Seducing A Leo Woman – Leo Women Require Confidence

So, you have met this very attractive woman. All you can think about is finding a way to turn this meeting into something more … something intimate. You discover she was born under the sign of Leo. You may think that does not help you, but if you understood just a bit about astrology, it could be a real key to seducing a Leo woman. If this Leo woman is single and seeking, I’d say if you use the tips I suggest, you may discover a path to both attracting her and possibly win her heart.

First, you need to take stock of yourself. Are you confident? A gentle nature is fine. Good manners a must. But, if you act out of insecurity, a Leo woman is liking to see you as a poor choice for a mate. Leos can sniff out insecurity like few others. Leo women like strong men, engaging men who are confident in themselves. To get that Leo girl you need a sense of humor and be unafraid to be passionate.

Free Daily Leo Horoscope

Free Daily Leo Horoscope

Leo women like to at the center of a group. Especially if a Leo woman feels she is a key leader of that group. Leos like to have lots of friends. It would not be surprising if meet a stunning Leo girl at a party, concert or social event. Leos like happy crowds. It gives them a chance to be loud and cut loose. Games and important social events attract a Leo like cat nip. So, if you want to attract a Leo woman, think invitation to a party, a sporting event, something that is fashionable or significant.

Because Leo women like attention, you have to be ready wade into a crowd. Do not mistake a Leo girls enjoyment of attention to mean she just loves everyone. It is actually very much the opposite. Leo women like to be fiery and sexy, but a significant Leo trait is that they give their heart slowly. When a Leo woman bonds to you, it will take a lot for them to leave you. But to get there, you have to understand that Leo desire to be at the center of attention.

Regardless of you zodiac sign, you can begin the seduction of a Leo woman with compliments. If she is beautiful, say so. Say it as a matter of fact. If you get to sugary sweet and overly flattering a Leo woman may see you as a servant, not a mate. Engage her mind and work your way to her heart. Leos generally enjoy a good discussion and are not put off by opposite opinions. What Leos will not tolerate is someone trying to dominate them, or worse, insult them. Insult a Leo woman, even by accident, and it could be a long time till you’re forgiven, if ever.

Let a Leo woman lead … at least a first. Seducing a Leo woman is all about letting her set the pace. Usually that means starting with a slow trot and being ready for a furious finish. If you push, you will get pushed away. You can be forgiven for being over passionate (but polite), however you are likely to be rejected if you are passionless. The best way to proceed is let her establish the pace and the rules. If you are a Sagittarius or Leo guy that can be difficult, but if try it you may find you will succeed beautifully.

Both in attracting and keeping a Leo girl you must be prepared to pamper her. Leos tend to love the good things in life. They have an appreciation for luxury. If you money is an issue, then learn to make things special. You see, ‘specialness’ is just as valuable to a Leo as luxury. Wine, roses and a date at a sold out concert work wonders, but so will a special wine, unique flowers and an invitation to cool birthday party. And, make sure you keep up the compliments. Praise and appreciation are the cat nip you need to fully utilize.

If you follow just some of the suggestions I’ve online, you have a good shot at attracting and seducing that Leo woman. Remember, she is a lioness. Proud, and wanted to be praised and flattered. However, only if YOU are confident and show that, you too, are special, will all compliments lead to romantic passion. Otherwise, you will just be viewed as another common admirer. Once you have caught a Leo girls interest, let her set the pace. Leos are passionate, so when she does become passionate about and with you, make sure you are as passionate in return. Do not even bother dating a Leo woman unless you enjoy a strong woman who enjoys social activities. Treat her special, spoil her and you may find your relationship has potential for the long term.

If you want to talk with an astrologer about finding out if a Leo woman, or any romantic interest has possibilities, give Astrologer and Psychic Suzi a call. That woman is very sharp in astrology and gifted with some serious clairvoyance. Should you want more general, traditional advice about women, dating or relationship help, check out Love Coach Line. You can call them at 1-800-639-3396. Excellent love advisors. I personally recommend Love Coach Ann Alba.

Good luck with attracting and seducing that Leo woman. Treat her with respect and you may be blessed with a lifetime of passion.

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