How To Attract And Love That Leo Man

A man born under the sign of Leo can be challenging for a woman. ‘Leo’ is for ‘lion’. A family of lions is called a ‘pride’. And, you guessed it, for a Leo man it is all about pride. Leo men want to be at the center of a family, a party or at work. A strong general trait for a Leo man is that in a relationship he wants to know HE is the center of that relationship.

Leos, male or female, want to lead. They can follow a strong leader, but will always be waiting for the opportunity to take a leadership role. For a woman wanting to attract a Leo guy, you have to walk a thin line between standing out, but never make a Leo man stand in your shadow. If you are too strong, a Leo man will figure you have no need for him. If you play the role of quiet obedient woman, a Leo man may well lose interest in you.

The Zodiac signs that are considered compatible with Leo are Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, and Gemini. A Leo/Sagittarius match can carry a lot of sexual passion AND has long term potential, but for the other signs, matching Leo’s hot passions long term can be a challenge. Yes, the stars line up for a long term romance, but a girl from Aries, Libra or Gemini is going to have to do a bit of work to make sure her Leo man’s torch stays burning. Fortunately, all three signs have creative traits that can more than carry the day.

A Leo man, since his trait is to light the passions of almost all the Zodiac signs, is careful about giving his heart to a woman. Sexual passion is not enough for a Leo. Once a Leo guy commits to a woman, his trait is to be fully committed. To be a friend of a Leo or be in a romantic relationship can easily turn into a long term affair. If you are working on attracting a Leo man, or are in a budding romantic relationship, the rewards can be great.
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Do you want to keep a Leo man’s heart? Here are a few tips that can help. Again, it is all about ‘pride’. Make sure you consistent recognize the good things he does. Compliments from the right person can make a Leo glow. You want to make this big cat purr. From choosing the right place for dinner to love making, keep praising his prowess and talents. Do not over do it, though. You do not want to appear clinging or weak. Compliment him from a position of strength.

Leo guys tend to love the finer things in life. In your relationship with a Leo men it pays to focus on comfort and status. If money is an issue, then create a feeling an attitude the to appreciate the small pleasures in life is the good life. Every once in a while, create a luxury moment or give an important or expensive gift.

Avoid heated arguments. Leo men hate being dominated or anyone attempting to dominate them. Learn the difference between a good, old fashion intellectual debate and emotional drama. Leo guys are drawn to strong, intelligent women and enjoy passionate discussion. But you will quickly turn him off with trying to make him ‘wrong’, or worse, insult him personally. Like Scorpios, Leo’s take insults or rejection very personally and do not easily forgive.

You are a lucky girl if you can attract an alpha Leo. Capturing his heart is a challenge, but can be well worth it. Even if you are not a perfect Zodiac match for a Leo man, by knowing his traits and desires you can go a long ways in loving and keeping him.

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