Tarot and Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a fascinating phenomenon. One can think of synchronicity as ‘meaningful coincidence’. The word was coined by Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, to describe a phenomenon he felt was a sort of law of nature (more than that, a law that was a part of the spiritual development of each person). Synchronicity is a combination of ancient Greek words: ‘syn’ means ‘together’ – ‘khronos’ means ‘time’ – ‘ity’ means ‘quality of’. One could translate the word as ‘something happening at the same time that has a particular quality or meaning or value’. That sure sounds like something that occurs when one reads tarot cards, and, according to Carl Jung, that would be accurate.

Before we move on to synchronicity and tarot, let’s examine some examples of synchronicity one might experience in everyday life. Perhaps you are out for a walk thinking of your friend and then you see your friend’s first name on the side of bus passing by. You realize that your friend’s first name is not that common. Then, when you arrive home, you have an email waiting for you from that very friend. Or perhaps you read this article on synchronicity and tarot, and the next day you go with a street fair where you see a tarot reader working at a booth called ‘taroticity’. ask tarot questions These types of meaningful coincidences can be shocking, amusing, and even mystifying. Jung believed these mystical coincidences where literally an invitation from the universe to look deeper into the nature of reality. To accept the invitation, all that you need to do is to become more aware of synchronicity in your life. It is literally that simple.

Carl Jung was took a serious interest in divination. Rather than dismiss divination outright, as most scientists do, he sought to examine it more closely. He particularly examined the Chinese divinatory system of the I Ching and the Tarot. By examining divination as a more spiritual event that took place within human consciousness, and not necessarily a material event that operated separate from human awareness, Jung took a path that few scientists ever have. In other words, divination only takes place in one’s consciousness. And, synchronicity might be thought of as a meeting between human consciousness and the material universe. As a result of Jung’s work, many people feel he did make enormous contributions toward an understanding of how tarot (and other forms of divination) work.

Carl Jung would write a great deal about the power of dreams, symbols, divination and oracles. He seemed to be looking for a scientific path to understanding the laws and rules of these seemingly mystifying events – and in a larger picture – how to use these unusual phenomena to help people become better, healthier individuals. In in essence, Jung looked to find the path that the soul takes in order to evolve. The imagery of any quality tarot deck can illustrates this process: One works with the dream-like pictures, the symbols, and tries to see within (to divine or divination) how the cards and imaginary connect in a meaningful way with ‘real’ life. At a deeper level, Jung would say one is look at the tarot cards as a sort of ‘map’ that is part of one’s spiritual evolution. The tarot works through the magic of synchronicity.

Tarot cards are captivating, beautiful, and mysterious. If you have ever had a reading with an expert, you have probably witnessed how an experienced reader can magically bring the symbols of the tarot to life. It is as if the event of reading the tarot cards unleashes a person’s psychic talents. To a person who wants to become a tarot practitioner, the cards can be somewhat bewildering. There are many great books on tarot available to help a beginner to learn tarot – books that explain what every card means, what every symbol means. Yet, that often doesn’t explain to a new tarot reader HOW tarot works. However, by adding the concept of synchronicity to the mix, suddenly connections can be made that seem coincidental, but are not. More important than learning the meanings of the cards is to first learn how and why they can magically reflect one’s innermost dreams, desires, and intentions. The connection can also seem to reach out just as magically to those around us. To understand the magical mechanism through which tarot functions, let’s go a little deeper into understanding of Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity.

And by becoming familiar with how and why synchronicity functions, the power of your interactions with the tarot deck can be amplified exponentially. When an individual works with a tarot deck, the seeker, or querent, is actively calling forth a synchronicity in order to understand his or her current stage of spiritual growth. For those who believe in psychic abilities, the connections can go outwards, back in time and forward into future possibilities. By being aware of both the meaning of the tarot card as well as the spiritual law through which it reveals its message, a tarot reader engages with ever increasing levels of awareness, creativity and one’s intimate connection with the universe.

Jung believed that through synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, the symbols and illustrations of the tarot could awaken internal ‘psychic’ or spiritual energies. This, in itself was a spiritual transformation. The ‘Major Arcana’ of any tarot deck provides ideal images for experimenting with synchronicity, and you don’t need to know the meanings of the cards to test for it – only a simple method of divination is necessary. One such method is to pose a meaningful question and select a card at random from the Major Arcana. If it is true that your consciousness is linked to the external reality, as Jung believed, then the card that is chosen must somehow represent a synchronistic link between your psyche and the image of the card. If you believe that the inner reality and external worlds are not linked through consciousness, then tarot simply cannot work because there would be no ‘connecting principle’ between yourself and the card.

Deep contemplation of our connection to life, the universe and the reality of spirituality can be life changing and transformative. Perhaps the connection between yourself and the tarot is not easy to see at first, but some time spent reflecting on the images and esthetics of the cards will almost always yield some kind of result, whereby you can become aware of how the cards reflect something of your inner world. You can practice this process until you become adept at finding meaning more quickly and instinctively. When one hears about tarot awakening one’s psychic talent, it is easy to think that a person has discovered synchronicity isn’t just with the tarot cards. It is everywhere. At that point, it will seem that synchronicity appears everywhere and anywhere, and then you can cultivate the skill to directly interpret the signs of nature through intuition alone.

Life can become a living tarot when you learn to see the world through the lens of synchronicity. Walking at night under a full moon, perhaps a frog crosses your path. What is the meaning of this? It is as if this image had been lifted directly from a beautifully illustrated tarot deck, yet it is concrete and absolutely real. You could take into account the symbols of the full moon, the frog, the path, your feelings associated with these things, and even your direction of travel. Viewed as an oracular experience, you could then develop meaning from the event.

Or, perhaps you are about to cross the threshold of your home and a Cardinal flies through the door. Birds are powerful omens and appear in many decks of Tarot as well. You could interpret the meaning of the red Cardinal, the threshold to home, and even the time of day in association with your feeling about the Cardinal. Once you have accepted the invitation of the universe to look deeper, it becomes difficult not to find many meaningful connections and coincidences … and the need to interpret meaningful events. What could one call it other than working to divide the meaning of thing, or divination. In reality, there is no separation between the form of divination, such as tarot, and the natural world. The tarot is simply a microcosm of nature. By studying both tarot and nature in unison, one can quickly become skilled at divination.

The truth is that a skilled practitioner of tarot can use just about any object or ‘external’ image as an oracle. Another way of thinking about this relationship is to say that consciousness is not confined to the head or the body – it is literally everywhere and everything, and that consciousness is not human, animal, plant, or rock; consciousness is intelligence beyond form. The separation that an individual feels between himself and a flower, for example, is an illusion.

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The flower is both inside and outside of the observer’s consciousness, and the flower contains the observer in its consciousness as well.

Likewise, your thoughts, feelings, desires, and dreams are both inside and outside of your body, being reflected back through the manifestations that appear in your life. It may be strange to think of reality in this way, but this is what allows synchronicity to work. The more you look for synchronicity, the more you will we feel your connection to the natural and supernatural worlds and the more you will see how you are living your own dream.

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