An In Depth Look At Scorpio

Within each Zodiac sign the are general traits. Most folks familiar with astrology know this. But, did you know there are traits WITHIN each Zodiac sign depending on the week you are born? For fun, let’s take a look at Scorpio.

First, let’s look at the general sign of Scorpio. Those born between October 23rd and November 22nd are under the sign of Scorpio. The ruling planet is Pluto … which isn’t a planet anymore, but Pluto really doesn’t care. The good luck color for Scorpios is a deep red which represents strength and confidence. The most love compatible signs for Scorpio are Cancer, Virgo or another Scorpio.

Free Scorpio Horoscope

Free Scorpio Horoscope

The general traits for a Scorpio are passion, loyalty and a fierce independent. It is also said of Scorpios that they do not ‘turn the other cheek’, at least not naturally. If you betray or strike out at a Scorpio, they will strike back and strike hard. Scorpios love a challenge, particularly at work. For a Scorpio, there is a yearning to know what is over the other side of the hill, they like to explore and experiment. Scorpio’s are also known to be a bit sensitive at time.

Now, let’s take a look at how the general Scorpio traits vary depending on the week you are born:
Born between October 23rd and October 31st
These Scorpios tend to be more loyal and reliable. Unfortunately, they can also be a bit more jealous. Scorpios born on the above dates are prone to listen to and be influence by those around them … which can be very good or very bad, depending on the crowd they decide to hang out with.

Born between November 1st and November 10th
Within the sign of Scorpio, these are the most friendly and outgoing types. However, this tendency is matched by increased sensitivity. It is a unique combination of traits, which makes for interesting individuals … and, if you can also be sensitive, wonderful companions.

Born between November 11th and November 22nd
Oh boy, Scorpios born on these dates can be driven and unyielding once that Scorpio passion is ignited for a project, goal or purpose. Excellent if you are on their side. Bad if you try and stand between them and their goal. Often underestimated. They will plod along and then explode with energy when their goal is within reach.

As you can see, even within a single zodiac sign, there can be some meaningful variations.I If you are interested in some professional advice about your (or someone elses) zodiac sign or compatibility, talk with Psychic Eliza. Though best known for her tarot readings, she is also a very adept astrologer. I’ve also have some very good readings at Astrology Chatline, plus they offer a free 5 minute reading.

Hope you enjoyed this quick insight into the sign of Scorpio and how there are variations within each Zodiac sign.

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