Using Psychics To Improve Your Dating Experience

There has been an explosion of dating sites on the Internet. No question about it. Add to that the explosion of social media; online chat sites and online special interest websites with opportunities for members around the world to interact; and it is easy to see that singles today have FAR more potential dating options than any generation in history. What single man or woman wouldn’t want to work with someone who was at least a bit psychic while dating? If you are single, and if you even slightly believe that someone can tap into psychic abilities, wouldn’t you want to have that person providing you with their insights on your dating options?

Let’s say you decide you want to ask a psychic (or astrologer or tarot reader) about someone you are dating or plan to date. Great! But, what questions should you ask? How should you interpret your readings? Should you follow all the advice and suggestions that your psychic gives? Is it better to work with a psychic or astrologer? Or a tarot reader? What approach should you take to finding a psychic for a reading? These are good and valuable questions to ask now. These are some good questions and the answers to them can save you time, money and help you in getting the most out of a psychic love or relationship reading.

psychic dating advice Which Psychic To Choose For Dating Advice

Before beginning your search to find a quality psychic for dating advice, it might be a good idea to examine your expectations and personal beliefs. If you think there is something to astrology and zodiac compatibility, then a psychic who has a good working knowledge of astrology might be helpful to you. Do you feel tarot can shed light on the past, present and future? Then, a psychic who reads tarot may be a good choice for you? Are you more impressed with a psychic who seems to be able to ‘see’ into people and situations, perhaps a psychic that works with spirit guides? Then, you may feel most comfortable with a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic medium or empathic psychic. Perhaps one that may or may not use a form of divination like tarot or pendulum.

By understanding what you may feel most comfortable with, in terms of the type of psychic or reading you want, helps a good deal in narrowing down the field of psychic readers to choose from. If you appreciate astrology, work with a clairvoyant astrologer. If you have positive feeling about tarot, a tarot reader may your best option. What type of psychic you choose is completely up to you. What you absolutely want is a professional psychic whom you feel comfortable working with, regardless of the type of skills or gifts the reader claims to possess.

There are innumerable psychics to choose from, especially online. Do a little research, but keep in mind you are not tied to any psychic just because they are the first you contacted. There is nothing wrong with a little trial-and-error seeking out a psychic who matches well with you. There is just no reason to limit yourself to the first psychic you call or chat with or visit.

If at anytime you begin to feel uncomfortable during a psychic reading, or if you feel a psychic is pressing to hard with personal questions, politely end the reading and move on. If you don’t feel comfortable with a psychic, you will likely not be as open or honest. Start out thinking of contacting a few psychics until you make a positive connection with one who ‘feels right’. Psychics are a service – and you are looking for one that can serve you well.

Preparing For A Psychic Reading

It is surprisingly effective to take a few moment to reflect on what it is you want to know before calling a psychic. Write down you questions. If your question list gets too long, then it is likely you are going to end up in a long psychic reading. That can prove frustrating if you are working with a budget or do not have the time for a long, detailed reading. Try and work your list down to no more that three questions.

Keep a notepad and pen available during a psychic reading. It is surprising what details you right down will prove useful. Also, what we think we remember may not be what a psychic actually said. For instance, the statement, "a person you’ll be meeting while on this date could be important to your career, later" can get jumbled into, "I’ll be going on a date with a man who’s going to help me find a better job". Well, um, not exactly. The psychic may have been referring to your date’s sister who works in the fashion industry. And, you have ALWAYS wanted to work in that industry. A few clear notes taken during a psychic reading, and checking them back later, can help avoid confusion.

Ask Questions About Certain Details

A psychic reading about an upcoming date or an individual you are considering dating can produce some surprising information. It can be helpful to ask specific details about a psychic’s impressions during a reading. For instance, a psychic may say they have a good feeling about an upcoming date you are planning. O.K, but is the good feeling about the person you will be going out with? Or, is it that the food at the restaurant will be wonderful. Conversely, if a psychic has a bad feeling about an upcoming date, what is it the psychic feels ‘bad’ about. Is it the person you are dating? Is it the location where the date will take place? Maybe the person you are dating is great, but where you are going on the date is a problem. In that case, when you get together with your date have an alternate idea of where to go on the date.

There is no reason you should not gently press for some additional details. Sometimes a psychic may feel they need to ‘consult’ with the tarot cards, or pendulum divination, or use some other type of divination. That is not a bad idea. Astrology and numerology produce some interesting results when it comes to compatibility. Tarot is very interesting in that specific questions can be asked and there are several traditional tarot ‘spreads’ that deal specifically with love and relationships.

Do not assume that a psychic can somehow know all the details of a date (like what your date will order for dinner or if they have an orange pet cat). Neither will it be likely that a psychic working with you on dating advice will suddenly know if your date has a great health plan. Psychics tend to get impressions in flashes of insight, sometimes jumbled when it comes to a time line. What you want are meaningful impressions, things that impact the date itself (or the possibilities for the future). What you want from your psychic reading is at least a few, clear details you can work with. Which leads us to our next point …

No Psychic is 100% Accurate All the Time

No psychic is one hundred percent accurate all of the time. It is a fact. Accept it and move on. What you do want from a psychic reading about improving your dating experience is some accurate data and insights which can lead you in a positive directly moving forward.

Once you discover a psychic who gives you good insights and reasonable predictions about dating and/or your love life, then consider a follow-up reading with the same psychic. Building trust with a psychic can help both of you when working towards a common goal, meeting someone with whom you can spend many happy years in a loving relationship.

At times a psychic or psychics will get some things wrong. What you should choose to look at are the bulk of things a psychic gets right. Also, knowing that a psychic can on occasion misread a person or situation keeps you on your toes … this is about your love life and ultimately it is your responsibility. You need to pay attention to your needs and try not to be too reliant on anyone for love advice … listen to your own heart.

Making the Most of Psychic Dating Advice

You can get the best love advice in the world, but if you are not wise enough to know how to use it, then that advice useless. You need to know your needs and be honest with yourself. A question you might consider asking a psychic is this, "Are there any changes do I need to make to have a long term, loving relationship?". The answer to that question can be very valuable.

Your psychic is working for you. It is surprising how the majority of psychic readers do become protective of their clients, especially in the area of love and relationships. It is nearly universal that psychics feel they do what they do as a spiritual calling. Psychics are happy to answer the simple, most often asked questions: "Is he/she the right person for me" … "will they call me back for another date" … "is there a future in this relationship" … "is he/she being faithful to me" … and so on.

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However, psychics seem to know that the key to finding a loving, long term relationship often requires that we become consistently loving and lovable. That is no easy task. Each of us seems to have our own path regarding this.

Whatever psychic love and dating advice you get, and whatever you chose to do with it, make it your responsibility. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find the right relationship and to make good choices. The best anyone can do for you is point you in the right direction … it is up to you to decide the direction is right, and travel it.

Take any and all psychic readings worth a grain of salt. It is something small, maybe important, maybe not. However, a little salt applied in the right manner can enhance the whole meal, or not. That part will be up to you.

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