Unique Tarot Spreads

The shape of a tarot reading, also known as the tarot spread, can be tailored to the subject of the reading. There are many lesser well-known spreads that can be used for obtaining specific details from the Universe. For people who trust the Tarot to reveal helpful information, these less popular spreads can help find answers to pressing questions.

Consider that a pet spread can help answer questions about what would be best for a pet, or how they can best be cared for. A good example is to use some of the same questions that would be important to a person. A four-card spread centering around emotional questions that are part of the situation can be suitable for this type of pet-related question. Some card readers focus very strongly on the shape of the layout; others feel that the centering on the power of the cards and the intention and questions asked of the cards.

For a pet reading, laying the cards in a straight line is entirely appropriate. However, using the cards in a linear fashion can also help call forth more specific answers. Cards answering present questions can be placed directly in front of the reader, while cards that indicate answers for the future can be placed on the right. If there are any questions relating to the past, the cards that relate to the past, those cards can be placed either to the left, a traditional past question position, or in an orientation that points to the animal, giving voice to the animal’s past.

The first question is what the reader’s feelings are about the pet or the situation. The second question should be how the pet feels about the situation. The third question can be what the reader can do to change or improve the situation. The fourth and final question can be what the reader can do to make the pet feel better. Of course, variations on these questions are possible.

Another unusual spread is a spread that will allow the reader to consider the merits and downsides of two possibilities. Two lines of three cards are laid down. Beneath the second card in each line, another card is laid down. One card is placed between the two groups of four. The reader should think of the cards as a conversation, such as, “On the one hand…but on the other hand.”

The group on the left should be dedicated to questions on status quo. What would happen if things stay the same? The group on the right will speak to questions of what will happen if the new plan or idea is adopted. The card balancing between the two speaks to information that has not yet been revealed, but that is most likely a deciding factor. If the timeframe of the two groups is reversed, status quo on the right and new idea on the left, the balance of energy may shift to give the new idea more clear consideration. This is a useful adjustment in the spread when the querent is attracted to the new idea but held back by fears or other duties.

Using a tarot spread in a small pyramid can be useful, even if it is not as well-known as the Celtic Cross or other famous spreads. The spread has a base of three cards, two centered over those, and one card balanced as the point of the pyramid on top of those. Because this spread focuses on healing, and particularly emotional wellness, it can be used for questions ranging from mental health to romance to working through grief and loss.

Establishing the querent’s most difficult burden or question is helpful in this spread. If there is a mystery or unknown element to the situation, it can be helpful to have the first card on the bottom row represent emotional blockage or chakras out of alignment. If the situation has established factors and questions are more along the lines of outcomes, the first card in the bottom row can represent simply the past, the second card emotional blocks, and the third card important relationships in the present.

The second row represents what the cards can show the querent and how the querent may improve or change the future. The card on the left is the wisdom of the cards. The cards may point to things that have been hidden or places where the querent has been stuck and cannot resolve questions. They point out those things in order to illuminate the path of solutions. The card on the right will lend those practical ideas and insights to the situation. Between the two of them, the cards on this row mean to propel the querent to a new place of wisdom and action.

The final card, on the top row, is a stopping place for the reading, a symbol or summation of the wisdom that the reading represents. Any tarot spread can be used to good in the hands of a conscientious practitioner. Though these spreads cover unusual topics or less-popular shapes, they can all be helpful in bringing wisdom to sincere seekers with open minds.

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