Loving A Virgo Man

I have to admit, Virgo men are unique. If you fall in love with a Virgo man get ready for up and down ride. You can either view it as an exciting roller coaster ride or a difficult road full of potholes but with beautiful scenery. These guys can go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds, then from 60 to 0 in less time. Make a mistake with a Virgo guy and suddenly it is a cold world. Two days later, a Virgo man sets you a fire with passion and flowers. Loving a Virgo man means YOU have to accept these quick changes in direction and going from hot to cold to hot on a regular basis. Do that, and the adventure (and personal growth you will experience) can really be worth it.

When a Virgo guy loves you get ready to be on a pedestal. Virgo men will make you their princess. And, what woman does not want to be the center of their man’s world? Virgo men can take their time deciding if a woman is the right one for them. These guys are very careful with their hearts. Sure, they may date a lot of women … they may create a lot of passionate relationships … but giving their heart to a woman? That is something they do rarely. The key to a Virgo man’s heart is his knowing that YOUR heart is fully invested in them. Once this love commitment is in place, Virgo men are generally rock solid. That’s why all the mood changes, direction changes and occasional drama do not matter much. If a Virgo man loves you, then it is going to take a lot to make him leave.

Loving a Virgo man means being a strong, independent woman. Though Virgo men tend to fully commit to women they love, they do not do well clinging women or insecure women. Those quick changes in moods or goals will test a woman. One thing is for sure, if you go long term with a Virgo guy, you will learn your weaknesses and how to become stronger. Not a bad thing. It will come down to KNOWING your man loves you and YOU have your own interests and goals. Even if the middle of drama, you need to keep your head. And, a Virgo man will love you more for it.
Understanding Virgo Man - Love Help
One tip for dealing with a Virgo man or woman is to use the ‘time out rule’. If your Virgo guy seems to be on edge and looking for an exit to the relationship, tell him you love him, but he is welcome to take a ‘time out’ to sort out his feelings. Make sure you communicate how much you care about him, but you understand his need to get his life, and your relationship, into better focus. Just make SURE you set ground rules: The relationship is not over. He is not free to pursue other women (if he does make sure he understands that the relationship will be over). And that he be mindful of the feeling of family, friends and others. Let him go fishing; spend the weekend with buddies; spend time with his own family; go on a walk-about; whatever he wants. You may be shocked at how that cold spell turns into a passion embrace.

In love and business, Virgos play their cards close to the vest. Sharing information or deeply personal feeling tend not to be natural for Virgos. That does not mean you have to do the same. In fact, learning how to share your feelings openly with a Virgo man is a powerful thing. It tends to bind a Virgo man to you. Maybe he recognizes you can do what he cannot. Maybe it captures his heart because he feels sincerity is so rare. Just learn to share your feelings honestly with little drama. Virgo men are more than capable of creating enough drama for the both of you.

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