Understanding Psychics – An Inside Perspective

Lately, I have been talking to psychics about being psychic and psychic readings. It has always be a subject of fascination to me. So, I thought I would do my own bit of research on the subject. What I have discovered has been of great interest to me. I thought I’d share it with you, too.

What Psychics SeeFirst, and most obvious, is that no research on the subject of psychics is ever considered scientific nor ever considered seriously. The reason? Because how could I even know if I spoke to a ‘real’ psychic. And, the experience any psychic must be delusional because there is no such ‘thing’ as psychic abilities. Therefore (just to be clear) I, personally, made the judgement call as to who I felt was psychic, who I should listen to, and who I should study. I had no ‘psychic meter’ that would beep to confirm I was around a ‘real’ psychic.

Psychics are a diverse breed. They seem to sense information that does not come to them through the five senses. And, yet, a psychic must interpret that information in a psychical way. There can be visions, there can be something a psychic hears like word, there can be impressions a psychic receives from touching an object or a psychic can ‘know’ the emotions or intentions of someone. Often the way a psychic receives information strongest is how the psychic gets classified: If a psychic seems to visually see things it is ‘clairvoyance’ (meaning clear seeing), or if they hear the information it is ‘clairaudience’, and so forth.

Those psychics strongly connected to the spirit world are often called mediums, spirit mediums, or psychic medium and so forth. They might see spirits and hear them, or just hear them, or receive other impressions. Then, the psychic acts as a ‘medium’ between our physical world and the spirit world. Most often a ‘spirit guide’ will communicate or watch over the psychic medium. Psychic mediums popular in the 1800s thur the early 1900s in the US, Canada and the UK would allow themselves to be ‘taken over’ by a spirit or decease soul. Today, we would likely call that type of psychic medium a ‘channeler’.

Many psychic talk of their ability as if it were something like a radio signal. Sometimes the signal is strong and clear. Sometimes there is static. Sometimes the signal is drifting in and out. I’ve always found this particularly interesting since Norman Vincent Peal, author of ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ once wrote how he thought the afterlife was on a different frequency. It was a frequency that we just cannot access with our physical senses.

Most psychics seem to agree that when information comes to them it often comes to them jumbled. Especially impressions. During a psychic reading, for the psychic, impressions are not like watching a TV program. It is more like watching TV with someone changing the channel every second. A spirit guide is said to help with this flow of information, but even then, things often seem to be out of order or possibly related to topics different than what the psychic and client wanted. Psychics will work for years learning to understand and control their psychic gifts, and often this means looking to the mystical tools of divination.

Did you know that the original Rider-Waite tarot cards were created to help people tap into their psychic and spiritual gifts? The original tarot cards were about ‘talking to the universe’ and connecting to spirituality in a whole new way. So, it should be no surprise that so many psychics utilize Tarot, cartomancy, Oracle cards or whatever to help them with focusing their psychic talents. The same can be said of astrology, rune stones, numerology and so forth. These ‘divinational tools’ are all about helping a psychic trying to unravel the timeline and meanings of some of their impressions.

When you rush a psychic for answers, you may be disappointed with the results. Often it can take a psychic a bit of time to ‘see into the answers’. When a psychic feels a need to put your questions to tarot cards or utilize astrology, it is not necessarily an effort to avoid the questions or ‘run up the meter’. The psychic may be genuinely trying to a clear grasp of what they are seeing or hearing. Some psychics, on a good day, are ‘tuned in’ and can answer quickly. Also, the spirit world works on it’s own terms. The questions you ask may not be the questions the spirit world wants to answer … there may be more important issues you need to be addressing. In that case, you may get information and messages who were not looking for. That may not be the psychics fault … they are just the messenger.

As I said, there is no scientific way to approach psychic readings. For some, all psychics and readings are delusions. However, for those of us that thinks there is still mystery and spirituality in the Universe, psychics and readings are very interesting and for many have been very rewarding. Knowing a bit about what is going on with the psychic during a reading can be very enlightening to those of us receiving a readings. Frankly, I think it can help make your psychic readings more informative and valuable … but that’s just me.

One thing I found in common with ALL psychics: Spirituality. The more one looks into psychics, astrologers, tarot readers and such, the more one discovers that spirituality is at the core. If you find yourself talking to someone who says they are ‘psychic’? Yet, seem devoid of any spirituality? You should run the other way.

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There’s a lot more that could be written about understanding psychics from the psychic’s perspective. Hope this quick free article helps, and who knows, maybe I’ll do a follow up article.

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