Famous Psychics And Predictions

There are several well-known psychics. They are credited with predicting future events. These psychics are often given credibility or proof after the fact. It is the interpretation of what they said that makes it seem like a prediction, seem real.

The most famous of these psychics is Nostradamus. He is believed to be one of the most prolific clairvoyant in history. Nostradamus is famous for his quatrains- for lines of verse written in symbolic language which predicted catastrophic events such as the stock market collapse, both World Wars and the attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. What is unusual about these predictions is that he lived in the 1500’s! The Prophecies were published in 1555.

Nostradamus’s writings were couched in mystery and symbolism. Branches, water, planets, and numerology all played an important part in his writings.



These were not meant to be taken literally but stood for kings and countries, thrones and power. It is only when this symbolism is interpreted in today’s context and not at the time they were written does it takes on significant meaning with current events. It should also be noted that most predictions by psychics are largely related to catastrophes, both past and present. Rarely does a seer gain notoriety for foretelling of good.

These modern interpretations are not limited to Nostradamus’s predictions, but often play a role in the predictions of other well-known psychics. These include Edgar Cayce and Jeanne Dixon.

Edgar Cayce was known for his ability to heal the sick, especially at a distance. Cayce would lie down in a trance and see the person’s ailment and suggest treatment; usually consisting of some sort of spiritual cleansing. He was known as a “miracle man” and did not take money for using his God-given talent.

Jeanne Dixon was launched into fame because she had been attributed with predicting the death of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Her prophecies were published in Parade Magazine and were vague enough to be interpreted after the fact as correct. They were not so much as correct as they were coincidence. Emphasizing her ‘correct” guesses while disregarding the incorrect, she was able to convince the public of her psychic abilities. Gathering public acceptance, this became known as the Jeanne Dixon Effect.

Psychic predictions are not limited to our modern post A.D. world, but have in-fact been relied upon by kings and clergy for millennia. For hundreds of years, emperors, kings, philosophers sought the advice of The Oracle of Delphi to wage war and predict its outcome. The powers of the Oracle, due to modern archeological exploration, purportedly come from escaping gasses in fissures in the cave where Pythia (the Oracle) dwelt. These gases, ethylene or some anesthetizing agent put the Oracle in her trance-state as she divulged the occult secrets.

Additionally, even established religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Catholicism believe in and rely upon the teachings of prophets. Those individuals who had the power to speak on behalf of a deity and could glean the future from these conversations. Mohammed and Christ were the most famous and elevated to God-like status. However other prophets appear in the Bible- Moses and Abraham; Noah predicted the Great Flood. All of these had the ability to converse with God.

The power of these prophecies relied upon the ability to convince the masses that the prophet heard from and was speaking on behalf of God. This often occurred through “speaking of tongues”-the commoner would have no idea what was said and would need it interpreted by the prophet. Royalty always kept a prophet or seer nearby-not just for their own peace of mind, but for the sole purpose of reporting to the realm that he had gotten a message from God.

Famous psychic predictions will continue to captivate the imagination, such as the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on December 21, 2012. People are looking for answers. When that date comes and goes with no cataclysm, another equally engaging prediction will be held forth, and has gone on for millennia are adopted until it to be either disproven or reinforced with interpretation after the fact. The world will end someday…

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