The Benefits Of Reiki Healing

reiki healing

The word holistic is rapidly becoming a vapid buzzword.

We see people constantly use this word out of context with very little understanding of what it really means to be holistic.

Holistic means whole, yes. But it’s much more than a popular notion of wholeness.

Our lives encompass so much. Our bodies, our relationships, our environment, and our relationship to humanity as a whole.

Living holistically means living life with a purpose. But not only a purpose born in your own selfish interests, but in care of all those around you.

But before you can care for those around you, you have to heal your own self.

This is where holistic Reiki healing comes in. It’s the foundation of living a holistic lifestyle. But what are the true benefits of Reiki healing? Let’s find out together.

What Is Reiki Healing?

You may or may not understand the idea of life force energy. It’s the energy that surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the universe together.

And when you increase this life force within yourself, you promote relaxation. Relaxation leads to peace, and peace leads to a reduction of stress.

Reiki healing increases this life force within you.

Any Reiki healing practitioner can transfer this life force energy to you. They use their hands.

When they place their hands lightly on your body or near your body, this energy flows from the practitioner into you.

The patient often reports a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Mental clarity, decreased anxiety are often added effect.

Now that we understand how Reiki healing works, let’s look at the real benefits available.

1. Improves Metabolic Syndrome Conditions

When someone presents a cluster of symptoms indicating multiple metabolic disorders, this is called Metabolic Syndrom.

This syndrome increases chances for future cardiovascular disease.

It’s highly important you do everything you can to take care of your heart when presented with these symptoms.

Of course, physical activity is the best way you can improve your outcome. But going to a Reiki healing practitioner is a great way too.

Taking care of your heart means reducing your stress. And Reiki has been shown to decrease stress levels during and after a treatment.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive therapy as an alternative to physical exercise, Reiki is a valid alternative.

It’s economical as well.

This is a great therapy for those who cannot be mobile and on their feet. It’s a therapy that demands nothing of the patient except acceptance.

2. Decreases Inflammation

Did you know that stress can directly cause inflammation?

Researchers found that stress in mice reduced their bone marrow and increased inflammation.

But inflammation is a protective response and isn’t always a bad thing. But if it’s acute it will damage your body.

Reiki healing is, of course, known to decrease stress in the body. It also decreases chronic inflammation related to a disease.

I’ve seen Reiki drop fevers and reverse hypertensive patients in the ER. It may seem like a miracle, but holistic healing is a real practice helping people all over the world.

3. Manages Cancer Symptoms

While I can’t claim I’ve found a cure for cancer, I can claim Reiki healing manages cancer and cancer treatment symptoms.

I’ve seen Reiki treat symptoms such as pain, depression, and fatigue.

Some people try to manage cancer treatment symptoms with drugs. But there is an alternative to cancer symptom management through drugs.

The symptoms related to cancer treatment are stressful. They take all the energy out of you.

With Reiki, you can regain the energy lost through cancer treatment. You’ll regain a sense of purpose during your fight as well.

If you’re experiencing migraines, arthritis, sciatica or any other symptoms, it’s totally possible to find relief through a Reiki practitioner.

4. Decreases Muscle Pain and Increases Mobility

If you’re experiencing chronic pain in specific areas of your body, you might want to consider seeing a Reiki practitioner.

In cases where the pain is decreasing your mobility, you might find relief through Reiki.

I’ve seen evidence that the healing energy of Reiki can increase range of motion when combined with physical therapy.

When you enter into a Reiki treatment, you will find that every muscle in your body relaxes.

As your body relaxes, your muscles and joints re-align and you induce a state of calm.

Tense muscles release and any tension on your joints go away.

5. Gives Clarity in Both Your Spiritual and Emotional Life

When I talk holistic healing, I mean every aspect of your being.

I’ve talked a lot about physical healing. But I’ve talked very little about spiritual and emotional healing.

If you’re looking to increase your ability to love other humans and enhance your empathy, Reiki can heal that part of yourself.

Through Reiki, you can strengthen your ability to relate on an emotional level with other people. Your relationships will improve. And you will find peace and harmony within your environment.

6. It Elevates Your Mood

Depression and anxiety are real things. They plague millions of people every day.

But there is relief in sight.

With Reiki healing, you can find the light again. The practitioner can act as your lifesaver.

They can pull you out of a dark place and give you the energy to live life again.

I’ve seen this happen first hand. People who were experiencing extreme anxiety finally finding peace again.

With depression and anxiety comes anger and confusion. Re-aligning your mind with a rightful purpose will diminish these emotions.

Reiki will replace these emotions with a sense of calm and oneness.

You’ll find yourself filled with vigor and a positive outlook on life.

Reducing Stress Through Reiki Has Other Benefits

I could write a book about what Reiki does for your mind, body, and soul.

But, as I mentioned before, the most redolent aspect of Reiki is stress reduction.

And stress reduction ties into so many areas of health.

Eating disorders, mood disorders, and sexual problems can all result directly from stress.

Do you want to know how to reduce stress through Reiki in your life? Learn more about Reiki here.

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