Morgan-Greer Tarot

Tarot cards are a specific method of divining answers about the present, past and future for individuals that need help and are seeking guidance. They have been around for centuries, believed to be originated in Italy the cards have changed quite a bit over time, however the general concepts remain. The modern deck has four different suits of minor arcana and twenty two major arcana. The Morgan-Greer tarot deck is very similar to the most popular deck, the Rider-Waite deck. The Morgan-Greer deck was first published in 1979 and is district because unlike most Rider-Waite decks, there are no borders on the cards and only the major arcana and royalty cards have titles. (See some examples of Morgan-Greer Tarot Cards).

The layout of the cards in the Morgan-Greer tarot deck depends on the person who is reading the cards as well as the person who originally asked a question. The Morgan-Greer tarot was created by an artist by the name bill Greer who was also advised by Lloyd Morgan. Morgan Greer Tarot Greer felt inspired by the Rider-Waite deck and he attempted to incorporate colors to bring emotions thru the cards. The illusion of the Morgan-Greer tarot cards is that the pictures are quite large and it seems like the characters are close to the reader. These are very colorful cards and a full scene of activity is pictured on each card. These are move aesthetically pleasing than the Rider-Waite deck, however some believe it has not yet stood the test of time to consider a full switch. The act of tarot card reading is very popular in pagan traditions even in modern times, the druids of Europe and the United States use tarot cards as religious articles. The most common layout for the Morgan-Greer tarot deck is the Celtic cross spread.

The arcana cards in the Morgan-Greer tarot include for different suits, each which have their own definitions and they control a different part of the answer of the question that was asked. Swords symbolize air, as well as the mind, thinking and any sort of intellectual purists. The pentacles suit symbolizes the earth, a rock, such as the body, and sensations, and this is seen as a more feminine suit which can also represent money or a windfall. The cups suit also symbolizes water, as well as feelings, emotions, and the heart. This is the most feminine suit in the deck, and when it shows up it often symbolizes a romantic love interest or carnal love. The last suit, wands is the suit that represents fire, intuition, spirit, and male interests. It is a more aggressive suit, and is the most masculine one as well, since the wand is quite literally a phallic symbol.

Cards such as the fool, the magical, the wheel, and the hanged man are all in this deck, exactly like the Rider-Waite deck. The reading of this deck is also similar in that once a spread has been laid out; it cannot be moved or altered because the inverted cards mean the exact opposite of what the cards usually mean. It is common for the interpreters of the Morgan-Greer tarot deck to use a book or manual for a while since the meanings can be convoluted and inexact as it is with any tarot deck. Keep in mind that the Morgan-Greer tarot deck is a sacred form of fortune telling and divining to those who follow the druid religion.

The Morgan-Greer tarot deck has found a niche with those who enjoy the Druid philosophy, possibly because the Druids are considered very artistic and/or crafty. Some tarot readers are inspired by the beauty of the Morgan-Greer cards and feel their attachment to the cards lead to sharper readings. Many novice tarot readers find that their mentors love introducing them to the Morgan-Greer tarot deck as the card are so graphically attractive and the symbols clearly defined. The fact that they do not have boarders around the cards means that the pictures are bolder and more pronounced.

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