How To Attract and Keep a Taurus Man

Is there a bull of a man trying to sweep you off your feet? Or, is there a Taurus man you would like to attract and seduce? Are you ready for all that earthy passion? Those Taurus men. Talk about trying to take the bull by the horns. Well, if you WANT to attract and keep that Taurus guy, there are few things you really should know. First of which is that seducing a Taurus man is not that difficult. Keeping him takes a bit of work but is doable but ONLY if you are willing to be creative and sooth his savage stubbornness. What you never want to do is play games with him like trying to make him jealous or tease him. Think: Red flag, bull, nasty disposition, sharp horns. Taurus men have no sense of humor about this and are likely to just run over you as they leave.

A little mythological background about the Zodiac sign of Taurus can be very enlightening, especially in regards to Taurus men. It is a love story, sort of … Taurus the bull came to the beautiful princess named Europa. Rather than aggressive, Taurus was playful. This playful bull with a faith scent of flowers bewitched Europe. When the bull bowed and offered his back, Europa could hardly resist and climbed atop Taurus to ride him. At that, Taurus rose and dashed off across the sea with Europa aboard. Next thing Europa knew, he was riding her and he was no longer a bull, he was Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus dearly loved Europa for her gentleness, courage and beauty. He gave her things no mortal could ever provide. The entire continent of Europe is named after Europa. And, Taurus the bull is enshrined forever in the heavens.

So, what have we learned? Those Taurus men harbor some real fire inside. This is no domesticated bull. This is a wild bull who is use to being in charge. Taurus hides assumed leadership within. This is a man who loves deeply and doesn’t accept half measures. Either you are his, and in his heart, or, you are one of the commoners. taurus men When you reciprocate his love you will get all he can give. If a Taurus man wants you, then you don’t really have to do much of anything. He will just keep coming. If that’s what you want, just be a little shy, but not standoffish. Be gentle with him even when he is being unreasonable. What will turn him off? Act like it’s your right to sleep with every man you meet (and that every man should feel blessed to do so). That’s a great way to drive away any Taurus, if that’s what you want. Just remember, he will banish you from his heart, forever. Stubborn things those bulls.

Don’t misunderstand a Taurus man if he appears to be pursuing you. He is not a hunter. If a Taurus man is pursuing you then you only need to figure out if he is sincere, or merely amusing himself. The key to unlocking this question lies in assessing if a Taurus man is interested in your welfare. Is he really interested in your health and well being? If not, then you have your answer. But if he is, then he’s already yours BUT ONLY IF you are ready to commit to him. If you are not, be honest. No games. With a Taurus man you must know your own mind. He does not value cleverness or caginess. Taurus men value sincerity.

Taurus guys may be plain spoken, but they are NOT dumb. Do not confuse a Taurus being polite and well mannered with weakness. Big mistake. He is trying to show his gentle side, an offering, and if you make fun of him or are rude? Well, have you heard the expression, "a bull in a China shop"? A Taurus man has no problem rising up and bulldozing everything around him with an attitude of "I really don’t care about any of this stuff if you don’t".

Attracting a Taurus man is about being well mannered, respectful. Believe it or not he is a sucker for flowers (thought he will never admit it). He is a romantic at heart. Being important to those he cares for is important to him. As he comes closer, flatter him. If he helps you in any way, express appreciation. Don’t back way if he gets close. Stand your ground and express confidence without challenge. He will find himself wanting to get even closer. When he starts to warm towards you, a Taurus guy will start to become playful. Taurus men love to play, he just does not play games of the heart. Seducing a Taurus man is simple if you know how to stand still and purr. He is not impressed with seductive skill, just passion. Secretly he likes a little spicy now and then, but not as a steady diet.

There is no being in charge of a Taurus man. Try and castrate this bull and you’ll likely find yourself plowed under. No, you must "stoop to conquer". You must rule from beneath. If you are the type of woman who must be in charge of every thing and do not care who knows it, then you will have big trouble with a Taurus, especially in a home environment. You Leo lionesses and Sagittarius huntress’s should find men who want a challenge, who enjoy a struggle and the hunt. Taurus guys generally know what they want and that’s it. They are, however, susceptible to quite discuss without ultimatums, especially with those whom they love. Once a Taurus man makes a promise he will try to move heaven and earth to fulfill it. Deception to a Taurus man is a huge sin since he does go all out when committed. Where some see deception as part of the game of love, Taurus sees someone who can never be trusted.

Should you happen to be dating a Taurus guy, here are a few things to help you move the relationship along. You already know he can be stubborn as a bull, down right unreasonable. This especially comes out when he thinks his leadership is challenged. He can also get jealous at the simplest things. These are traits that likely will not go away. You need to decide if you want to deal with them. Taurus men settle right down if you express being hurt by his anger. Sit down and calming explain why his leadership isn’t in question. As to jealousy, with a Taurus, this can be quickly calmed with physical reassurance. Just NEVER make him jealous intentionally. That is not something he is likely to forgive.

If you can deal with a Taurus negative traits, you are looking at a kind, passionate mate who will do anything for you. Keeping the interest of a Taurus guy is not about trickery, it is about being sincere. Taurus men can be shy, so be shy, too. Move gentle and slow. You will discover that shy does not mean he lacks passion. No, once aroused Taurus men can, ah, act like a bull. You next need to decide if you love being home, being a wife and mother. It’s all about being down to earth. If you want a wild, unorthodox life, well, you and Mr. Taurus may not mix well. Oh, and Taurus men like the occasional surprise gift, especially anything that expresses how you admire and respect him. Not a cheap gift, but something with craftsmanship and/or organic.

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This is handy to know since a well thought out give can be a great way to impress him (if trying to get his attention), and, a gift, a peace offering, works about every time to smooth rough waters.

If you want to keep a Taurus man at home all you have to do is be home with him. Real homebodies, these Taurus guys. They may want to stretch their legs on occasion, but other than that, Taurus men love home life. Want to keep him from even thinking of wandering? Just keep being a little shy, then surprise him every now and then. A Taurus man can be tempted by another women (what man can’t be tempted?), but that rarely means he cares about other women, or ever will. Just keep an eye on him, seduce him with temptation of your own design (both with sex and food), and he’ll be passionately devoted.

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