Understanding A Pisces

The element for the Pisces zodiac sign is water. Pisces flow, they can change and be a powerful force for change. Generally, Pisces are sensitive which can be very positive (they can sense much more about people and things than other can) or negative (they can become emotional or over react to insult or conflict).

It is not unusual to find the Pisces character attracted to music, art, movies, poetry … and if a Pisces becomes involved in the sciences or business, they will bring an artistic flare or intuitive logic that few others possess. Pisces often hear a music all their own or dance to a rhythm all their own. To know the heart of a Pisces man or women often involves hearing that music or finding that rhythm.
Understanding Pisces -Ask The Astrologers
Being generous is the nature of a Pisces. Pisces men and women are often nurturing, however, do not interpret this as weakness. The Piscean character is one of endurance and the ability to sustain a fight or grudge (especially when injured or insulted) seemingly forever.

Often Pisces men and women are drawn to those who are less emotional than themselves. If you want to attract a Pisces man, it is important to convey that you are stable and understand commitment. If you want to attract a Pisces woman, then show you are not about drama, you are about providing loving stability. Be prepared to show your Piscean partner sympathy when needed and shelter when there is a storm. You will be rewarded with a passionate, loyal partner. Pisces men and women tend to remain committed to a soulmate forever.

Because of the Piscean trait of sensitivity, you should be prepared to deal with moodiness. Never take it personally. A Pisces man may seem to wander off emotionally now and then, but this does not mean they have lost interest or fallen out of love. The same with Pisces women. Want to brighten the mood? Bring flowers, spontaneously dance, take your Pisces mate on a picnic or arrange a night of passion.
Understanding a Pisces means understanding you should not try and hide things from them. They are just too sensitive and intuitive. Pisceans notice the slightest changes in the environment. They may not react to what they sense, but they notice and quietly start figuring it out. It is best to keep a Pisces mate informed an be honest.

In the career field, Pisces are hard workers when they commit to a career path or goal. They will overcome obstacles not with force, but with creativity. A Pisces on the wrong career path is like a fish out of water … things just will not work out not matter how hard they try. The same can be said, to a certain degree, with romance. A Pisces man or woman will give it all they have to make it work … but when it doesn’t, and they accept that, then it is over, forever.

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