Tips For New Years Psychic Readings

Besides love readings, I believe the next busiest time for psychics is around New Years. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what the next year will be like? It is like getting a chance to sneak a peek at the test questions before actually taking the test in school. Or, like finding out what the latest fashion trends will be before they occur (which for those in fashion and retail could be worth a fortune). Having a few, good, psychic insights into the coming New Year could give anyone an edge. No doubt you guessed that I am a fan of getting a personal, New Year psychic reading. If you were expecting an ‘impartial’ or ‘objective’ look at New Years psychic readings, you will have to look elsewhere. My annual New Years reading has proven too interesting and generally too valuable to pretend that I’m objective about it. Like I said, I’m a fan of psychic readings.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some tips, based on my experience, about getting a good New Years psychic reading. I’ve been getting New Years psychic readings since I was in my 20s. As the kids might say, I’m, like, way old now. new years reading I’m young enough to be sensitive about my age, but old enough to say there were no computers or color television when I got my first New Years reading. It was at a New Years party. I was lucky. The woman who gave me a reading must have been psychic since she was dead-on about changing jobs, beginning a new career (woking in a field I thought I had no interest but it would turn out to be the best move I ever made). She also nailed that my love life would become rocky (even though the man I was with at the time I thought I would marry).

After that first reading, I was fascinated with psychics, divination and made it a point to get a personal reading every year around New Years. Yes, some years I didn’t get to it until late in January. And, a couple of years I did skip my reading … one year I finally felt the need for a reading in June to help me get my bearings in life. That was a rough year and that little psychic help I received I feel helped turn the tide in my favor.

Now, no offense to psychics, but I do NOT believe everything that drops out of psychics mouth. And, that is, I think, the first important tip. Terrible as it may sound but I think psychics, astrologers, tarot readers and such are like radios. Some of them are high quality and the reception is excellent. They can be pricey, but often you get what you pay for, and if the sound and reception is great, and you get the messages clearly, it is worth it. Other psychics can have poor reception, the ‘message’ coming through is barely understandable and it can sometimes be just plain annoying to listen to. Such psychics mean well, and can be very helpful and comforting when needed, but you know that getting absolute clarity isn’t going to happen. Most importantly, you cannot believe everything you hear on a radio. Complaining that psychics are not always right is like complaining that everything on the radio isn’t absolutely true or accurate. It is equally useless (and just silly) to complain that not every song you receive from a radio is your favorite. However, when the conditions are right, the messages, the harmony, like music, that can come to you, from a tuned-in psychic or radio can be astounding.

The next important tip is for picking a psychic for a New Years psychic reading. Again, this is based on my experiences and what I have learned is that a psychic with divinational skills is generally the best choice. By divination, or the ability to ‘divine’ the future. For New Years readings I’ve found psychics or clairvoyant who work with astrology and/or tarot to be the best choices. I am also fond of rune stone readings and numerology. Astrology is ALL about future predictions, so a psychic working with astrology seems a natural choice. Tarot has long been know for future predictions and you get the advantage of asking specific questions about the future (and the people in that future). Rune stones readings are, to me, similar to tarot and specific questions can be asked. Numerology can be helpful because it is based on ‘universal frequencies’ that numbers can represent. Numerology can be very helpful in what choices to make in any given circumstance … the numbers can guide you and, as they say, numbers don’t lie. Hopefully, this isn’t too much for you right now. To make it simple: Work with a psychic who is skilled in some sort of divination like astrology, tarot and so forth.

So, you may be asking yourself, "what does this woman have against psychic mediums, clairvoyants, clairaudients, empaths and other who only work with spirits or impressions?". This woman answers, "absolutely nothing!". Clairvoyants, clairaudients and other psychics with other ‘clear’ sixth senses are some of the best psychics available. It’s just, for my New Year’s reading, I want predictions, answers to questions, and suggested courses of action. I’ve found that psychics who work with some form of divination have been the best for that purpose. The only exception I’ve found are psychics who are ‘Claircognizant’, which means ‘clear knowing’. I have found psychics with such a talent can be good at taking a peek at the possible events of the coming year.

As a tip with working with a claircognizant psychic for a New Years reading: Make sure you provide specific questions about the coming new year. If you have career questions or money questions ask those questions. If you want to know about love, ask specific love and/or relationship questions. Provide the psychic with a direction to ‘look’ or ‘see into’. Just asking a vague, general question like, "what’s going to happen next year" can produce a vague general answer. Also, the more questions you have, the longer the reading can take. If you are willing to invest in a very long, detailed reading covering a range of topics, great! … and I am jealous that I can’t do that every year. Most of us have to consider our budget. So, knowing which issues you want predictions about can help make the reading more focused and cover issues concerning you. Just give the psychic some space to work if there are some important issues he/she feels you should know about.

Back to those psychics who are purely clairvoyants, mediums, clairaudients, work with spirits and do not use divinational tools like tarot or whatever. I will admit that in the past, after a New Years reading, I had some questions AFTER the reading about the predictions I was given. That is when I find working with clairvoyants, mediums and so forth can be very helpful … call in confirmation or a different perspective but I did find a few times that contacting a different psychic, one with ‘clear’ talents helped clarify things.

Have all my New Years psychic readings been ‘right’. Absolutely not. For a time I called a particular psychic and she was more accurate than not. She retired and for several years my annual New Years reading was hit or miss with other readers. Some psychics I worked with were excellent and then I could not find them the following year. Others were, to be polite, not as tuned-in as others. Eventually, I decided to touch base a couple of times a year with a psychic I found I really enjoyed. And, like I said, I had a few New Years readings that revealed things that I felt I wanted a second opinion about or further insights.

One New Year one of my favorite psychics told me I would meet a man who would change my life (I got married that year) and that the relationship would be forever IF I learned that I didn’t HAVE to always be right (I learned there are times to shut my mouth and that other people had things that are right for them, even when I disagreed … and I’m still married. Yes, it was tough learning when to shut-up and listen). One New Years the psychic reading I got was way off base … I think she got one prediction in seven right, and that is being generous. Another year, a psychic gave me an invaluable prediction about keeping an eye on a certain friend and, during that year, my friend went into a tail spin after a bitter divorce. Even though she lived hundreds of miles away I picked up she really needed help and I was ready, and I was there for her. I’m not stuck on the predictions that didn’t come true. The future is in constant flow. Maybe things are not as ‘fixed’ as we think. It is the predictions that were fulfilled and how I was ready for those future events.

New Year Psychic Astrology Reading

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Now, it is time for truth. Do I need a New Years prediction about my future every year? No. Why do get a New Years psychic predictions nearly every year? For the thrill of it. For the possibilities such a reading opens up for me. These are likely politically incorrect answers, but in my heart I know it’s true. I also love checking out a new psychic. I like the excitement of seeing what comes true and what does not. It is a mini-adventure for me that I look forward to every year around New Years. What is interesting is how times have changed. Once, I pretty much kept my interest in psychics very private. Now, I have friends who want to join me in a New Years psychic reading. Last year, three of us spent an evening finding a good psychic then each getting a personal New Year’s prediction. We are already talking about doing it again this year (though I hesitate since I always did enjoy doing this privately by myself). I’d say this is my final tip: A personal New Year’s psychic reading is about having fun, an adventure. Don’t be too serious about it. Don’t believe all you learn, but do not disbelieve it all, either. The surprise is in how and if the future unfolds as predicted (and the advantages that such predictions can bring you).

I’ve had many great psychics, astrologers, tarot readers give me wonderful New Years readings over the years. Really, for you, it will come down to finding a reader you connect with on a personal level and how well the two of you work together. Here are few readers and helpful sites to assist you in finding a great New Years Reading (or any time of year, really).
Psychic Julielle is an exceptional psychic astrologer who can really help with putting things in perspective. You will find Julielle at or call 1-800-888-5523.
And, I have to mention Psychic Kay a wonderful tarot reader (especially with love readings). You can call Kay at 1-866-407-7164.
If you have trouble selecting a psychic, or need help with exactly what questions to ask, I cannot recommend highly enough Psychic Selection. You can call them and they offer FREE help finding the perfect psychic, astrologer, tarot reader or whatever for YOUR personal needs. They can even connect you directly to professional readers 24/7. Just call their toll free number (US and Canada) 1-800-340-8374. A rare and worthwhile service.

May your New Year bring you many days of joy, happiness and abundance.