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Asking who is the best psychic is a lot like asking what is the best religion. Or who is the best minister, paster, priest or guru. So much depends on you, your background, your upbringing. There are psychics, astrologers and tarot readers who have broad appeal and there are those who may be very skilled or talented but only seem to appeal to a small community of people. Too often people want to judge a psychic based on who builds the nicest web site or is the best online marketer.

There is no true ‘test’ for psychics or divinational specialists. There is also no true ‘test’ for spirituality or religion or love or goodness. There are events and experiences that seem to tell us if someone is good, or spiritual or even psychic. That is why, in the end, it will be you who decides who is ‘the best psychic’. It will be a matter of who is the best reader for you and your needs. For the vast majority to choose to utilize psychics, tarot readers, oracles make this decision based on personal results. We base it on our personal experience.

Now, if you are new to getting a psychic readings, then a good start is looking at your questions, your needs and your expectations. People who have more experience with psychic readings and the psychic/mystical field soon get a ‘feel’ for psychic readers and the various divination specialists. It is a very fascinating subject with a history as long as mankind has kept records. Here are some tips on locating the best psychic for you.

Get Help Finding The Best Psychics

Don't Get Fooled - Get Help Finding The Best Psychics

‘One reading does not a psychic make‘. That’s a little motto I use. Whether a reading with a psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, clairvoyant or medium is impressive or not, do not be too quick to judge the psychic. A good approach is that maybe this isn’t the right psychic for you. Or, maybe it is. There is nothing wrong with reserving judgement until the results of the reading (particularly predictions) can manifest. There is nothing wrong with follow up readings with the same psychic to see if there are more details, possibilities or information.

You focus on your needs and questions can powerfully effect a reading. This is true more often than not. A good tip before a psychic reading is to write down your questions. Get clear on what it is you want to know or what you need help with. Try to keep reasonable expectation. Good psychics, astrologers and other readers can reveal a great deal. But, it almost seems as if the future is fluid. It can have a course, but is not fixed. There are no infallible people, even psychics. There is nothing scientific or mathematic about psychics or spirituality.

Psychics are going to ask you questions. Answer the questions within reason. Playing games with a psychic wastes your time and the psychics. Some psychics will ask a lot of questions, some ask very few, if any. How many questions a psychic asks during a reading is unimportant. If it bothers you that a psychic asks too many questions, then they are the wrong psychic for you.

Often a psychic is trying to sort out psychic impressions or feelings or messages they are ‘hearing’. Also, you would be surprise how many psychics have professional backgrounds in counseling, psychology and so forth. The psychic may be trying to sort out psychic impressions from professional training. If numerous questions lead to an excellent reading with insights, predictions and a good plan of action on your part, who cares how many questions were asked?
HOWEVER, there are some limits or exceptions: If a psychic asks to much about your income, personal life, and especially if they want your phone number, place of work and so forth then I’d suggest bailing out of the readings and go else where.

It doesn’t make any difference if you call a psychic, visit in person, text or use a webcam. There is a raging argument (online and offline) about calling a psychic or calling a psychic network or texting or in-person readings or webcam chat. The argument is about which is better. My experience is none of that matters. Only the reading itself matters. Truth is, some psychics are better in person, some are better on the phone (some psychics actually receive psychic impressions from your voice), some psychics are great at text and/or webcam. What matters is the personal reading you receive. Does the reading answer your questions? Were your needs meet? Do the predictions unfold with reasonable accuracy? Did you gain insights into yourself and the path you need to follow? That’s what matters. And, that will depend greatly on you, what works best for you and the talents of the particular psychic you contact.

There is no such thing as a psychic who is always right. Psychic readings are not, nor ever will be, in the scientific field. Why? Well, that is a topic that is too big to cover here. But, in short, psychic readings and psychic gifts belong in the spiritual, metaphysical field. Science and math are in the psychical field. As Mark Twain once wrote, ‘East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet’. Science is about absolute psychical laws. Metaphysical is about what rules or forces are at work beyond the psychical: Religion, spirituality, the mystical all fall into the metaphysical field. Good psychics are trying to stick a pin in the ocean while blindfolded. Then, explain what is at that exact spot. Some psychic can be shockingly accurate some of the time, but never absolutely accurate all of the time. That ocean is in motion. And, there is no scientific way to explain any of this mystical stuff.

Very good psychics are very often not the best at business, technology or marketing. I’ve lost count of how may psychics, very talented ones, who are lost when it comes to technology, or marketing or business issues. There is a reason so many talented, skilled, gifted readers prefer to work with a psychic network or community. These gifted individuals want to do readings, not build web sites or figure out how Google works. There are some exceptions to this, of course. Some psychics are blessed with people who can promote them or have family who understand the Internet. Some are blessed with a ‘twin’ mind that can do well with high tech, science and still talk with spirits … but it is very rare. There are some psychic networks and communities that are better than others, but you never know when or where you will find someone blessed with potent clairvoyance, clairaudience or tarot interpretation skills.

The best psychic is the psychic who is right for you. Dare I say that the best psychics are the psychics who are best for you? It is very possible there can be numerous psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and so forth who can work well with you. This is something only you can is decide. There can be psychics who are very popular and those who have a small, exclusive cliental. You just cannot tell where you will find that psychic who does the best job for you.

I’ve written another article called Understanding Psychics which you might enjoy and covers a bit about how a psychic may experience a psychic reading. For those interested in which psychics I am visiting, I recently had a great reading with Psychic Misty and got an excellent tarot love reading with Tarot Psychic Allegra.

If you are new to psychic readings, I really recommend visiting Psychic Selection. They offer free help placing you with the right psychic for you needs. Give them a call at 1-800-340-8374. For a free email reading, go to Ask Psychics. I was surprised that such great psychics would be offering free readings.

Hope you find the best psychic for your personal reading.

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