Do Love Spells Actually Work?

love spells

Love spells instill hope in anyone who’s ever been frustrated by love. The idea you can control when this strongest of emotions comes into your life is an appealing one. But is it realistic?

In the following article, we’ll be examining this question in greater depth. We’ll also address many of the truths and misconceptions about the process and give you the tips you need to be successful.

A Tale of Two Love Spells

Robert and Sheila

Robert is a man who didn’t appreciate what he had with Sheila. When she finally musters the courage to walk away, he’s desperate to get her back.

But Sheila has found happiness since stepping away from his controlling behavior. She has even fallen in love again, and the relationship is one of rock-steady mutual respect.

Even Robert would have to admit it’s the best thing for her. But he doesn’t want to do that because he wants Sheila back. Desperate to have it his way, Robert begins reading up on love spells.

He decides he will cast one that breaks up Sheila and her new boyfriend. Then she will have no choice but to come back to him.

For a while, the spell seems to work. Sheila begins to doubt her relationship. She thinks the new guy is too good to be true, so he must be hiding something.

Eventually, her confusion over this new great thing she’s found leads her to make bad decisions. She breaks up with him and defaults back to Robert.

This scenario plays out all too often for women. In fact, a 2016 report found that a third of all women were in coercive relationships like this one.


Tracy is pretty much the antithesis of Robert. She doesn’t want anyone who can’t be passionately in love with her and committed 100 percent.

In fact, she’s even broken a few hearts because she didn’t share the same feelings as past boyfriends, and she wanted each of them to experience the same kind of love.

Perhaps she’s idealistic, she tells herself, but everyone should know the warmth of a love that’s returned. Beginning to fear it will never happen in her own life, she begins to research love spells.

The spell she casts is to find happiness and love and mutual attraction. She doesn’t get immediate results, but she believes in the process.

One year later, she meets the man of her dreams. The two fall madly in love and end up spending the rest of their lives together.

What Tracy learns is this: yes, magic is real. But the magic has to come from within, and you’ll never find happiness forcing it on other people for your own selfish gain. She understands that a spell like this is an example of white magic, or as it’s formally defined, magic used for only good purposes.

Why Robert Failed

If one isn’t careful, it’s possible to misinterpret the two outcomes. Robert got Sheila back, so how’s that a failure?

It’s a failure because he essentially had to destroy her happiness. Her sense of self-worth. Her enlightenment.

He dragged her back into a relationship that wasn’t working. And ultimately, it’s a karmic price they will both have to pay.

It’s not uncommon in cases like that of Robert and Sheila for the couple to get back together and even find temporary happiness. But eventually, all the same problems once again come around, causing them to do even greater harm to one another.

To ensure that love spells work out, a few elements must be in place.

1. Belief in the Process

You can’t just believe that love spells will work the way that you want them to work. Your purpose must be pure. You must recognize the spell for the white magic it is and implement it as such.

If you don’t, you can reap long-ranging consequences for both you and the person involved in the ritual. When you participate in love spells, you are binding your energy to another person’s.

If that comes from a negative or selfish place, the process is destructive rather than constructive.

2. Buy In

When another person is involved, they must be open to loving you back. They don’t have to be in the same place or feel it with the same intensity, but they do have to be open to you specifically or the type of person you are.

3. Ritual

If you have the right motives and the buy-in, then all you need is the ritual aspect of love spells in order for them to be successful. Rituals require your participation and some form of object or memento of the other person’s.

Most authentic psychics suggest something connecting the two of you (i.e., an old photograph, a Valentine’s Day card from years gone by). However, it’s important to note you do not have to share a previous relationship to see positive results from your spell.

Love spells work when your intention is coupled with the ritual and the belief in positive results. It may mean learning to be patient as well, but optimism will get you where you need to be.

4. Openness to the Outcome

Part of not forcing results is being willing to accept the outcome, even if it doesn’t play exactly to your ideal. Sometimes we can misread people. If you’ve misread the other person’s openness to you, then you won’t get the outcome you initially wanted.

That doesn’t mean the spell has failed, though. Holding onto your good intentions and your belief it will happen pays dividends.

As the old song says, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.”

Your Future

What lies ahead for you? Are you ready to embrace love in all its messiness and unpredictability?

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