Getting In Touch With Your Spirit Guides

If you are interested in topics such as psychics, the spirit world, spiritual enlightenment and so forth, then chances are that somewhere along your journey you have heard about spirit guides. Most who have investigated this topic have discovered that everyone has a spirit guide … sometimes more than one. Once you begin to research the idea of spirit guides the natural inclination is to meet your own spirit guide. Your spirit guide, or guides, are assigned to you, more or less, in the spirit realm to help you find your way as you voyage through life by imparting advice and helping you complete your life’s mission. Wouldn’t it be great to have a celestial being assist you, daily, with both understanding and completing your life’s purpose?

Getting in touch with your guide may not be as hard as you imagine. Spirit guides are open to invitations to have more direct contact with those they watch over. Guides generally will not turn up in physical form before your eyes, however, more than one individual has reported ‘seeing’ their spirit guide appear to them at one time or another.

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Most of the time spirit guides choose to make their presence known via dreams, to materialize in your mind’s eye when you are in a very relaxed or trace like state or to perform indirect actions throughout the day to move you in the right direction (such as having someone bump into you so you have a chance to meet this particular person or seeming to hiding an object to delay your departure so to avoid an unfortunate situation). For more direct contact, the average person generally needs to be in a very relaxed, meditative or trance like state for a spirit guide to find their way into your consciousness.

Some people have little trouble making contact with spirits and/or spirit guides. Clairvoyants, clairaudients and so forth often cannot stop seeing, hearing and having direct experiences with spirit guides. Many find this talent in childhood. Their ‘imaginary friend’ sometimes turns out not to be so imaginary. Others, through a near-death-experience or other tramatic event suddenly discover they can see, hear or sense spirit guides. The exact reasons why some find themselves with what can only be called a ‘psychic gift’ where others can spend their whole lives never having such an experience are unknown. Explainations abound as to why some can experience spirit guides and others not.

Explainations range from that one has to have some belief or faith in the existance of spirit guides before such beings can be ‘seen’ to that all such experiences are just self-induced hallucinations. People tend to accept whatever explaination suits them. What seems indisputable is that the concept of spirits and spirit guides spans nearly every culture world wide. It was only in the late 20th century, with the advent of the science and the idea that ONLY material things are real, that the idea there is no such thing as ‘spirit guides’ began to emerge. Up until that point, for thousands of years, the idea of spirits, spirit guides and other celestial beings was widely accepted, world wide.

Emmanual Swedenborg (1688 to 1772) a classicaly trained Swedish scientist noted for his work in crystallography and the formulation of the nebular hypothesis which explains the creation of the universe decided to begin exploring his dreams and trance states in general. He studied the experts of the time in psychology (even publishing his own observation in that field). Developing yoga-like exercises, breathing techniques and focusing on his ‘inner world’, Swedenborg expored what he considered the hypnagogic state (a trace like state prior to the onset of sleep). He noted that he often felt there was another world just beyond his grasp.

Suddenly, in April 1744 Swedenborg had a breakthrough and found he could directly contact the spirit world and communicate with spirits. For the next 27 years he wrote extensively on his discovery. Few questioned that Swedenborg was of sound mind as he remained a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Those who knew Swedenborg considered him a warm hearted person focused on both his spiritual writing and scientific research (including the renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant). Swedenborg himself stated that if he had not been directed to write about about the afterlife by his spirit guide he would never have done so since he knew this would subject him to unwanted questions of his mental state.

The point of bringing up Swedenborg is to show that anyone of any age or background has the potential to reach out to his or her spirit guides.
Like Swedenborg discovered, the key for many people to reach out to the spirit realm is a relaxed or open state of onsciousness. One method of entering an altered or relaxed state is meditation. Meditation can help you unwind and free your mind from the inner chatter that can block your psychic awareness. Much of the time, it is likely that the sensitivity to recognizing your spirit guide is ambushed by your everyday existence and daily routine. Work, chores and other responsibilities can light-up the left, logical side of your brain, while the right, creative side is not given much airtime.

Here are a very suggestions and tips for meeting your spirit guide during a meditative state:

Intention Is Important
Before you meditate, you will benefit from making your intention to meet your spirit guide clear in your mind. It is the suggestion of many professional clairvoyants and psychics that a prayer of protection be offered, as not all things in the spirit world necessarily have your best interests at heart. Recline, or sit, in a restful position before closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Once your breathing has slowed down and you feel calm and centered, gently use your inner voice to instruct your brain to ready itself to meet your spirit guide. Formally, and sincerely request the opportunity to meet your spirit guide.

Visualization Can Help Prepare The Mind For Contact
Visualization, also known as imagery, can help you access a spiritual gateway in your mind where your spirit guide can make contact with you. During visualization, you can use your mind’s eye to picture a peaceful place in which to meet your spirit guide. At the same time, it is possible to add intensity to your experience by using other types of imagery such as sound. You may like to use your mind to conjure music that you hear internally. Alternatively, perhaps you would prefer to play relaxing music on your iPod or a CD player as you meditate.

Establish A Safe Place And A Gateway
As you progress through your inner-journey to meet your spirit guide, visualizing a safe place to meet, be aware you are looking for a gateway or portal. When you find the gateway you will pass through it order to meet your spirit guide. There is no need to put much effort into what this gateway will look like. The gateway or portal will take form the deeper into the meditative state you travel.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide
After instructing your brain to help you encounter your guide, continue to breathe deeply and fully, way down into the region of your belly. Imagine that you breathe in pure white light with each breath, and that you exhale any worries or excitement. Picture yourself walking in your chosen landscape. Do not be concerned if you don’t look the same as you usually do. The form you take in your mind’s eye could be different from your usual physical form. Your spirit guide could take any form that they choose, and most likely they will choose a form that is appealing to you.

Soon you will notice a gateway or portal. Gently pass through this gatway and on the other side will be your guide, waiting for you. He or she may speak to you or simply send you thought forms and feelings as answers to questions you choose to ask. However your guide communicates with you will be easy for you to understand.

It Is Important To Formally Conclude The Session
Once you have finished meeting and talking with your guide it is important to express thanks for the time with him or her. Send feelings of love. If it is your desire to meet with this spirit or spirit guide again, express that as a respectful request to meet again.

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If you would like, give the spirit guide permission to visit you in your dreams. Say goodbye and formally conclude the meeting.

Using meditation as a means of meeting your guide can be highly rewarding. Your guide will be happy to see you, but they won’t really be meeting you for the first time, as they already know you very well already. In fact, do not be surprised if you have the feeling you know this person who is acting as your spirit guide. Maybe your spirit guide is a close friend or family member from another life time, or a family member who passed on before your birth. Your guide is often with you, and is always around you when you really need him or her. All you have to do is ask for your guide’s company during meditation and you will be able to communicate effortlessly.

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