woman is not stuffy and most enjoys a friendly, casual conversation. For Valentine’s Day you want to come up with a tasteful, homey date with a bit of elegance. Dinner at home by candle light works, but if you cook, make it special and get out the good dishes. If you do a picnic, go all out and bring the champagne and fancy chocolates. Taurus women and fun, practical and do not like to waste anything, and yet, they adore special touches that show elegance and style. If you have been together for awhile with a Taurus lady, then a well thought-out gift is in order. If you can afford it, go with gems and jewelry. If money is an issue, and you have an artistic flare, make her something special. Taurus women can be stubborn and know what they like and don’t like. So, do not push anything. Let things play out and be flexible. Should a Taurus woman find herself thinking you fit well in her life you could find her tying you up so she can keep you for herself at home.

Virgo Women:
The word ‘virtuous’ comes to mind with Virgo. When it comes to tender and caring, few can match a Virgo woman. If you are willing to take your time and allow a Virgo woman to warm up, you will count yourself one lucky guy if she heats up to you. For Valentine’s Day you want a date that engages the best attributes of a relationship: Spending time together, unhurried, talking, exchanging ideas and exploring common interests. Go to a poetry reading at a local coffee house and/or plan a dinner that has several courses and there is no rush to go anywhere. Virgo’s are emotionally reserved so do not ask too many personal questions and don’t tease her in any way. No, this is not a girl you treat like a kid sister (unless you have been together for awhile, and even then you should be gentle).

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Catching a free concert in the park can be a near perfect date with a Virgo woman. Unless you know otherwise, this woman tends to prefers acoustical guitar to slamming rock and roll. Take a Virgo woman to feed the ducks at the park and then a stroll around the lake followed by a simple meal with well chosen music. You may find you are making beautiful music together later … just as long as you are respectful.

Gentleman, I have given you all you need to create a perfect Valentine’s Day and night. Just follow the guidelines (and the Zodiac signs) and you are likely to find the kind of success you are looking for. If it is impressing a woman you have loved for years, or trying to catch the eye of girl you want to love for years, just be yourself and let the stars guide you.

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