Astrology and Numerology: Different But Similar

Most people have a basic understanding of astrology. The idea is that the movement of the stars and planets, the universe itself, has predictable influences on one’s life. When we are born, we are born into the universe. It is our position within the universe, and the powerful forces at work at the time of our birth, which contribute to the formation of ‘who we are’. As the stars continue their destiny, carrying with them the influences and forces that play upon one another (and us), a skilled astrologer can ‘read the stars’ and provide insights into the past, present and future.

Astrologers consider what they do as a ‘mystical science’. Literally, for thousands of years, generations of astrologers have studied the movement of the stars and the correlation between the stars and human life. To a skilled astrologer, be they Western or Eastern, the universe operates like clockwork with very predictable patterns occurring. However, how the stars influence people can produce many surprising results. People have free will, as to many living things do, so HOW we deal with forces at work in astrology becomes the ‘wild card’, if you will, of how events unfold. This is why astrologers, especially talented ones, can be so valuable to those who want an advantage in life.
Numerology And Astrology
Now, let’s take a look at numerology. Did you know there was a time when the services of talented numerologists was considered very important to succeed in life and business? It is true. Ancient Greek merchants would work with numerologist when scheduling business decisions, when to ship goods, where to build a shop, who to do business with, and so forth. Numerologists would consult families about marriage, timing for ceremonies, love compatibility and much more. These numerologist were highly paid for their services.

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras (569 BC – 475 BC) is considered the father of modern Numerology. He was also considered one of the greatest
mathematicians in history. Pythagoras was unburdened by the idea that there was ‘science’ and ‘mysticism’. To Pythagoras, both science and the mystical coexisted in the ‘real universe’.

Pythagoras reasoned that since entire universe can be expressed numerically there must be a spiritual, divine component behind the numbering. Pythagoras then worked to create a spiritual approach to understand the deeper meaning of things. He felt there was a method to understanding past, present and future events by understanding the numbers involved. The system Pythagoras wanted to create would included how certain configurations of numbers could show the chances when things would turn out beneficial or negative for those involved.
In short, Pythagoras ‘knew’ the universe was speaking to us through numbers, it was only a matter of understanding ‘how’ the universe was doing this. Pythagoras, and generations of numerologists and mystical seekers, have been working on this system ever since.

By now, it should be obvious how astrology and numerology are very similar: Both seek to reveal the influences and patterns (maybe the intentions?) of the universe, and how those influences effect human life for good and bad. Numerology and astrology are two forms of divination which both rely on direct, physical observation of what the universe is doing, then revealing the more subtle, spiritual forces involved. Astrology and Numerology just differ in their approach. One looks to the stars, the other to numbers. Astrology also in considerably older than Numerology.

It is not uncommon that astrologers, numerologists and psychics to work with both astrology and numerology (as well as other forms of divination). At first glance, it would seem these divination specialists are working with dissimilar methods … that somehow working with the stars and numbers is contradictory or confusing. Truth is, those who work with divination are just using different methods to understanding the same thing: What the Universe is doing, where it is going and how it is possibly going to impact you on a personal and spiritual level.

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