Is The Paranormal Normal For Our Pets?

A good number of pet owners attest to having a deep, inexplicable bond with their animal companions. Many note the curious way their pet always seems to be able to sense their mood or intent. Reports of pets detecting unexpected, oncoming health events in their owners moments before they actually happen are as common as accounts of their odd behavior prior to dangerous weather and natural disasters.

Is it too outlandish then to wonder if pets have the ability to see or sense spirits?

pet psychics A skeptic could point out that an animal acting strangely is merely using its ordinary senses rather than seeing something supernatural. This does bear some weight. After all, while the order of importance can vary, evolution has engineered animals to rely on their finely-tuned senses of hearing, smell and sight to find food. This means they can acutely make out sounds, scents and catch sight of things in ways that far surpass what ordinary human senses offer.

Therefore, a cat that is staring at the wall may actually be hearing the scurrying of an insect between its spaces. A dog who stands motionless in certain areas of the yard or house may be discerning faded but lingering scents from the previous owners. With the sense of sight in animals working much differently than humans, it is hardly bizarre for them to spy the undetectable in the daylight and dark since they are wired for hunting— as well as protecting themselves from being the hunted.

It could also be noted that animals are not encumbered with abstract thinking (or, the ability to perceive numerous meanings in one concept). Humans, on the other hand, are. This means there is a potential for the data processed by human senses— as well as conclusions about a pet’s paranormal experience— to be misguided.

On the other side of the coin, could our intelligent pets who are not burdened with abstract thought or over intellectualizing be more sensitive and receptive to what is considered paranormal? Especially when some animals, like cats, go about their day in an alpha wave state (brain research has shown that the alpha waves are created by the brain during periods of inner calm and great receptivity during stages of rest and sleep). Dogs, with their “in the moment” nature, operate from the theta wave state (a brainwave pattern associated in humans with periods of heightened intuition and experiences related to extrasensory perception).

Aside from the staunchest of skeptics, most agree that the world consists of more than just appearances. Since the dawn of time mankind has always sensed some sort of ‘other worldliness’ or spirituality. Call it ethereal, or God, the spirit world, or merely as "something bigger out there", but most of know there is more than just what the material world appears to be. Could it be that animals, who’s perceptions and observations are unencumbered by human justifications or educational conditioning, are candidates for easily bridging the physical and spiritual?

Oscar, a feline living at a Rhode Island nursing home, is said to have the mysterious ability to accurately predict when a resident will die (learn more about Oscar HERE). A canine named Scamp roams the halls of an Ohio nursing home and is reported to have camped out in the rooms of dozens of patients during their final hours (learn more about Scamp HERE). While it may be accurate that Oscar and Scamp were detecting the odor of faint biochemical traces commonly emitted as organ systems shut down, why would that be significant to any animal? After all, there are many smells an environment can offer to creatures with sharply attuned olfactory senses. Why, instead of the entrance to the kitchen, did these animals choose to linger at the bedsides of terminal patients for hours or days at a time?

The fettered minds of humans typically view death as ominous and final, especially when caught up in the grief of a recent passing. This would make animals, in their receptive states and devoid of abstract thought, the perfect choice to act as stewards between the physical and the spiritual. Privy to the unseen aspects of existence, there is enormous capability to simultaneously comfort the living and the deceased.

Although there is no way to know if there are scents, sights or sounds for animals to detect in spirits or ghosts, it is known that all life is energy and no energy is ever created or dies— it merely changes form. Once again, animals pan out as the only ones possessing the innate combination of traits that allow them to accept and perceive energy in any form for what it is, as it is.

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The answer to the question of whether pets can see spirits inevitably goes back to the deep, inexplicable bond pet owners share with their animals. It is true animals have fine-tuned physical senses; yet, there is an element of the intangible that seems to define nearly every healthy relationship between a pet and its owner. Even those who generally don’t concern themselves with the mystical side of life give over to the spark of possibility that animals are more than just four legs and a fur coat (even if those spiritually skeptical people won’t openly admit it). Could it be that animals, our pets, know that love is more tangible than our material world?

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