Any Individual Can Learn And Use Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Everybody dreams just about every night no matter whether they know it or not. Many people swear that they never dream, but the fact is that they do. Individuals who think they don’t dream just are not remembering their dreams. It is important to understand that every person not only dreams, but all of us have the capability to vastly raise the number of dreams we experience. There’s a specific class of dreams called lucid dreams, and you will discover lucid dreaming techniques that could assist you to trigger this unique encounter at will.

To be clear — a lucid dream is actually a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. This is sometimes referred to as “coming awake within a dream” occasionally it takes place spontaneously. No doubt, a few of you reading this at this time have likely experienced at least one lucid dream at some time in your life.

In case you have experienced a lucid dream, you realize what a fantastic experience it can be! For example, let’s say you’re having a dream that you are flying among the clouds Superman style – no airplane necessary in the dream world! Suddenly, you comprehend that you just are dreaming! You now will not be only soaring through the air like a bird, but have the option of where you wish to fly next!

Within the lucid dream world, the sky is literally the limit. But wait! Even the sky is not the limit inside the dream world. In the event you can induce a lucid dream and take control, you may do absolutely anything – fly to Mars, travel the Universe, date a film star, drive a tank – anything!

But how do you do it? How do you develop the ability to enter the lucid dream state at will? Well, the reality is, extensive research has been performed on this subject, specially by a Stanford University researcher by the name of Stephen LaBerge. Dr. Laberge is the man who proved inside a laboratory setting that lucid dreams are not only real – but he also developed a number of lucid dreaming methods anyone can practice to have lucid dreams more often, or perhaps at will.


The first step toward raising your capability to control your dreams would be to learn to have more dreams, and recall them much better. The top way to do this is to maintain a dream journal. Every single night before you go to sleep, set a notepad and pen by your bed. Tell your self that you will awaken a number of times a night to write down your dreams. Or, you could simply write down what you remember first thing in the morning.

When you develop the ability to dream a lot more vividly and frequently, you’re prepared to go to the following level – mastering lucid dreaming methods!


One of the greatest lucid dream induction methods is called MILD, which stands for Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams. MILD is designed for beginners. It’s a four-step procedure, and we’ve already talked about the first – learning to remember a lot more dreams.

When you’ve accomplished that, the next step is to carry out a thing referred to as a “reality check” a number of times a day. The concept will be to, a number of times per day, simply stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: “Am I dreaming at this time?” Needless to say, most of the time you are going to be awake, so you’ll quickly answer, “No! I am awake!”

But after you get in to the habit of often checking on your state of reality, you’ll often begin doing exactly the same thing in your dreams also. Sooner or later, you will be dreaming, you will carry out a reality check, and you’ll realize: “Hey! I am dreaming!”

The following step in MILD will be to perform lucidity affirmations. This is basically telling yourself as you prepare for sleep that you will remember to recognize that you simply are dreaming, and to “come awake” within your dream. You must repeat these affirmations many times as you fall asleep. Just keep reminding yourself: “Tonight I’ll remember that I am dreaming, and that I can become aware of my dreaming state.” You can also say things like, “Tonight, I will lucid dream.” Repeat this a lot of times.

The final step in MILD would be to visualize the kind of dream you want to have. For example, let’s say you would like to have a dream about walking on the surface of the moon. Basically use your imagination to play the scene out within your mind. Make your visualization as vivid and real as you possibly can – and attempt to hold it in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

MILD is just one of several lucid dreaming methods. A terrific resource to study more is the Lucidity Institute, which you’ll be able to find online for additional suggestions and instruction mastering the ability of lucid dreaming.