Assemble a Team of Angels for Abundance

A wise man once said that teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. There is a certain power in working as a team. It means not having to face struggles alone; having someone to watch your back; having the support you need when things get tough. Your support team need not be just made up of people in the physical realm either. Sometimes invisible beings like angels can offer us a feeling of comfort, support and assistance just as much as any physical people.

Angels are known as the messengers of God, and they are there to assist us in achieving our highest good in any way they can. If you find it hard believing that they exist, it might be helpful to view them as symbols of the higher vibrations and qualities that you would like to increase in your life. By calling upon them, you are activating the attributes they represent in your vibrational field. You are calling upon those qualities to show up in your life.

In today’s uncertain financial climate, what better angelic support team is there to ask for than an Angelic Abundance team? It’s probably fair to say that most people like feeling prosperous and abundant. Most would love a life of financial freedom and ease, where they can focus on doing what they love rather than just struggling to make ends meet. It might seem selfish to you to ask for your own abundance, but a life of prosperity doesn’t have to mean thinking only about our own personal comfort. It can also mean that you are in a better position to help others more.

The angels are willing to assist us in living a prosperous life in any way they can. It is their purpose is to aid us, no matter how large or small our request is. However, they cannot do this until we ask them to. We must give them permission to intervene.

Calling upon their aid can be as easy or as elaborate as you like. You can send out a request mentally, speak it aloud, write them a letter, or even light a candle. You can use pre written prayers, or your own words – whatever invokes the most feeling in you. Your job is simply to clarify the request, give them permission to assist you, and then to let go and be open to any guidance you may receive about what action to take. Let them take care of how things will happen, but be ready to act when necessary.

Your angelic prosperity team can be invoked with a general “angels of abundance, please form a team and intervene, to help me with…” Or if you choose to call upon the qualities of specific angelic beings, below are listed several which might be valuable to ask for:

Archangel Michael: Whose name means "He who is like God", can help you to release your fears about money, success and failure (many of us fear success just as much as failure), overcome obstacles, and you can call upon his protection when you are undertaking new paths and ventures.

Archangel Raziel: This angel has been depicted as bringing Light into darkness. He is therefore the perfect angel to call upon when you want to clarify what your intuition and inner guidance is telling you or when you want to figure out which next step to take. He apparently knows the mysteries of the Universe and how it works, and can use this knowledge to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Archangel Gadiel: His name means "God is my wealth", and he will illuminate the best direction for you to proceed in. He helps to maintain a positive mind-set, and can bring inspiration. His name has been inscribed into amulets to ward off evil. So repeating it can help release your mind from fear and ward off negative thoughts.

Archangel Ariel: She is considered the "Lioness of God". Ariel has a magnetic energy, and is great to ask for specific physical things or for more resources. She will also help you to let go of limiting beliefs and be more open to receiving.

Archangel Gamaliel – This archangel is often referred to as "the gracious gift giver". He is good to call upon for unexpected gifts and miracles to appear in your life.

Archangel Jophiel: The angel of beauty. Her job is to create Divine Order, so she is great if you feel like your mind is in chaos. She can help you to organize and beautify your thoughts, so that what you create may be clear and beautiful too. She is also a good angel to call upon for creative and artistic inspiration.

Archangel Chamuel: His name means "he who sees god". He sees the Divine in all situations and can help you make the most out of the resources you have at hand. He helps to build strong foundations, perfect if you are starting out with a new business career. He is also known as the finder of lost objects, and can assist with things like finding a job, a new work premises, more clients or even finding your life purpose.

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Archangel Pathiel: His name means "the opener", and he will help clear your way to success. He opens the gates of manifestation, and many people find it useful to write their wish lists to him.

You can call upon one or all of these angels. Then relax and be open to receiving answers over the following days. You might also find it helpful to ask them to repeat themselves until you get the message, or to make the guidance extra clear, so you absolutely cannot miss it.

Call upon your angelic team any time. It can be a great resource to help you feel that you are not alone, and to aid you in tapping into the universal wisdom that is available for your benefit. Good luck!

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