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Recently, a friend of mine, born under the sign of Aquarius, wanted to know what Zodiac signs he should keep an eye out for in single women. Frankly, I think he just wanted to know how to converse intelligently about astrology if a woman should ask his sign. Still, I thought I should give him the best tips I could. Who knows? It might turn out he might thank me if it turns out he met his ‘soulmate’ and my astrological tips actually made the difference. Since I was going to the trouble to fill in my friend about his most likely romantic matches, I thought I would write it up and share with everyone. Maybe there is chance it can help you, too, find a perfect love match. As for my friend, well, he is an Aquarian, so it is likely this is just another alternative approach to dating he is exploring …

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There are actually two Zodiac signs I think are most compatible with Aquarius: Libra and Gemini. However, there are also several Zodiac signs that also hold promise (especially for a passionate pairing) and could lead to at least a long term friendship.

Aquarius/Libra Love Compatibility
When Libra and Aquarius meet, the attraction can be nearly instant. There can be an instant recognition of a like-minded soul. If there are shared interested, the conversation will just flow and seem to never hit a bump. Both Aquarius and Libra love to communicate, and communicating with each other can be as if you have met a long lost friend. Where the difference between the Libra and Aquarius can lie is that Aquarius enjoys public speaking and group activities. Libra, constantly weighing the right and wrongness of things, tends to bloom in one-on-one conversations … especially with someone who also enjoys intelligent conversations and activities. A love match between Aquarius and Libra can really be the binding of two hearts into one IF a couple of things take place. Libras need to be willing to not only accept, but also participate in Aquarius’ activities (and allow the romance to join the entire world). Aquarius will need to embrace Libras need to keep things balanced … private and public life; work and play; private time with social activities. If these two cannot agree on those compromises it can still be an intense, though brief romance or even become a long term friendship.

Aquarius/Gemini Love Compatibility
It can sometime be difficult for an Aquarius and Gemini to find each other, since both like being in a big friendly crowd., but when they do, it can be magic. Both Aquarius and Gemini tend to be people people … which is why they can connect so well. They share a passion for parties, social events and social activities. The difference between them tends to be this: Aquarius personalities tend to want to use social activities and communication for ’causes’. Gemini characters tend to understand that social activities and friendships are important and meaningful in and of themselves. If a Gemini and Aquarius can come to an understanding about the ‘whys’ in life, the love bond can be powerful. Note: The instant chemistry between these two can at first seem weak. But once things start rolling, it can keep rolling for a life time.

Aquarius/Sagittarius Love Compatibility
If there are two signs in the Zodiac that can be soulmates, it is an Aquarius with a Sagittarius. Just about everything that goes on between these two is harmonious. What makes the Sagittarius/Aquarius match seem odd it Sagittarius seem so tradition while loving adventure, the Aquarius personality is into exploring alternatives and that is the adventure. And yet, these two can pair up and seem to gaze deeply into one anothers soul. What they often share in personality is a dedication to doing the right thing and making the world a better place. A love match between these two can just get better year after year (as long as both respect the others right to be a free thinker). The downside: If destiny decides that a particular Aquarian should not be with a particular Sagittarian, this can leave both feeling a deep loss … if not downright heart break. Also, too often, that Aquarius coolness can be misunderstood by passionate Sagittarius as a loss of interest. Given the Sagittarian love of adventure and free spirited nature, Aquarius may find that their Sagittarius lover has wandered off. And, Sagittarius needs to keep an eye on that Aquarius tendency to get involved in everything and everyone elses business.

Aquarius/Aries Love Compatibility
Aries and Aquarius share an important, personal characteristic: Both feel they need personal freedom. They both tend to have strong personalities, too. What makes this love match really passionate is this: Aries is so confident, so balanced, that an Aquarius personality just cannot seem to resist wanting to with that person. Further, Aries tend to sincerely enjoy watch quirky Aquarius explore every mystery and alternative that comes around. Aries simply is not intimidated by Aquarians intelligence, free spirited nature or curiosity. For Aquarius, this is so refreshing and often gives Aquarius a feeling like they have a rock to cling to when things become chaotic. For Aries, Aquarius bring color and enthusiasm into their life. These two can often find that their passion for one another sexually is almost frightening. What Aquarius must learn is that Aries is so strong that they have no problem being a lone wolf. Try and force them into a pack and there will be trouble. Also, NEVER allow anyone to speak badly of your Aries partner. Aries would never allow anyone to speak ill of their Aquarian partner and if an Aries feels this is not a shared responsibility, then the relationship is in danger. Aries has to learn to give up some ‘alone time’ to support that Aquarius need to be with friends and relatives. An Aquarian isolated too long dries up and blows away. Remember Aries, Aquarians are different. And isn’t that what you love?

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An Aquarius with an Aquarius love match can be a tough one to understand. To an outside observer, understanding this love match, is like trying to understand a swirling wind. It seem to only make sense to the wind. Two Aquarians in love seem to understand it all just fine. In fact, since no one seems to understand Aquarius like an other Aquarius. This is likely why a romantic meeting of these two can be very intimate, very quickly. The danger to this love match is usually two fold. One, these two share too much in common and conflict can arise about who is has the better eye for truth and beauty. Second, Aquarius love being at the party and then spending some time alone. It can take an Aquarius with and another Aquarius time to understand that there are now THREE important priorities. Being with friends; being alone; AND being alone together with your Aquarian partner. A balance must be achieve with all three. Get those things worked out and an Aquarius with and Aquarius romantic pairing can be an adventure that lasts a life time. It will also be a union that will involve a lot of friends and family … and that will be very joyful.

This can be an iffy love match. It will be a very unique and sweet romantic pairing and it can last a life time. More often than not, this romantic match between Aquarius and Pisces tends toward friendship … but then, if your lover is your best friend that can be the makings of something very special. One of the keys to this relationship is if the gregarious Aquarius can allow Pisces the alone time and deal with the Pisces tendency to dwell on difficult issues. What can also bind these signs together is that both can look deep into life and into people. This can lead to seeing more in each other than other can (which can be a blessing and a curse). Pisces has to learn that joining the crowd once in awhile is a good thing and can help Pisces understand that although things can be deep, there is also a surface, and that surface can be fun and beautiful in it’s own right.

Zodiac signs that Aquarius may or may not find romance with are: Cancer and Virgo. There are so many variables with Aquarius and Cancer match or Aquarius Virgo match that it is difficult to get into here. Besides, my friend ask me for the best possibilities for Aquarius, and so, I have fulfilled my mission.

There are a few signs that are said not to be compatible with Aquarius: Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. However, having meet several couples who come from incompatible signs, I think there is always a chance even incompatible signs can find ways to be compatible. What I see, from an astrological perspective, is that incompatible signs can work out but only if each partner is willing to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of their partner. This can often involve looking into one’s own vulnerabilities and negative tendencies, which few people want to do. But, if supposed incompatible signs can find long term love and fulfillment, they raise the bar for what all Zodiac signs can achieve with just a little effort.

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Hope this article on Aquarius love compatibility has been helpful!

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