The 7 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms You Should Know

We live in a time of awakening. Many people now are more conscious and aware of issues and practices that they have the desire to change than ever.

During this exciting time as the world awakens, you might be awakening too, and the spiritual world may be trying to contact you.

Young man bending a metal spoon with the power of his mind, isolated against a white background

If you think you might be experiencing spiritual awakening symptoms, keep reading to find out more!

The Top 7 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

1. You Have Vivid Dreams and/or Visions

The first of the top spiritual awakening symptoms is if you have vivid dreams while you’re asleep, and/or if you have visions during meditation.

This is one of the most telling spiritual awakening symptoms because the spirit world will convey messages through dreams. This means when you sleep, you’re aligning with the spirit world.

During your sleep, all your beliefs come down. You, therefore, become more receptive to the other realms, and spirits will share things with you.

The spirit world will also give people ‘mini-movies’ when they open up consciousness to receive the message without static during meditation.

They will create scenarios or even provide archetypes to get someone’s attention.

If you think you’re having spiritual awakening symptoms, ask with a deliberate intention before sleeping or meditating, since this is when you’ll be most receptive to the mysterious spirits and they can communicate with you.

2. You Experience Physical Symptoms

During your spiritual awakening, you may at times experience rapid eye movements, jerks, or surges through your body, heat, churning, and/or unexplained tenseness in your back or neck.

These jerks and/or twitches will occur involuntarily, and are likely to happen when you’re relaxed, such as when you’re lying down in bed.

When these muscle jerks or rapid eye movements begin, you could will them to stop. However, try to just relax enough to let it happen.

It won’t be uncomfortable, but rather, just a bit strange. Then, it will stop.

Sometimes, the physical symptoms such as neck and back stiffness will be periodically intense. It may even go on for many months.

3. Your Senses are Enhanced

Spirits can communicate through your senses – smell, touch, taste, vision, and sound.

How it works is that the spirits can cling to your olfactory senses perhaps by letting you smell a particular flower or herb, cause a ringing in your ear as to let you know they’re near you, etc.

Tones come into our ears as high pitched sounds when they travel through different dimensions.

Maybe you have you been seeing things. Spirits can cause your peripheral vision to show themselves through shadows.

Stay open and watch out for these moments that often seem to not make any sense, but are you are being touched by the spirit world.

4. Electronics Act Up

One way that spirits will let you know that they’re nearby is by using lights and other electrical components to signal to you.

Think about it – we are made of matter, and electricity is a conduit for them to charge up.

So if electronics start to act up, this could be one of the spiritual awakening symptoms you may be experiencing. Spirits can and will turn off lamps, raise the volume on the radio, and change channels.

Sometimes they will even locate a special song that lets you know who it is that’s with you.

Computers can even stop working, or perhaps a car won’t start…this may be the spirit world trying to get your attention.

5. Deep Sadness and/or Compassion

Have you been experiencing deep sadness or compassion about the suffering world? This could be a spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening is not always the best feeling in the world, and can often be accompanied by strong feelings of despair or sadness. This occurs when becoming more and more aware of all the suffering in the world.

Sometimes, depression can even occur as one of the spiritual awakening symptoms for someone.

Once you feel the suffering in the world, you might suddenly feel responsible – that is completely normal and can just be a part of your spiritual awakening. So, don’t think you have a problem or that you’re weak.

When we suddenly “see” and “understand” things, it can be a shock. It can lead to you feeling the need to make the world a better place, which is also a symptom of spiritual awakening.

But, don’t regret what you know. Instead, let it make you an even stronger and more responsible person.

6. Creativity and Increased Inspiration

If you’re bombarded with ideas all the time; are receiving images, ideas, music and other creative inspirations at an overwhelming rate; or are feeling a need to realize your dreams, this could be a part of your spiritual awakening.

If this is true, your enthusiasm will be on fire when you think about creating, and you’ll intensely feel the need to do things that you want to accomplish. You may also be inspired by people you admire.

Life will take another meaning when you create, and you will feel alive. During this time, you’ll feel called to realize your dreams and your mission on earth.

This is simply because your soul can finally express through your physical body!

7. You Pay More Attention to the Food You Eat

You may be more aware of the food you eat. Perhaps, food that you used to enjoy now makes you feel sick.

If you find that there’s a change in your relationship with food, that is normal. It’s simply one of the signs of spiritual awakening that comes as we expand in consciousness.

However, instead of being turned off to certain foods, your symptoms may work the other way. You notice that you are more attracted towards certain food while naturally rejecting others.

During spiritual awakening, you’ll want to take care of your body more than ever.

Industrial foods that you used to enjoy won’t be as appealing to you anymore. Perhaps, it’s that rare steak that you used to crave that now seems wrong.

Each type of food has its own energy. When we raise our vibration, we are then attracted to different types of foods, more aligned with our current vibration.

This is the reason why many spiritual people can’t eat animals and animal products.

Have you been experiencing any of these spiritual awakening symptoms? Perhaps you’ve been considering contacting psychics? Tell us about your experiences and what you plan to do next in the comments below!