Understanding The Law Of Attraction

To truly understand the Universal Law of Attraction, one must first understand the inner workings of the universe at large. The universe is really quite simple by design. It functions in a very knowable way. For whatever reason, the conscious beings occupying earth today often choose to ignore much of this truth, most of the time.

The reality is this knowable functioning of the universe that is available and easily accessible to each and everyone living person. It is through such modalities like meditation that this knowledge is accessed. And while every single human, by definition and without exception, is capable of making a connection to “universe,” it is seldom done.

When the connection to “universe” or “source” is routinely made, through meditation, many things become obvious. In the case of the universal law of attraction, it is the understanding that when a conscious being, a human, truly believes something, it likely will manifest. This is the essence of the wider attraction laws.

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One example of this concept is really just a simple play of words. The well know saying “When you see it, you will believe it” can be turned around to be more in line with universal law. A better way of wording this statement should be “When you believe it, you will see it.” This suggests that when something is believed and felt strongly enough with emotion, that it will likely manifest into ones reality.

Humans are quite good at attracting the things they do not want, on an individual level, as well as on a species wide level. Conditions like widespread war are but one example of this. If the species as a whole patently rejected the concept of war, there would be no war paradigm in the collective consciousness.

Love is the answer to all of the problems that humanity faces at present. When love is practiced on a global scale, there is little that cannot be accomplished. When love is the underlying theme in everything that humanity does, the result is the attraction of peace and harmony. In fact, if humanity is to survive as a species, it must embrace this universal truth. It would be widely agreed that humanity is right now at a global crossroads in this regard.

The law of attraction does not discriminate it gives whatever is desired. If the desire is love and peace, then that is what shall be. There is really no right or wrong in the sense of the universe, there is only attraction. What is focused on with emotion is what is born into reality. The same is true of idea of abundance and scarcity. If the focus is on what is missing, then that is what becomes the reality. In truth the universe is an abundant and rich place, devoid of nothing. This is a metaphysical concept that is lived rather than over examined.

In summary, this law states that what is desired is what shall be. The question is, what shall humanity or the individual desire to attract into reality? Will it be war, conflict and shortage? Will it be love, peace and abundance? At the end of the day, the law of attraction is operating just as it always has, and always will. But the choice of which way to take this universal law is always up to the individual and humanity at large.

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