The Queens: Leading Ladies of the Tarot

While the Queens of the Tarot deck can represent people in a reading, these royal ladies can also represent qualities of the person who draws these cards. The tarot queen cards can be offering insights into events of the past, present or future. One thing that often proves true is the queen tarot cards represent strong women who play a part in a given situation. Not all royal queens are the same. Each tarot card queen has specific physical qualities and positive and negative personality traits. It usually does not surprise a seasoned tarot reader to discover that a queen card drawn in a reading will reveal that in the client’s life (or if you are reading for yourself in your life) is a person, typically a woman, who matches the queen card qualities. This can make it relatively easy to identify important leading ladies with a person’s life.

Given the power exposed in the queen tarot cards, it is important to have a basic grasp of the qualities, attributes and influences of each queen tarot card. For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing the queen cards from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Queen of Wands

Physically, the Queen of Wands woman is flamboyant in her appearance and often has an impressive mane of hair (much like the mane of hair depicted on the typical Queen of Wands tarot card). This queen is comfortable dressing in an alluring way and expressing herself as a woman. She is no novice to using her femininities and sensuality to her advantage. Usually a Queen of Wands in real life is a blond or a redhead, hair colors both of which are reflective of her sunny nature.

When it comes to personality, the Queen of Wands is bold, brave and brazen. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to take a chance and make it pay off in a big way. The Queen of Wands is confident and feels free to speak her mind, but she may choose to speak her mind in way that gets her what she wants. The Queen of Wands can be found in any profession from homemaker to artist to businesswoman. What sets her apart is how she tackles each task with energy, enthusiasm and optimism.

There is a darker side, somewhat hidden, to the Queen of Wands. As she grows in power she can sometimes become an overbearing woman, determined to bend others to her will. She may be unreasonably stubborn and proud and come across as condescending to those whom she feels step out of line. The Queen of Wands usually has a quick temper when displeased and her display of anger can leave others quaking in their boots.

tarot cards Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords often has well-defined, pointed facial features that match the sharpness of her mind and indicate her razor-edged wit. She typically carries herself with an air of authority and may be divorced, widowed or if married she has her mate well under control. When you study the eyes of the Queen of Swords, you can see that she doesn’t miss a trick. She is always assessing whatever situation she finds herself in. She may not say much until she understands a situation and has sized-up all the players. Even then, the Queen of Swords may or may not take action, but if she does (or is forced to act) she will do so decisively.

Just like the sharp-edged sword that represents her, the Queen of Swords may have a sharp tongue as well. She doesn’t mince words and she rarely modifies her observations in order to spare the feelings of those to whom she is speaking. She believes in speaking the truth as she sees it. The Queen of Swords has an innate ability to cut through the crap and get to the heart of any matter. These qualities serve her especially well in the business and management. However, these same qualities may server her poorly in personal relationships.

When the Queen of Swords takes a negative turn, she can be a control freak who imposes her will on others and cuts them to the quick when they don’t do as she says. She can be vengeful and vindictive when she feels that she’s been wronged and won’t hesitate to exact her revenge. She will do so without remorse, and when satisfied, move on without another thought to those whom ignited her rage. This ruthlessness can explain why the Queen of Swords is often very guarded as she is worried when others turn against her they would do as she would.

Queen of Cups

It’s easy to recognize the Queen of Cups by her soft appearance, rounded face and body and quick, easy smile. The word benevolent comes to mind. Her feminine allure is all natural. She wants to be nurturing when possible. This is a queen who places great value on home and family. She will usually have blonde or light brown hair and merry blue eyes, although not always.

The Queen of Cups is often revered in her circle of family and friends for her accurate intuition and her ability to create mouth-watering dishes in any kind of kitchen. If it were up to her, she would build the ultimate kitchen. She will never willingly hurt the feelings of those around her and tempers her words with concern for how they will affect others. She often loves to be around children who are easily drawn to her peaceful manner.

The Queen of Cups can bring out the best in others by making them feel loved and cared for. Everyone wants to lean their head on her shoulder and tell their secrets. This can lead to a group who may become fiercely protective of her.

The dark side of the Queen of Cups is more a blue. She can become whiny, emotional and melancholy. The Queen of Cups tendency to cling to her children and mate. When single-and-looking she may repel potential suitors who prefer a more independent woman. At her worst, she can become incredibly passive, refusing to take responsibility for herself or her circumstances.

Queen of Pentacles

If you’re ever in doubt whether a woman is the Queen of Pentacles or not, look at her appearance. If she has money, she’ll be clothed in garments that contain designer labels and be adorned with fine jewelry. Even those women on a budget typically manage to portray a style that looks expensive even when the items were purchased at a local thrift store. These Queens often have olive skin, dark eyes and luxurious dark hair. They are rarely thinner in build, instead appearing solid or athletic.

As can be expected, the Queen of Pentacles is an excellent money manager who has a tidy sum tucked away for a rainy day. She likes the finer things in life and will save up to buy quality furnishings for her home or luxury items for her enjoyment. She may have an extensive portfolio of stocks and bonds, all of which are paying off nicely. She is also generous with those whom she loves. Whether she is in a relationship or not, the Queen of Pentacles has confidence in her ability to live independently.

This queen can help others understand the value of things. All things. From relationships to wealth. She can help others understand the value of patience and investing one’s, time, money and emotions in a way that yields long term results. She teaches traditions are traditions for a reason and often have values unseen. It is not about having a lot of things (although the Queen of Pentacles is not opposed to this), rather it is about having the best you can whatever one’s situation. To this queen, abundance is earned and being responsible for that abundance.

Tarot can answer all questions? Want answers? Give Psychic and Tarot Reader Yoly a call at: 1-800-326-5923

Tarot can answer all questions? Want answers? Give Psychic and Tarot Reader Yoly a call at: 1-800-326-5923

In a negative light, the Queen of Pentacles can cling so tightly to traditions that she’s afraid to break out and do anything different or spontaneous. This can create an environment where nothing and no one grows. The dark side of this queen can become about pressuring those around her to behave in a particular way with complete disregard for their needs, desires and destiny. When the Queen of Pentacles takes a negative turn, she can become a miser, letting greed dominate all aspects of life.


By understanding the Queens of Tarot one can gain significant insight into tarot readings when these potent women appear.

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