When A Child Shows Signs of Psychic Abilities

Psychic children present an interesting problem for their parents. One or the other parent may be a sensitive, or a grandparent may have been clairvoyant, clairaudient or possess a degree of empathy, or maybe there is a long family history of psychic abilities. The parents of a child who is psychic could just as easily be regular people who have never consider that ‘psychic gifts’ may occur in children. If such is the case it may be wise for such parents to try and understanding that there is such a thing as intuitive intelligence.

When a child shows signs of psychic abilities, as a parent, there are three things you can do:

(1) You can totally deny the existence of intuitive intelligence, and berate your child for every odd remark or behavior.

(2) You can view it as a gift, buy all the books, and give your child encouragement to develop the gifts.

(3) You can also ignore the subject, totally, which may be the best choice.

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Psychic children think they’re normal. They don’t realize that nobody else can see the people they see. Perhaps they realize it, but they don’t find anything unusual in the fact that some people seem to visit only them. Likewise, asking them how they knew something was going to happen, doesn’t register as a sensible question to them. It’s kind of like asking how you knew the apple was an apple. Because they don’t know they’re not normal, as such, think twice about making a big deal of it. Young children don’t want to feel different, because other young children don’t know how to deal with unusual qualities in their friends. At some point in the future, your child will realize something is different. That is the time to become Parent in Number Two.

If you have psychic abilities yourself, and feel the talent has run through the family down to your child, look back on the things that happened to you during your childhood. Try to emulate what worked and avoid the sorts of behaviors that make you cringe when you think back on them. You can serve as an excellent guide for your child’s development as well as his future happiness. You, no doubt can clearly list the benefits, as well as the drawbacks, of a high intuitive IQ.

If, on the other hand, you have little understanding or belief, just accept the fact that your child is a little smarter in some ways than other children. Science has not discovered why some people have it, or whether it actually exists at all, but whatever it is has been referred to as intuitive intelligence. That might mean it’s just a matter of using a small, different portion of the brain in addition to what most people use of their brains. Again, don’t treat your child differently than you would treat any other child. Your child doesn’t know she is doing unusual things such as seeing invisible people and knowing that things are going to happen before they do. Your best bet is to become the Parent in Number Three, and just ignore the whole thing.

There are virtues in ignoring the subject of intuitive intelligence, the strange things your child occasionally does or says, and whether or not such things are proper behavior. Those virtues lie in the happiness of your child, as a child, and as they grow up and begin to notice these qualities in themselves. There is a lot of scientific work on the subject of intuitive intelligence, and there promises to be more. Movies and television shows about the paranormal are more popular than ever, and there is an increasing acceptance in society of new concepts like intuitive intelligence.

To educate yourself about psychic abilities, read the dull books (not the ones with popular flash and outrageous theories) but rather the books, scientific papers and articles that approach the topic of clairvoyance, ESP, and other unusual ‘gifts’ in a serious manner. There are many organizations that deal responsibly in discovering more about psychic phenomena, and an Internet search will provide you with a lot of information. You may want to avoid those informational web sites that are overly bias one way or the other, at least when you first start your investigation. Going to far in either direction (either berating you child for ‘freakish’ behavior or those sites that will want you to declare you child some type of psychic wonder) is likely not a good idea.

A sensitive, possibly psychic child is a wonderful thing. Yes, it may take some adaptation on your part as a parent, but what child doesn’t need personalized attention? You both could be on a path of life enhancing self discovery.

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