The F.B.I. Investigation into ESP

The F.B.I. Investigation into ESP

On June 14, 1960, The “New York Journal American” ran a column written by Ruth Montgomery headlined “Spying by Mind-Reading!” In the piece, Montgomery said that the Army Intelligence Service was conducting research experiments in mental telepathy. According to a U.S. government memorandum on the subject, “She speculated that the ultimate achievement would be to develop a method whereby U.S. spies could ‘receive’ thoughts of plotters in the Kremlin.”


Montgomery’s column began, “The Army Intelligence Service is beginning to delve into an unknown reach of the mind which – should it eventually prove successful – could make spying the least hazardous branch of defense.


“A number of top intelligence agents,” she continued, “are conducting research experiments in mental telepathy, a fascinating phase of extra sensory perception. The project receives expert guidance within the department, but many of the officers have become so fascinated by the possibilities that they have formed groups, outside of office hours, to try reading each other’s minds.”


Upon reading the column, then Director of the F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover asked, “Is there anything to this?”


That questions set an investigation in motion.  According to the F.B.I. memorandum, “Lieutenant Colonel Lee Martin, Chief of Investigations, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, U.S. Army, advised liaison agent [NAME REDACTED] that the Army is conducting no such project as described in the article.” It appears that the lieutenant colonel did not deny that the Army was conducting psychic tests, only that it was not conducting psychic testing that matched what Montgomery had described in her column.


The memo goes on to say that Lt. Col. Martin did say the U.S. Air Force had looked into “the many phases of mental problems raised by the Korean War, with particular emphasis on brain-washing. This research,” he admitted, “did incidentally include mental telepathy or extra sensory perception.”


It was the opinion of the F.B.I.’s experts that, “informed scientific opinion at the present time is that there is no basis in science for the validity of extra sensory perception…,” but again they included the disclaimer “as described in this article.”


From there the memo goes on to say:

“It is true, of course, there are some areas and activities of the human mind which have not been explored or completely understood. In recent years serious scientific study has been undertaken by psychologists for the purpose of explaining these little-understood functions of the mind.”


Montgomery had written, “Military intelligence for some time has been delving into the possible utilization of hypnosis in spying. This correspondent reported several years ago that intelligence agents were being sent on delicate missions; then brought back and queried in the normal manner about what they had observed.


“Afterwards,” she continued, “they were hypnotized and while in trance were again questioned about the layout of the room they had been assigned to visit. Under this condition they were able to supply every detail, even down to the number of slats in the venetian blinds.”


We may never know the full extent of the F.B.I.’s investigation into extra sensory perception – many of the pages and much of the information has been redacted – but you can conduct your own research. ESP testing is available on Psychics Directory at no charge.  You can you’re your psychic test online in the privacy of your home.  Some gifts require time and practice to develop, others depend upon elements beyond your control.  For that reason, you may want to take the ESP test at different times and when you are in different states.

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