What to Expect When You Go for a Past Life Reading with a Psychic

past life readingHave you been noticing mental and emotional blocks that keep coming up in your life?

Maybe you’ve been having trouble in relationships or work. You might be feeling unhappy and stuck in your life.

The explanation to what’s holding you back could be found in the story of your previous life. The past could be the key to unlocking your future.

Whether you’re looking for answers or just feel curious, a past life reading is interesting for all.

Wondering what really goes on when you see a psychic for a past life reading? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What is a Past Life Reading?

A past life reading is different from other types of psychic readings. It’s not as simple as just asking them questions about it.

Instead, you will get to experience your past life (again) first hand. That’s why these sessions can be so profound.

Your Psychic’s Role in the Reading

The psychic is there to guide you through the journey. They’ll guide you into a trance.

Then by asking questions, they will help you discover your past life. Who you were, the people close to you, important or traumatic experiences, and more.

Together, you and your psychic will take these experiences and figure out how they are influencing your current life.

Because these are such immersive sessions, it’s important to prepare yourself in advance. This will allow you to have the most productive reading possible.

Preparing for Your Reading

The average reading is about 3 hours long. Prepare for this by allowing enough free time in your schedule. You don’t want to feel any stress that you have somewhere else to be soon.

Because you will be hypnotized you want to allow yourself to be in a calm headspace. So, scheduling an important job interview for after your session is a bad idea!

Let your mind be completely focused and present for this experience.

Be Comfortable

Another preparation is to plan to wear a comfortable outfit. Nothing itchy or tight. Consider dressing in layers so you can be prepared for the temperature of the space.

Being comfortable and having an open mind will allow you to be completely ready when the session begins.

How Your Session Will Begin

First, you’ll meet with your psychic and talk a little before the regression begins. It will feel a little like a therapy session.

Your psychic will ask you questions about yourself to get to know you and your situation. They will probably inquire as to why you’re there and what you’re hoping to get from the experience.

Knowing these answers better prepares your psychic for the reading. It helps them find the connections between your past and current life.

At this time, you can also ask any questions you have about the process. While this is a guide to a typical reading, every psychic has their own way of doing things.

Now, it’s time to be put into a hypnotic state so your regression can begin.

The Hypnosis

The trance you will be put into is nothing to be concerned about. It is very unlike the staged, performative hypnosis you might have seen before. Your psychic can’t make you cluck like a chicken on command.

Instead, you will have complete control over yourself. You will remain aware of your surroundings.

What does hypnosis feel like? It isn’t like some kind of blackout. Think of it more of a meditative state.

You might be worried that you won’t be able to be hypnotized. Lots of people feel that way, but you will be surprised at how easily you slip into it.

How You Will Be Hypnotized

Psychics’ methods to hypnotize you can vary. Generally, you either sit in a relaxing chair or recline on a couch. From there, your psychic will verbally guide you towards the meditative state.

Once you’re fully relaxed and your mind is open, it’s time to experience your past life.

The Regression

The actual past life regression can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. It’s typical that you could go through up to three separate past lives during this time.

It’s impossible to say what exactly you can expect during this part. No two past lives are alike.

What you can expect is your psychic talking you through the experience. You won’t just be sitting back and watching your past life like a movie.

Your psychic will ask you questions and have you describe some of what you’re seeing.

How You Will Feel

Again, there is no way to predict this. However, it’s natural to feel a whole range of different emotions.

The things you uncover may be moving, enlightening, sad, or uplifting. It’s normal for people to cry during their session.

Allow your emotions to fully experience these emotions. There is no right or wrong feeling during a regression.

After your regression is complete, you will finish out your session.

Making Sense of It All

After your regression, you will have time left over in your appointment. You will talk through your experiences with your psychic.

Together you will try to make sense of what you have seen and how it affects your current life. You can ask questions or express your feelings or concerns.

You might discuss how you can overcome these past experiences and learn from them. The original questions you had about your life may be answered, or you might uncover new information you never expected.

After Your Session

When your appointment is over you might be feeling particularly emotional. It’s important to be gentle with yourself in the hours after.

Take some time and reflect on the experience. A great idea is to journal about your reading so you can work through some of what you’ve learned.

Are You Interested in Getting a Past Life Reading?

A past life reading is a great way to help you gain insight into your life right now. The answers to our futures, often lie in our pasts.

Are you interesting in getting a reading? You can use our site to find psychics who specialize in this area. If you want to read more articles like this one, check out our blog!

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