What You Need To Know About Aries Men

Aries men. Save me from that fiery passion. If you are dating an Aries man, it can make you the luckiest woman in the world, or it could leave you feeling the unluckiest woman in the world … it all depends on how you handle that Aries passion and impatience.

The sign of Aries is the Ram … not just any ram but a very brave, flying ram. A trait of Aries men is to ‘go for it’. They rarely calculate the odds, often do not consider consequences, Aries men see what needs to be done and dives in straight ahead. They rescue the damsel in distress, charge the enemy when out numbered and back up a friend against the mob. It is enough to take a girl’s breath away (and leave her breathless with desire). The element for Aries is fire and the ruling planet is Mars. Talk about fire. Aries men have it in abundance.
Understanding Aries Men - Astrology Chat
The girl who wants to attract, seduce and be a life time companion of an Aries man has to have a couple of things in abundance herself: Patience, strength and a knack to shine like a star one moment and play it low key the next. Aries men tend to be attracted to strong women, but women who know how to conceal that strength until required. Actually attracting an Aries man is easy: Aries men love to flirt. They especially love to flirt with a woman who in stands radiates confidence. The trick is to make the flirting very subtle. Throwing yourself at an Aries man will likely get you rejected. Things that run at the Ram tend to get battered backward.

Once you have caught that Aries guy’s eye, let him approach. Do not make him chase you. He is not a Leo man nor Sagittarian man, he is an Aries and not necessarily interesting in hunting. Aries guys like to learn and investigate things. If you approaches you it is because he wants to learn more about you … it is also your chance to show him that you can hold your ground (something very impressive to the Ram). At that point, feel free to be bold. You will know you REALLY caught his interest when he starts doing and saying things to impress you. Aries men generally keep their emotions and intentions hidden, but they do have a ‘tell’ when they are interested in a woman: Aries men want their mates to be impressed with them.

If you want to keep an Aries man close to you then keep physical contact. Aries guys generally love physical contact. Your touch does not have to be sexual. It is more about using touching to communicate, like grabbing his arm when surprised … or gently taking his hand if he heads in the wrong direction to redirect him. If an Aries man allows innocent, intimate physical contact, then you are on your way to being important to him. You are not there yet, but you are on your way.

Aries men have a lot of energy … and an endless supply of passion. Dating an Aries man can be a lot of fun. They tend to have a broad range of interests and enjoy a good conversation, even a passionate debate. However, the one thing you do NOT want to do with an Aries is butt heads. Logic and reason go out the window. Worse, an Aries man will rarely yield. An argument may stop verbally, but he will keep running it in his head. You may suddenly find yourself on the outside looking in and it will stay that way until HE feels the situation is resolved to his satisfaction.

The trick to dating and Aries man is to keep the passion flowing inside the bedroom and outside of it too. Lucky is the woman who successfully seduces that Aries guy but it is going to be some work to keep up with him. Never forget that touch and closeness are important to him. Flirting and sexually teasing an Aries guy now and then can work wonders … especially if he drops into one of his moody moments.

A long term relationship, maybe marriage? with an Aries man is about sustaining what makes the relationship work. It is a fine line to walk but you have to be bold while not being confrontational. You have to allow him to keep impressing you even though he has already won your heart. You have to be prepared to back his passionate quests and interests. You must convince him you are always on his side even if you disagree with him (especially when he locks horns with someone else, but you see he is on the wrong side of the issue). Loving an Aries man (or any man for that matter) is a challenge, but the rewards of capturing an Aries man’s heart are great: A fun loving, passionate mate who will knock down mountains to protect you … or just to impress you.

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Hope you find this article on attracting, dating, and seducing an Aries man helpful. It’s what you need to know about Aries men.

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