The Wands Tarot Cards: Energy Unleased

For those seeking to learn the use of Tarot it’s crucial that you understand the meaning and influence of each of the four suits of the deck. Even those who are only mildly curious about Tarot (if only to understand a bit more about personal tarot readings) can benefit from understand more about tarot cards. In the classic style of tarot cards based on the Rider-Waite deck, each suit of the Minor Arcana (Wands, swords, pentacles and cups) brings a specific influence into the querent’s life. When you encounter any of the 14 Wands in a reading, you know that pure, raw energy is active in the life of the questioner. And, for the querent, the appearance of Wands means powerful changes are underway or will begin soon.

tarot love reading The Wands, sometimes known as spears, staffs, batons or rods, are depicted on tarot decks as tall sticks. Classic Wands tarot cards may show a man overburdened by the load of rods he carries on the 10 of Wands; a happy couple dancing beneath a canopy supported at each corner by sticks; or several men battling each other with batons on the 5-of-Wands card. No matter which of the Wands cards in the suit are drawn it indicates that action taking place. The energy for change is coming or has arrived.

The suit of Wands corresponds to the element of fire and brings forth passion, energy, ambition and burning desires. Whether in the form of fresh, new ideas whose time has come, or vigorous physical activity and active passion, the Wands let you know that desires are aflame. How this energy will work for or against you can be a question. By knowing that this potent energy is at work can give you an advantage: Forewarned is forearmed.

The Wands can represent people in one’s life. These energetic people may be born under the astrological fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. People represented by the appearance of a Wands tarot card have boundless energy, possess a bold, brash spirit and who tend to rush towards adventure and danger without thought. People represented by the court cards of the Wands usually have a confident, regal bearing, loads of charisma and a charming personality. The downside of some of these Wands individuals is that they may be domineering, overly forceful with people and situations, and have too big of an ego for their (and your) own good. It’s not unusual for a Wands individual to become overconfident and make careless mistakes. By knowing this you may be able to temper this energetic individual and keep the energy flowing in a positive direction.

The suit of Wands frequently reflects the innermost desires of the questioner. Wands can foretell the outcome that may take place. The young man on the 2-of-Wands who gazes out across the horizon and holds a globe in his hands may have a longing to travel or wish to be near someone they love who is far away. The Ace of Wands can indicate a burst of energy that may surround a fledgling business; a return to higher education or previous passion; or a new relationship is about to explode on the scene. Should you see a young man riding confidently on a white horse and flying a banner attached to a stick on the 6-of-Wands, there is little doubt that he is returning triumphant from whatever challenge he has faced. You can also interpret the 6-of-Wands as a sign if you stay on track, your goal or dream can be achieved.

Sometimes the Wands may indicate sudden changes that are or will occur in everyday life. The 8-of-Wands showing the staves flying through the air may foretell a change of residence or significant changes within one’s home; or that a particularly busy period at the office is brewing; or that hectic times in general are about to ensue. Think of the 8-of-Wands as a barometer for how busy one’s life is or will soon become. An 8-of-Wands displayed upside down is a strong indication that the energy for changes is about to cease.

Then there is the 9-of-Wands, a tarot card that generally displays a man standing in silent readiness, holding a staff, while eight others stand silently with him. The drawing of tarot care can strongly indicate that, regardless of what is transpiring in one’s life, it is time to pay attention, possibly withdraw and watch what is taking place in life – and one’s family and friends and allies will understand your need for this. Some tarot readers may also see this card as an indication that one should stop and look around, for there are important allies to found to help with one’s journey.

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No matter what is happening in a questioner’s life, when the wild, potent energy of the Wands shows up it is sign that things are about to change, perhaps very quickly. The Wands are trying to help you identify and channel that energy towards success. Wands can also be a warning that a storm is forming on the horizon and one should get prepared. Whatever the Wands are pointing towards it is likely you will be glad you were forewarned. Energy does whatever it wants to, all we can do is ride it, hide from it or get run over.

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