Understanding Taurus Men

Sometimes, when one really wants to understand his or her significant other, one must look to the stars for guidance. For example, Taurus is one of the most perplexing astrological signs. Add to that the fact that Taurus men, in general, are sometimes hard to figure out. Perhaps studying the cosmos; the locations of the sun and moon, as well as other distant planets, and the effects they may have on a person’s overall character will persuade some to rely on horoscopes for insight into the psyche of people they encounter.

The origins of astrology may date back to the third millennium, BCE (Before the Common Era). During the 7th and 8th Centuries (BCE), the Babylonians could accurately predict eclipses, as well as changes in seasons by using astrology along with astronomy. Despite the controversy, scholars and scientists more often than not refer to the undisputed records of Mesopotamia (1950-1651, BCE). It is likely that buildings in that era were constructed according to the position of celestial bodies.

Taurus, which is represented as a bull, is the second sign of the Zodiac (spanning the period of April 20th to May 20th of every calendar year). Taurus males are often regarded by astrologers as a negative and/or passive in nature, and are often greedy, hedonistic, and conceited. On the upside, Taureans (as they are called) are ruled by Venus and are said to be hard-working, artistic, and brilliant. Some male Taureans are well-known actors, like Orson Welles and Sigmund Freud. Other male Taureans who are just as well-known but for vastly different reasons include Karl Marx and Saddam Hussein.

Though quiet and observant most of the time, Taurus males are said to be prone to sudden outbursts, especially when it concerns his loved ones. A Taurean’s significant other can expect to be treasured and respected, and will be provided with security and support. Taken for granted, however, a Taurean’s environment may become irreparably upsetting, and his natural tendency is to move on, in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

Males born under the sign of Taurus are said to adore routines — in work, at home, at school, etc. He is most likely to acquire a good job early in life and stay with it for as long as possible. He covets security, predictability, and slow advancement up the corporate ladder.

In close, personal relationships, the Taurus male is alleged to “fall in love at first sight” (as cliché goes), but once he has decided on who is “The One,” he will go to extremes to prove his love. Expect poems, sincerely written cards given for no “real” reason, other than to make his beloved smile, and small gestures of his affection.

Often brilliant and creative, male Taureans seek the same traits in a mate. He is drawn to women who have a classy, sleek air about them, but who still have a great sense of humor. To him, overt sexuality reflected in clothing and attitude, are just short of repulsive. He is likely to desire a family and is referred to as a man who would be a wonderful, tender father.

It seems as if Taureans in general, but males in particular, have had a long history of being pranksters and trouble makers when they do not get what they want. If one truly believes in the accuracy of astrology, this reputation clearly puts the taurus men at a disadvantage. Greek mythology tells a tale about Taurus being a bull that was sent by Zeus to Phoenicia to rape Princess Europa.

Taurus is classified as an Earth sign, and astrologers claim that Taureans are most compatible with one of the other Earth signs of the Zodiac: Virgo and Capricorn. They are least compatible with Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Some mainstream astrologers have gone as far as to make suppositions regarding minor events and items, for instance, a Taurus’ luckiest day of the week is Friday, and his or her favorite colors are pink and green. There is some debate as to the element of change in the life of a Taurean. Some experts claim that males born under the sign of Taurus despise change and yearn for routines, while others claim that they are receptive to change.

One must also consider factors other than planetary alignment when choosing a mate. Astrologers concede that social conditions, psychological issues, and other negative external factors can alter the general personality traits. Overall, though, the male Taurean seems to have a balance of good and bad traits, much like the rest of the signs of the Zodiac.

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