Is the Divide Between Spirituality and Science Breaking Down?

The existence of parallel universes has been debated for decades within the scientific community. The idea of parallel universes falls in a category which includes concepts such as multiple universes (or a multiverse) and the existence of other dimensions. It may surprise many people that the idea that there can be more than just this one, material universe has been a matter of spiritual and theological discussion for centuries, if not thousands of years. After all, what could heaven be except another universe or unseen dimension of this universe? For centuries, the idea that there could be universes and dimensions was regulated to the spiritual, and sometimes the occult.

It seems science never could eradicate the heresy of other universes and dimensions. Perhaps it is because science ever seemed able to satisfactorily explain the ‘paranormal’ experiences people have had throughout human history. These people often tried, and continue to try, to explain their experiences as if there are ‘worlds’ beyond this one and forces at work that are difficult to categorize (expect by the using mystical or spiritual concepts such as a heaven or a spirit world or other dimensions that appeared to interact with our universe but not be a part of it).
Psychics have attested for a millennium that there is a ‘spirit world’ (or should we call it a parallel spiritual universe?). There are numerous spiritualities from Hindu to Christian to Native American who have argued that, yes, there are other dimensions, call them other universes if you like, that exist and can on rare occasions be accessed, even studied. Also that these alternative realities exist very close to this material universe we live in.

This set of articles will take a look at this stand-off between science and the mystical or spiritual. For over a hundred years (a mere fleck of time in cosmology) science and the mystical, metaphysical community have been at odds about whether there can be anything that exists beyond what our five senses can record. For science, this material universe is it. It is all there is. For those more religious, or mystical or spiritually inclined, this material world is only part of a much larger picture … and this picture is much more than the five senses alone can fathom. This first part will continue to examine this dividing line between science and spirituality and the paranormal. Then, we’ll examine in simple terms these new theories on the cutting edge of science about more universes than our own.

Today, the line between the materialist (largely the scientific community) and those more spiritually inclined is beginning to show edges of gray. Things are not as black and white as they use to be. And, it is a group of elite scientists in the fields of physics and astrophysics who are creating these new gray areas. Those in the metaphysical community might be tempted to say the scientists couldn’t beat the ideas of alternative realities or universes, so now science is co-opting these concepts and pretending there they are new discoveries. That would be unfair, however.

For many religions and those in similar spiritual pursuits, the idea of other universes, or other dimensions, or of forces at work that do not appear to be part of the material are largely the result of looking deeply inwards. For scientists, the concepts of parallel universe, or of a multi-universe, or of dimensions yet to be discovered, are the result of looking far outward into space … and by looking into the infinitely small. Both of these avenues of study and observation have only recently been created like satellites in space, electron microscopes and linear accelerators. What scientists are discovering isn’t necessarily anything like what the spiritual folks have explained. It’s unlikely any elite physicist will be endorsing the idea of spirits any time soon. But, these new discoveries are opening a crack in the hard line that this one material universe is all there is. It is opening up the possibility that what is reported as ‘paranormal’ or ‘spiritual’ or ‘other worldly’ may have a scientific bases. Not ALL things reported as ‘paranormal’, but some things, certainly.

Part of bridging this divide between science and spirituality involves terminology. Part of it is practical experience, everyday life. The life of a scientist and his/her everyday experiences and expectations are very different from that of a practicing clairvoyant in New York who has spent years understanding her/his gift. The life of a Zen Buddhist monk in Thailand is vastly different from either the scientist and the clairvoyant. These different ‘worlds’ have their own beliefs, expectations as well as terminology. However, the spiritual/science divide is breaking down, despite the differences. Consider this: Quantum physics has recently put forth the idea that "the observer affects the observed reality". This is very similar to what spiritual leaders in the East have put forth for centuries, that the observer and the observed cannot be separated. In observing the scientist, clairvoyant and monk, aren’t we beginning to bring them together?

A change in thinking among scientists has started slowly. It began in the strangest of places, with the field of science fiction. Any true sci-fi fan can cite their favorite episode of a science fiction TV show or a movie where the central theme is the idea there can be other universes, other dimension, parallel universes, time travel and so forth. Also, sci-fi has been progressive in exploring the idea of ESP, clairvoyance, the existence of incorporeal beings and the possibility that science is going to need to discover moral values (which cannot necessarily be qualified in numbers) and not just solely rely on what numbers can measure. Ironically, all this sci-fi entertainment and exploration into the previously taboo areas of the paranormal has been spurred forward by science. It is also being spurred forward by rational thinkers who are eager to see science expand beyond it’s self proscribed boundaries.

Suddenly, in the last few decades, ideas which a few centuries ago would have been regulated to the occult (or would have be branded as just plain crazy) have begun to arise within among those who study and do research in physics. And, physics is the heart of the science itself. What some elite physicists are saying seems to foreshadow something like a convergence between spiritual thinkers and scientific thinkers.

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This would be a historic shift. This shift really has already begun. With the admission to the possibility that there is more to the universe than the universe we see, that there could be alternative universes, opens the door to explain many previously unexplainable human experiences which typical get classified as paranormal.

Naturally, the question arises, especially among skeptics, "how real is this possibility of other universes?". This skepticism is healthy given that for centuries the idea of other ‘worlds’ outside our own has been considered ‘crazy talk’. In another article
Are Other Universes Possible? Scientists Say … we’ll explore, in the simplest terms possible, what some scientists are saying and how serious are they regarding other universes, even universes within our own.

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