Christmas Psychic Readings: My Secret

The value I discovered with my secret Christmas psychic readings!

For many years I have made it a point to get my Christmas psychic readings. This is not something I tell other people. I’ve shared my little secret with a few friends. Some of them think I’m being a bit strange for doing so. I understand their skepticism. Frankly, I really don’t care. My Christmas psychic reading has not only been great fun but also brought me some great tips and fascinating revelations for the holidays. Call it my guilty pleasure. Call it my special gift to myself. Some might even call it silly. Before you judge too harshly, let me put forward my reasons, and the value I’ve gained with my psychic tradition.

Christmas time can be a be a time of great joy. There are many of us who find the Christmas season wonderful, yet, often find there can also be a great deal of stress. There are presents to buy; meals to prepare; family plans to make; and (for some of us) the dreaded in-laws to spend time with. The season can be as happy as it can be a challenge. Attaining the Christmas spirit is the goal, and sometimes that is not easy. It is, however, worth the effort.

Years ago, on the days leading up to what seemed a particularly stressful Christmas, I decided to call a psychic a knew to get some insights into what was going with my husband. He seemed to be hiding things from me. Your Christmas Psychic HotlineHe’d been acting strange. "Oh, no," I thought, "he’s interested another woman" was my first thought. And, it was a thought I was having trouble shaking. It just wasn’t like him to hide things or make private phone calls at unusual times. Though I’d tried confronting him about what he was up to he’d just say, "nothing" and rush off somewhere like he had something important to do. So, I called a psychic, whom I’ll call Mary, that I’d contacted several month’s ago to assist me with dealing with the passing of my beloved dog, Sammy.

Mary remembered me, listen intently and suddenly said, "I don’t see another woman! I see money. I see work trucks and people building things.". That shocked me a bit as my husband, call him Jim, worked in construction. "I think", Mary went on, "that your husband is having difficulty at work. My impression is that he doesn’t want you to know about it so you won’t worry about it, especially over Christmas.". Suddenly, everything fell into place! Why my husband had been complaining about the cost of gifts; why he had canceled our weekly dinner out; why he stopped going out to lunch with the boys. It all made sense now. Of course, I still had to confirm that Mary’s reading was accurate (which it did). Mary also said she did not see my husband being out of work (which also turned out true: The construction company cut down the crew but my husband had to take a demotion from supervisor and work on the crew. They wanted him to stay until things turned around).

After the reading with Mary I was so relieved. I actually felt giddy. I joked that all I needed now was some help with Jim’s Christmas present. At that moment my Christmas psychic tradition really began. Psychic Mary told me not to get him another gift related to sports. I was taken back! How did she know I always bought my husband Jim something related to his favorite sports team? "No", she said, "it is up to you but what he needs this Christmas is something loving, personal and special. He needs a gift that says you are behind him 100%, a gift that says you are with him for better or worse". What a great idea. Mary also told me that some of our Christmas guests would be late and that I should not get angry or ask questions, just welcome them lovingly. There would also be a child that needed my attention and that would mean missing something special.

Christmas rolled around and sure enough, a close couple we invited to dinner was late. Ordinarily, I’d be offended and angry, but this time I let it go and dinner was a wonderful success. Later I would learn they were late because they had helped and elderly neighbor find her cat who would be her only company on Christmas. The couple were sure I’d think what they did was unimportant and didn’t want to tell me why they were later. After dinner, I really looked forward to a bridge game with friends. Instead, I noticed my divorced sister’s son, Bill, looking unhappy. I let the card game go on without me and I talked with Bill. Turns out, he was being bullied in school and they were making fun of him online. Bill didn’t want to get his mother involved. Bill felt she already had too much to worry about (which was true). Turned out I knew the parents of one of the bullies. They were very good people who would never tolerate bullying. I also knew that my husband was a close friend of one of the teachers at Bill’s school. A quick phone call and a favor from my husband helped Bill stop the bullying and he went on to take up music (and over time Bill would become one of the ‘cool kids’ who was in a band).

After that psychic Christmas reading by Mary I started making it a tradition to get a psychic reading sometime before Christmas. Psychic Mary retired several years ago, but I managed to find some lovely psychics to work with over the years. It is still one of my favorite, personal, secret traditions. For several years I called a very talented clairvoyant medium. One Christmas she told me she had a message from my father who had passed on many years ago. It was a personal message and it made my heart expand with joy at the thought my father was still watching over me (and could still give great advice). Was the message really from him? I’d like to think so. And that Christmas message from my Father made that particular Christmas very special.

One Christmas the particular psychic I contacted simply did not connect with me and the reading wasn’t all that satisfying. For some reason I kept thinking about an old friend of mine, someone whom I always exchanged Christmas cards but had not talk with in months. She was a very ‘unique’ person who I suspected might have some ideas on how to deal with my dissatisfaction with my last psychic reading. No sooner did I mention I’d tried a psychic reading that she said, "Oh, no, you too! I get a pre-Christmas reading every year. It is sooooo FASCINATING!". I about fell over laughing. She gave the name of a psychic service and a few of the psychics she felt would be perfect for my Christmas reading. Strange, isn’t it. Even a poor reading ended up being a good thing. I now have someone I call every year and we exchange thoughts on our Christmas psychic reading.

My annual Christmas psychic reading has helped with important things and trivial things. It has encompassed everything from getting insights into relatives, in-laws to predictions. I’ve gotten gift ideas and received messages from those who have let this world. Have all the reading been 100% accurate? No. But many times insights and predictions have turned out to be true. And, many of the things I learned were helpful, often the suggestions I’ve received have proved to be surprisingly on point. I also feel that my Christmas psychic reading always brought with it a special spiritual feeling, a kind of reconnecting with spirituality that kindles my Christmas.

I understand that many people may judge me as somewhat ‘touch in the head’. That is OK. I once thought the whole idea of calling a psychic was a little wacky myself. Of course, then I tried it and had to re-think much of what I thought I knew about psychics. That, however, is a story for another time. I am not a ‘true believer’ who confuses psychics with gurus. I especially don’t believe everything a psychic tells me. Call me a heretic, but I do my Christmas psychic reading just for fun with the hope of significant insights. I like my life the way it is (most of the time) and I’m not seeking any world changing answers. I do appreciate the mystery, the mystical and always seem to have food for thought after a quality psychic reading.

Tips For Christmas Psychic Readings

Now, if you are interested in doing a Christmas psychic reading of your own, here are some things to consider. You will find clairvoyants, clairaudients and so forth the best for Christmas readings. Tarot, numerology, pendulum and so forth are great for specific
answers during a reading but these forms of divination shouldn’t be use for the core of a Christmas reading (at least, that’s how it’s worked out for me). Astrology has proven very helpful with discovering Christmas gift ideas and understanding what particular people will appreciate. Psychic Christmas readings are about heart and soul. Such readings can get deep, so be prepared for that.

Need Your Christmas Spirit Lifted? Talk To Psychic Arthur

Need Your Christmas Spirit Lifted? Talk To Psychic Arthur

Asking questions about relatives, in-laws and old friends is totally legal. If you are visiting them or they are coming to visit you, then you want every edge you can get. Make love your starting and ending point. As much as you want it to be all about you, try and make it about others (being concerned with their feelings, interests, needs). Keep your perspective: Not everything a psychic tells you is true until you check it out. Be upbeat. This is about helping you to have a happier, more fulfilling and interesting Christmas.

Christmas is a very special, and spiritual, time of year. Don’t believe all the commercials that tell you Christmas is all about shopping. Ignore the newscasters who tell you Christmas somehow is all about the economy and making the corporations richer. Christmas is about the message of love. Whether you consult with psychics or priests or ministers or mystics, or good friends, make Christmas about learning to be a more loving person. I wish you nothing but the best … and don’t tell anyone about my secret Christmas psychic reading tradition.

I’m not one to play favorites but I can’t image you read this far and would not want a few recommendations. Bare in mind that these a just a few of the great psychics I’ve worked with around Christmas: Psychic Stella is such a sweetheart and very talented clairvoyant as is Psychic Coffee who has a fun, quirky sense of humor. You can reach both Stella and Coffee at 1-866-407-7164. I really enjoyed the meeting some of the spirit guide psychics at (you can call them at 1-866-327-9032). And, I have to make honorable mention of Psychic Penny at who has been an immense help to me when I needed it (you can reach her at 1-800-888-5523).