Could There Be Other Universes?

For years there has been a raging debate within the scientific community, especially in the fields of physics and astrophysics, about the possibility of other universes. There is a theory about the possibility of parallel universes, and there’s the theory there could be multiple universes (or a multiverse). These theories are not necessarily exclusive of each other. Each theory has it’s proponents and detractors. What is important is that there is any discussion at all about the possibility that there could be more than just this one material universe. Fifty years ago the idea of multiple universes was largely unheard of. A hundred years ago the idea there could be other universes, other dimensions parallel to our own, and ‘other worlds’, was the providence of theology, the occult and the paranormal.

In a previous article we looked at this gap between spirituality and science. There has been this stand-off between those who feel there are spiritual dimensions, that there are ‘real’ places like heaven, or a spirit world, and those who feel this material universe is it, only what can be materially experienced is real. But now, some of the leading scientific thinkers in the science of psychics are saying, "well, that may be true, but there many be other universes where the rules may be different". There are other physicists saying, ", well, it could be there are an infinite number of universes where ever option possible occurs". It is enough to make one’s head spin.

The question becomes, "how real are the possibilities of other universes. Evidence that parallel universes exist comes from quantum physics. Prior to the development of quantum mechanics, physicists believed that any given particle in the universe could only exist in one place at any given time. You have heard the expression, "you can’t be two places at once". It is just common sense. The same was thought of everything in the universe; your house cannot be in two places at once, nor your dog, nor the planet earth. Well, strange as it seems, that statement is not completely true. Quantum physics is specifically concerned with the smallest particles know to man. These tiny particles make up our material world and everything in the universe. If you cannot be in two places at once it was assume neither could these tiny particles that you, me and everything else is made from. But, scientific testing discovered that common sense may be wrong.

One of the tiny particles known to quantum mechanics is the electron. It is one of the smallest known particles known to man. Electrons travel at the speed of light; nothing can travel faster. It has been shown through Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and later studies that very strange things happen when objects travel at or close to the speed of light. One of the unusual things that has been proven is that it is possible for electrons to be in two or more places at the same time. This implies that for each electron, there are multiple realities. If this implication is extended over millions of electrons in the human body, then there are trillions upon trillions of electron state possibilities.

Electricity is formed from the movement of electrons. The human brain uses electricity to operate. The muscles of the body, including the heart, use electricity to operate. So, if the electrons that form the electricity in the body have a large number of state variations all happening at the same instance, it stands to reason that some of these variations might be significant variations in a human’s life – again, all happening at the same time. In this way, different lives can occur for the same person, all concurrent with each other. In short, there could be another you. There could literally be millions of versions of you. Maybe not in this universe, but somewhere. There could any number of alternate realities where you exist.

The possible existence of alternate realities matches up nicely with a physics subject called string theory. String theory is the belief that the universe is comprised of very small strings that vibrate in ten or eleven dimensions. This has led to the supposition that each universe is similar to a flat sheet and all the parallel universes are stacked on each other. Some believe that these sheets have bumps in them and, at certain times, the bumps from different universes might touch, creating an opportunity to see, if not move, from one into another. This theory has little, if any, evidence at this point but could explain how universes come into contact with one another.

The string theory alone has set off a explosion of speculation about how string theory could explain so many unexplained phenomenon, from clairvoyance to astrology to aliens traveling not across stars, but across dimensions. It is a wonderful thing to be open minded, it is another to have your mind run away with you. Our intention here is just to address the significant changes taking place in science that seem to address what the mystics have put forth for thousands of years.

Skeptics have always been quick to dismiss the idea of ‘other universes’ or ‘other dimensions’ as just too weird to be true. To the credit of scientists, they dismiss this argument. Just because something is weird doesn’t automatically make it untrue. Pioneering scientists in physics and other fields are pursuing proof that parallel universes are real, and/or that we may live in a multiverse. At one time this pursuit was consider ‘fringe science’. That may no longer be true.

In recent years there has been a change in attitude about theories involving alternative universes. There is more of an acceptance that things are far more weird than was ever previous imaged, or at least not imagined by most people. There are those who HAVE been reporting experiences that seem to transcend the rules of this universe as set down by traditional science.

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There have been mystics, clairvoyants, oracles, monks, paranormal researchers and a host of others who have experienced something that cannot be easily explained. They have largely been marginalized and often ridiculed for their beliefs and/or experiences. It is going to hard for this group not to say, "I told you so…" should these theories of alternative universes prove to be true.

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