5 Wiccan Love Spells: To Love Yourself & Others

Wiccan love spells

Maybe you’re pining after someone you wish would return your love, or maybe you are suffering from extreme heart break. Perhaps you’ve wished you had some witchcraft capabilities to mend a heart or make someone fall in love with you.

There is good news: the world of Wiccan love spells is here and available to you.

If you’ve been raised in a traditional Christian setting, maybe you have reservations about the Wicca world. But fear not, because Wiccan worshippers believe in higher powers just as many Christians do.

Wiccan gods aren’t confined by the definitions many religions have given God. Wiccan believers believe in various gods and goddesses that hold various dominions over certain realms and responsibilities.

Whether you’re a believer or want to give your faith try, these 10 Wiccan love spells might just be for you:

1. The Get Over It Spell

We’ve all been there. Having your heart shattered into a million pieces sometimes feels worse than a serious illness. Sometimes it can take years to get over if ever. Heartbreak is proven to create extreme stress on the heart and can actually lead to physical damage.

Get a piece of ginger and channel all of your negative feelings and thoughts about the situation into the piece of ginger. Chant a few beautiful phrases from the Wiccan love spell repertoire and then bury the ginger and a photo of the person in the ground.

Bury this bundle into the ground and know that at is decomposes, so will the feelings the person had over you. This is one of the many Wiccan love spells that can mend your heart.

2. The Self-Love Spell

Self-love is one of the most important kinds of love we can have in our lives. There is no shame in using Wiccan love spells to help you with self-love. When we love and respect ourselves, we will be able to love and respect other people. Self-love comes through compassion, empathy, and clarity.

This spell is great for anyone who could use a little more self-love in their lives.

Through meditation and imagining bright light around your chakra, you’ll be able to expel any negative thoughts or energy about yourself through breathing in positivity, and out negativity.

3. The Full Moon of the Wiccan Love Spells

Of all the Wiccan love spells, this one will attract the ultimate love into your life. Gather ingredients like a rose quartz crystal, a pink cord, and two apple seeds, and then put them into the full moonlight and cast this spell.

Wiccan love spells are intricate. Light some candles and lay a red cloth in front of you. Use a moonstone and put it over the flames a few times and then place it on the cloth. You can sprinkle the moonstone and the apple seeds with basil and cinnamon.

Repeat the Wiccan Full Moon love spell phrase three times and then put the items in a bag. Tie the bag with your pink cord around it three times and then before tying it the final time, say “So mote it be.”

Keep the small bag around you as often as possible to attract love and joy into your life.

4. The Wiccan Sex Spell

With such a high percentage of women that are unhappy with their sex life, this is one of the Wiccan love spells that may be for you.

This spell can help you bring many satisfying sexual experiences into your life. It should always be performed on a waxing or full moon. Consider performing this spell outside as it involves wine and pouring it onto the ground.

Use a garnet crystal, rose petals, and red wine for the spell. Center yourself and then cast a circle and put the ingredients in front you. Put the petals in your hand and repeat the Wiccan Sex Spell phrase. Let your inner goddess fill up with passion and sensual energy.

Take the petals from your hands and shower the earth with them, and then place the garnet crystal on top of them. Visualize your wildest fantasies in as much detail as you’d like. Make your visions as real as possible.

Take the wine and being to pour it. Ask the goddess to bring you more fantastic sexual experiences. Then pour the wine all over the ingredients on the soil. Let it sink into the earth as you repeatedly ask the goddess for help.

5. The Spell to Heal a Marriage

This is one of the Wiccan love spells that can truly help cure your relationship problems. It involves a white and pink candle, a cauldron, and two pieces of string. Write two letters and address them to the gods and goddesses of the universe.

Describe the problems you are encountering in your marriage and how they are making you feel. Be completely honest about it as no one will ever see the letter aside from yourself. Let all of your feelings go in these letters.

Meditate for awhile after you’ve written the letter and then place all of the ingredients in your cast circle. Light your white candle which will represent peace and spirituality, and then your pink candle which represents love and affection.

Put the first letter in the cauldron and light it on fire. As it continues to burn, let the negative thoughts and feelings you currently have burned with it. Recite a phrase from the Marriage Love Spell book as many times as you need.

Then take the second letter and two pieces of string and tie them together. Fold the paper a few times and wrap the string around it while you repeat a phrase of marriage union. Bury this paper and string by a tree (do not burn it).

Putting it in the ground symbolizes new growth and the ability for what is in the letter to become tall and strong like a tree. These Wiccan love spells can truly change your love life.


These might seem like quirky rituals to go through to help your love life, but they have been practiced for years by the Wiccan community. If you need help getting over someone, help with your marriage that may be struggling, or just want to reel someone into your life, give these spells a try.

For more help in your personal love life, we’ve got a list of incredible specialists waiting to help you. Chat with us today for more Wiccan love spells to help your love life become full and satisfying.

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