How To Attract A Sagittarius Man

So you want to attract a Sagittarius man? Here are some tips (from someone who has done her fair share of astrological seduction). Sagittarius men are particular. So the first thing to do with a male Sagittarian is to do some investigating. What are is likes and dislikes. Does he have hobbies? Is he into movies? What kind? By finding what is close to his heart is the way to his heart. That is done by helping explore and enjoy what he enjoys.

Sagittarians are hunters. Sagittarian men are drawn to competition and love the chase. Attracting a Sagittarian guy will often mean making him think he may have to chase you. Stay at arms reach, but just out of reach. Allow yourself to be caught every now and then (and really enjoy being caught, and make him really enjoy he caught you). But, be prepared to start the whole process over again. Never let him think he ‘absolutely’ caught you. In fact, a quick teasing comment like, ‘you didn’t catch me. I let you catch me.’ Sagittarian men generally do not embrace woman who throw themselves at them. To easy. And, they often do not care for women chasing them. Remember, they want to hunt what they think they want.
Sagittarius Man
A man born under the sign of Sagittarius is generally very blunt. They have to be taught how to be diplomatic. Keep in mind that they are not trying to be rude or mean. Sagittarians just speak their minds. Therefore, be prepared for that straight forward honesty. And, be prepared to be speak honestly in return. Don’t let your feelings be bruised. You will quickly find that a Sagittarius guys sincerity and honesty are absolutely endearing. One more thing: If you feel a Sagittarius guy is being rude or does say something that seems harsh, get in his face. If he says your earrings look stupid, tell him they would look stupid on him. And, if does not tell you, NOW, how beautiful you look, then he will be sleeping alone on the couch … maybe forever.

If you are pushy by nature, then you will likely have to get that under control … at least when dealing with a Sagittarius man. These guys hate being pushed, herded or restrained. That is why getting a commitment out of a Sagittarian man is such a chore. The key? Let it be his idea (at least most of the time). Let him set the pace. Open doors you want him to go through and just casually mention the door is open. It is more about being creative than forceful.

Most men’s eyes will follow sparkles and silky things. Sagittarius men do so even more. Make sure you always keep a little sparkle and silk in your wardrobe. But there must be more beyond that, especially for Sagittarius guys. They are generally not frightened by intelligent, strong women. Sagittarians like to discuss important issues of the day and have little tolerance for endless small talk. If he thinks there is more to you than that sexy outfit, you got him hooked. Let the chase begin.

A Sagittarius man has real difficulty saying no to a party. These guys generally love being in a group having fun. Especially if that party contains interesting people, important people or has the ‘vibe’ of being THE place to be. So, an invitation to a party can quickly get a Sagittarius man’s interest. Likewise, so can concerts or sporting events. Once you get him to the party, let he have fun, then as the party winds down, getting him to follow you to another, private party of two, should not prove too difficult. And remember, wear something with a little sparkle, something soft, but stay on the conservative side. Looking TOO sexy, too obvious, will turn off a Sagittarian guy.

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