Horoscopes – How Accurate Are Daily Horoscopes?

Millions daily read their daily horoscope. So, how accurate are those daily horoscopes? How much faith should you put into your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope you read in the newspaper or online? Well, depending on how deeply you believe in or understand astrology, the answer depends. For myself, I put some faith in horoscopes, but so much depends on who generated the horoscope. Also, it pays to keep in mind that a general daily horoscope is just that: Very general.

As I’ve heard one professional astrologer put it: Horoscopes are like reading the weather report. If the weather report is for you local area, then, depending on the meteorologist who wrote the report, you are likely to get a good idea what the weather is going to be in your area. If you get a weather report for the entire country you live in, you may get a VERY general idea what the weather will be like today, but don’t be surprised if you get clouds when the report says it will be generally sunny.

Another thing to consider is this: The stars are where the stars are. The planets are where they are. What makes an astrological reading, or horoscope, accurate and understandable strongly depends on the skills of the astrologer who interprets the astrological signs. This is why astrological readings and charts from talented astrologers can be in such high demand.

Zodiac Daily Horoscopes

The popularity of horoscopes and astrology has really soared in the past few decades. Of course, the general population is very split over the ‘accuracy’ of astrology. For about half the population in Western societies, astrology is just non-sense. For the other half, there is an admission that there might be something to the idea that the universe is influencing our fate, our future, our character and that the stars may, somehow, provide indications as to how, what and why the universe is influencing us.

For myself, I look to history as to what to think about astrology (and my own personal experience in dealing with astrologers, personal astrological readings and horoscopes from skilled astrologers). Astrology has been around LONGER than most of the world’s major religions. Some historians say that horoscopes and astrology can be traced back over 10,000 years. Oracles and astrologers were (and still are) pivotal in choices and decisions made by leaders, kings, generals and the wealthy. Alexander The Great is said to have consulted oracles and astrologers. The Three Wisemen of biblical fame were said to be astrologers. The some ancient Greek philosophers are said to have spent years studying the influence of ‘the heavens’ on human life … and these were not stupid men, nor foolish men.

Horoscopes and Astrology are basically put in the category of ‘Entertainment’. A more appropriate category, from my experience, should be ‘Spiritual’. This would make more sense and better expresses that astrology has a great deal to do with belief, faith, the skills and character of those we seek advice from, and the mystical nature of insights and answers horoscopes and astrology can provide. There really is no ‘scientific’ approach to explaining astrology … although the effort to do so will never cease given the human desire to ‘explain’ everything.

Where you get your daily horoscope is of course a matter of choice. Some of my favorites are the daily free horoscopes at Ask Psychics Network. I am also very fond of the free daily phone horoscopes at Horoscope Hotline. Remember that, as I said before, those are very general horoscopes meant to generally apply to entire zodiac signs. Still, I’ve found those two sources have provided me with reasonably accurate horoscopes.

When I want very personal, detailed astrological reading, I love talking to Astrologer Psychic Mona and Clairvoyant Astrologer Kristine (who doesn’t mind performing quick, personal horoscopes by phone). And, I have found the astrologers at 1800 Astrology very helpful.

Hopefully this little article gives you a broader appreciation and understanding of accurate horoscopes. One last note: I know may folks like to check out Zodiac Love Compatibility. If that is you, then you might enjoy a free Zodiac Love Compatibility Check. May the stars always align in a positive direction for you.

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