How Vulnerability Affects Happiness

It is human nature for people to seek situations in which they can connect with others, but doing so can make them vulnerable. To bond with people they need to open up and be genuine, which involves being exposed. However, allowing your vulnerability to show means taking a risk.

You may encounter vulnerability when you are on the brink of a new relationship, or when you have an opportunity to expose aspects of yourself you usually keep hidden. vulnerability You may feel scared of letting someone into your life because you do not know whether he or she will hurt your feelings and leave you crushed, or accept you as you are.

Revealing your true personality, foibles, gifts and characteristics is like laying out your treasures for all to see. Will people recognize your worth or make you feel valueless? The fear of what might happen could make you decide to keep your treasure chest tightly shut.

The problem with not showing your true self and allowing feelings of vulnerability to surface is that no one gets the chance to empathize with you and bond. They can’t mock you, but they can’t praise you, connect with you or ultimately love you until you let them see you.

One of the reasons you may not want to be vulnerable in front of people might be that you can’t bear the thought that you may not be accepted, and you are aware that feelings of shame will follow.

Shame is a crippling emotion, which misplaced, as it usually is, can prevent people from reaching out when they need help, and stop them from forging great relationships.

Shame can be responsible for talents and creativity being hidden from the glare of outsiders. In order to be recognized as a genius you need to let people see you. For every great leader, peacekeeper and skilled artisan recognized in history there must have been hundreds that no one ever knew about, as they kept the lid on their vulnerability.

Maybe you are not secretly another Leonardo da Vinci or Gandhi in the making, but you may have hidden talents and characteristics you haven’t made the most of because you’ve kept them hidden away. At the same time, by hiding your fear of facing potential rejection and shunning vulnerability, you may be missing loving relationships and deep friendships.

One big difference between happy people and those who are unhappy is that joyful people accept vulnerability as part of life. Instead of slamming on their emotional breaks when vulnerability rears its head, they accept their feelings. They expose themselves to vulnerability often enough that it becomes second nature to face it without making a fuss.

Herein lies one of the main keys to happiness; exposure to vulnerability equals lessening of shame. Each time you face uncomfortable emotions their power over you evaporates a little more. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, but you practice talking in front of a crowd regularly, your fear will gradually decrease. The same is true of vulnerability as a whole; let it wash over you, accept it and metaphorically walk through it and it will lose its power to cripple you.

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Vulnerability is an important emotion that indicates when you are on the threshold of taking a leap of faith. Choose to hide your feelings and you will never know what the outcome of doing the opposite might have been. A great relationship? Love? Happiness? Fame?

Accepting that it is okay to feel vulnerable and working through your discomfort can help you shake off negative feelings such as embarrassment, humiliation, and shame. If the worst-case scenario happens when you take a risk and you do not achieve the outcome you want, chances are you will gain strength from the experience. However, nine times out of ten, giving yourself an opportunity to shine will help other people recognize your true value.

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